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Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services

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Convert PowerPoint To eLearning The Team at Swift were fantastic with project management, when I first started this project it was with an employee no longer at swift. However this was not an issue and it was taken over smoothly, I’m super stoked. Communication was great!! I had replies within hours. The quality of my induction is amazing, I can recommend swift highly enough, I’ll be returning for more inductions soon. Even though this was a project that spanned a very long time, Swift made their implementations and built the course very quickly.

Custom eLearning Swift specialises in developing custom eLearning content based on modern instructional design and visual design principles to create an impactful learning experience. Our Instructional/Visual Designers use interactive elements such as animations, stories, scenarios, gamification, themes, learning content and interactions to keep learners engaged and involved. With over 7,000+ hours of Custom eLearning Development, Swift is the learning partner you are looking for. We work closely with our Clients to identify the most appropriate learning solutions aligned to their specific business goals, timelines and budget. Swift specialises in developing custom eLearning content based on modern instructional design and visual design principles to create an impactful learning experience.

Convert Your Legacy Courses – Adobe Flash to HTML5 Selecting an Authoring Tool that Supports Responsive E-Learning To ensure legacy courses work seamlessly and is effectively accessible on multiple devices thereby offering users an optimal viewing experience, it is imperative to select an authoring tool which supports and is responsive to the varying screen sizes of multiple devices. Some of the very good authoring tools that facilitate responsive e-learning are Articulate Storyline: Help developers convert legacy courses effortlessly and efficiently from multiple devices, includes ready-to-use templates with interactivities, and offers seamless translation of courses. Adobe Captivate: A reliable authoring tool comprising value-added and innovative features such as multi-device compatibility, supports xAPI/Tin CAN API to track learners’ response in real-time or for accessing courses offline, and offers opportunities for collaborative learning.

Top Mobile Applications Development Services Company Swift has a reputable expertise in development of both native and web based Mobile Applications. Every business is a mobile business these days. Mobile apps have become highly significant in our time, because of the emergence of innovative mobile gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, etc. These days no business can work efficiently without the support of mobile apps. We specialize in the development of novel mobile apps, which will facilitate your business endeavors. Augment the visibility factor of your businessEnhance your client-baseFoster customer loyaltyUnderpin your business brand

Articulate Storyline – Translation and Localization of E-Learning Courses Support Languages with Unique Formats. Articulate Storyline support all scripts and languages including languages written from right-to-left such as Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac, Malay, Urdu, Kurdish, Farsi, among others making it easier to work with these languages. Besides, Articulate Storyline also supports double-byte character (all graphic characters which are encoded in two bytes) languages such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. 5 Best Authoring Tools for Flash to HTML5 Conversion With the phased out and inconvenient legacy of Flash, organizations are wishing to facilitate the latest and versatile technique (HTML5) that can flawlessly meet compatibility issues and programmer needs. This is a great boon that renders technology to go online without sweating or wastage of time. But a pertinent question is, how to streamline conversion efficiencies? And, this is where rapid authoring tools come to play. Undoubtedly, Array of tools are available in the market, but choosing appropriate and sustainable tools that best meet one’s needs is very challenging. Well, organizations should be very careful in the proper selection of tools that reminisce the functionality of eLearning courses.

Why Custom eLearning Development Over Off-The-Shelf Courses? If you want to introduce online courses or eLearning in your organization, there are two options – off-the-shelf content and custom eLearning. Off-the-shelf content is convenient as the courses are ready to go. You just need to assign the users. HTML5 – The Future of Responsive eLearning Courses Undoubtedly, Adobe Flash was ever-popular and gold-standard of eLearning course creation that was absolutely rich in high level interactivity, engaging animation, graphics, flexibility, diversity, uniformity, etc. Unfortunately, incompatibility issues and Stagnant progress has made Flash a fewest option now-a-days. As learning methodologies took the digital route, inevitable thanks to the wave of new standard in the world of eLearning i.e., HTML5 which became new favorite among eLearning professionals. Hypertext Markup language 5 (HTML5) is the highly advanced, latest, robust, and versatile standard of HTML that serves best in designing and developing eLearning courses to meet diversified needs of global audience across array of devices.

Adobe Captivate 2019 Live Device Preview & 360⁰ Learning Experiences Adobe Captivate 2019, A lot many features have been released to create more engaging eLearning courses. In this blog we are going to discuss two new features, Live Device Preview and 360 slide. Live device preview option allow you to preview the Virtual Reality (VR) e-Learning courses by connecting them to the mobile device. You