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Convert PowerPoint To eLearning. The Team at Swift were fantastic with project management, when I first started this project it was with an employee no longer at swift.

Convert PowerPoint To eLearning

However this was not an issue and it was taken over smoothly, I’m super stoked. Communication was great!! I had replies within hours. The quality of my induction is amazing, I can recommend swift highly enough, I’ll be returning for more inductions soon. Even though this was a project that spanned a very long time, Swift made their implementations and built the course very quickly. Harry BadcockVoiceover/Producer Top eLearning Development Solutions Companies India, Swift Elearning The Team at Swift were fantastic with project management, when I first started this project it was with an employee no longer at swift.

The Team at Swift were fantastic with project management, when I first started this project it was with an employee no longer at swift. Harry BadcockVoiceover/Producer. Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services. 5 Best Authoring Tools for Flash to HTML5 Conversion. With the phased out and inconvenient legacy of Flash, organizations are wishing to facilitate the latest and versatile technique (HTML5) that can flawlessly meet compatibility issues and programmer needs.

5 Best Authoring Tools for Flash to HTML5 Conversion

This is a great boon that renders technology to go online without sweating or wastage of time. But a pertinent question is, how to streamline conversion efficiencies? And, this is where rapid authoring tools come to play. Undoubtedly, Array of tools are available in the market, but choosing appropriate and sustainable tools that best meet one’s needs is very challenging. Well, organizations should be very careful in the proper selection of tools that reminisce the functionality of eLearning courses. Articulate Storyline 360One of the latest, versatile, and responsive tool that offers:Ease of customizationEasy learning curves,The host of interactivities such as interactive sliders, royalty-free images, and icons, etc.

What Does Section 508 and WCAG standards for Your eLearning? The Section 508 and WCAG plays an important role in making technology accessible to people with disabilities like deaf or hearing impaired, vision impaired, etc.

What Does Section 508 and WCAG standards for Your eLearning?

To cater to the needs of people with disabilities, Section 508 and the WEB Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) will lend a helping hand in accessing the e-learning content. WCAG and Section 508: (WCAG): Web Content Accessibility guidelines are the guidelines with technical standards, to make web content handy in reaching out to disabled people. Articulate Storyline 360 Timeline Interactivities to Engage the Learners. E-learning Content Localization, Translation and Voiceover Services. eLearning is more effective when delivered in the learner’s native language.

E-learning Content Localization, Translation and Voiceover Services

As part of business expansion, the global companies need to reach out to their audience and deliver the training in the language and culture they understand best. To achieve this, we work with you to recreate and transform your learning content to suit global markets. “With a wide range of experience in translation and localization of content into 30+ languages, Swift can help you create diverse multilingual solutions to meet your specific training needs and increase your brand integrity within a reasonable budget.” eLearning is more effective when delivered in the learner’s native language.

As part of business expansion, the global companies need to reach out to their audience and deliver the training in the language and culture they understand best. Moodle. Let’s see a case study where we have successfully exhibited the legacy content conversion services.


Company’s Outline:

How to Write an eLearning RFP (Request for Proposal) For Hiring a Vendor?

Moodle. Skilled Instructional Designers are similar to Master Chefs!


They cook the dish of quality eLearning in all formats – custom eLearning content development, rapid eLearning, mobile learning or microlearning. Whichever may be the eLearning format, the core ingredients they use determine the learner’s appetite for learning. Keeping these ingredients handy can help instructional designers create effective eLearning content that promotes in-depth learning which brings behavioral changes as well as improves on-job performance.

There’s no space for bad eLearning design. (Don’t let your learners struggle to retain the information. As a committed eLearning professional, it’s high time to give your learners a break from the monotonous or traditional eLearning.

Custom eLearning: 4 Fundamental Ingredients to Set Your eLearning Content Development on Fire

Custom eLearning Development – Introduction Screen Templates. We release the next set of Articulate Storyline ready-to-use introduction templates to help budding developers and instructional designer in Custom eLearning Development.

Custom eLearning Development – Introduction Screen Templates

Click on each image to view the template details. Introduction-007 The templates interface or the screen is divided into two halves with a slanting line. The left half has logo placeholder, title placeholder, welcome text and the button with the text “click here to begin.” The right half of the screen has an image representing the course title. The interplay with shades of blue on a white background enhances the crispness of the interface. Articulate Storyline Templates: Course Templates Package RIY-1. Converting ppt to ELearning using Adobe Captivate 2017.

Adobe Captivate is a one-stop solution for all the rapid, responsive and interactive eLearning requirements.

Converting ppt to ELearning using Adobe Captivate 2017

Custom e-Learning Services, Courseware Digital Content Development. Adobe Captivate 2019 Virtual Reality Developer’s Review. Adobe Captivate is one of the leading authoring tools to develop rapid e-learning courses with its unique features.

Adobe Captivate 2019 Virtual Reality Developer’s Review

In its recent update, Adobe Captivate 2019, it has created an exceptional achievement in its arena. In this blog, we are going to review Virtual Reality feature in Adobe Captivate 2019. Virtual Reality in Adobe Captivate 2019 is capable of: Custom Software Development Services, Custom Application Development. We provide custom application development services over a wide range of technologies in key domains.

Custom Software Development Services, Custom Application Development

At Swift,we take a great pride in conveying that our services enable organizations to procure reliable and swift solutions. And if you are you looking for a long-term reliable technology solutions partner who can help you transform your business into a custom software application, then your search ends here. What is VR, AR & 360 Degree Video and How Do They Differ? Gone were the days, where learner used to sit in a closed room with a book in his/ her hand and an instructor with the teaching aids. Over the last two decades, the change in the technology is unpredictable. A radical behavior in the minds of the learners paved a way to discover the new teaching methodologies and new teaching aids. In the midst of the whole scenario, eLearning has been a ray of hope and become a ground factor to modernize the learning in terms of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° video.

You may not be wondering about these terms if you belong to the fields of eLearning and mass media communications. But, all the three technologies in one place gives you a lucid figure and might help you in leveraging your online training. With Instructional Designing Static Content Can Become Interactive. As an Instructional Designer, in every project, I come across certain challenging situations where I feel like I am constantly running out of ideas. But this time, before I could start the project, I was completely blank. Reason – We got a requirement to turn a simple quiz with true and false questions into an interactive output. “Can you imagine a course which has absolutely no content, no graphics, no animations, no interactions?”

, but just a bunch of questions and the expectations of client to build an interactive eLearning course. Previously, we worked with a couple of Universities and Fortune clients to develop question banks – these were just ‘question banks’. Articulate Rise eLearning Course Translation & Localisation. In the previous versions of Articulate Rise, it was difficult to develop a non-English content since there is no translation option.

But Articulate Rise, in its enhanced version, released a feature to translate your Rise elearning courses into desired languages. Let’s have a look on how to translate your course in simple steps: First, duplicate your Rise course. To do so, Go to the Rise menu, click on the three dots in the course title and select the duplicate option. Now, save the course with a new name.Next, export the course as XLIFF file. Microlearning, One of The top Elearning Trends in 2018. Today’s millennials are overwhelmed, distracted and moreover impatient and find difficulty to focus long hours on learning skills. Most ELearning critics mention the importance of microlearning as their baseline. The retention time of learners gradually lowered from the time when it was an hour, but now that could be in minutes or even in seconds.

How to Switch From Classic To Modern Player In Storyline 360. Articulate Storyline 360 introduced a modern player which can be customized as per your course needs with a modern look by adjusting the player theme, accent color, adjusting the font, etc. The modern player appearances same on all the devices. By default, a project will continue in classic player until you switch it to the modern player. Though it gives you same experience in viewing the content, there could be some differences between a classic player and a modern player. Let’s look at some of the differences between both the players: Custom Drop-down Interactivity in Articulate Storyline 360. When we are handy with any of the eLearning authoring tools, the next step we think is customization – to make the most use of it. Adobe Captivate 2019 Features, PowerPoint in Responsive Mode & Import CSV Format File. In the earlier version of Adobe Captivate 2017, it has supported PowerPoint only in Blank Projects.

Articulate Rise Course Content Search Feature. Adobe Captivate 9 Feature - Create multi-state objects. Flash to HTML5 Courses, Articulate Storyline 360 Case Study. In the recent times, the learning needs are changed and the technology has increased at its pace. Contact Center Training, Customer Service Skills Training. Wouldn’t it be nice If you ever called a business and the call was picked up in less than 2 rings with a friendly voice answering and taking care of your need without having gone through the voice mail system nor being routing to different departments….Well, here’s what a well-trained contact center can do for your business. Adobe Captivate 2019 Overlay Slides Feature: Convert Simple Videos Into Interactive Videos. Adobe Captivate 2019: Fluid Boxes & Automatic Device Preview. Adobe Captivate 2019, has become a time saver authoring tool with its advancement options.

Now your content can easily transform across the devices with a click. In this blog we are going to discuss two advancements – Fluid boxes 2.0 and Automatic Device Preview. Let’s see Fluid boxes 2.0: Adobe Captivate 2019 Features - Create Virtual Reality Project. In the latest release of Adobe Captivate 2019, the Virtual Reality feature is included. Adobe Captivate 2019 Release - Top New Features. A booming sought software Adobe Captivate makes a hard impression with its astonishing features in its new release, Adobe Captivate 2019. Convert Your Flash Based E-learning Courses to HTML5 Mobile Learning. Free Solid Waste Management eLearning Online Course - Swachh bharath online course Hyderabad. TechSmith Camtasia: Advancements in 2018 Version. Workplace Harassment Training Online Course. Articulate Storyline 3: 6 Content templates to Build Your E-learning Course.

Blended Learning Solutions. Articulate Storyline 360 - Calculate Course Resolution Based On Features Selected – Player Size. Emotional Intelligence eLearning Course. Custom e-Learning Services. How to create responsive simulations using adobe captivate 2017? Articulate Rise – Feature Review: Turn OFF pagination, previous and next buttons. 5 E-learning User Interface to Improve Learning Experience. Emotional Intelligence eLearning Course and Certification Training Program.

Cyber Security eLearning course - Implementing effective security measures. Partnership Sustainable Development with READ Academy on Skill Development. Job-Ready Skills Certification Program by Swift Elearning Services. Elearning Jobs in Hyderabad India. Retail Management Training Program, Online Certificate Courses. Character Limit For Dynamic Text Entry Fields In Storyline. One stop-shop for Retail Courses – Swift Elearning Services partners with Australian Retail College (ARC) to bring you the best of content in Retail Management. Job Ready Skills Certification Program - SwiftHCM.

Articulate 360 Rise – A Developer’s Review. Cost Effective and Rapid eLearning Development Using Content centered Templates. Anti-Bribery and Corruption eLearning Online Training. Boost Your Productivity with Custom made Storyline Templates. MLearning Solutions. Articulate Storyline Engage Interactions to Your Course. Using Custom Made GUI Design to Personalize E-Learning. What’s New in Articulate Studio 360? How To Add Animations To An Object In States? - Articulate Storyline 360. Custom eLearning services. Random numbers in Articulate Storyline 3. Custom Course Timer in SL 360 - Building Better Courses Discussions - E-Learning Heroes. Custom eLearning solutions. Custom eLearning Solutions for Retail Sales Training. How add a Course Timer in Articulate Storyline 3 or 360.

Top Instructional Design Trends for 2017. Launch of awareness eLearning program by SHE Teams Hyderabad City Police. Top 6 eLearning Trends for 2017. Articulate 360 Rise - An Instructional designer's Perspective. Adobe Captivate 2017 is here with shared advanced actions. Top Learning Management System, LMS, Learning portal, Swift.

Articulate 360 Rise: Creating Mobile Learning Apps For Micro-Learning. Articulate360, Best conversion tool for Legacy Storyline Courses. Tips to write an elearning RFP for Hiring a elearning Vendor. Articulate 360 Subscription Pricing Model, ELearning Software. Is Video-Based eLearning The Future of Learning ? Instructional Design Tips to Create eLearning To Train Corporate Millennials.

Leadership & Learning: A Strategic Combination. Adobe Captivate 2017 is here with shared advanced actions. Award winning Learning Management System. Meaningful eLearning Modules Ensure Success of the eLearning Course. Latest Features of HTML5 Authoring Tools – Storyline3, Captivate 2017, Lectora 17 and Elucidat.

With Instructional Designing Static Content Can Become Interactive. How To Create a Custom Preloader in Lectora? How to Create Custom Volume Controls in Articulate Storyline 2? Turn Training Investing using eLearning into Business Profit. Outsourcing eLearning: Selecting an Elearning Vendor - 5 Questions to Ask. Rapid eLearning Solutions, Best E-learning Authoring Tools. Swift LMS - Learning Analytics: Training Compliance Report to Demonstrate ROI.

Things to Test in Multi-Platform E-Learning Course. Top Learning Management system for Corporate Training. Instructional Designers Must Create Effectual E-Learning Designs. Top Learning Management System, LMS, Learning portal, Swift. E-Learning for Corporate Training. Custom eLearning solutions, online content development services. Benefits of Learning Analytics Big data in Elearning Online Training. HTML5 is an Effective Authoring Tool. Rapid eLearning Solutions, Best E-learning Authoring Tools.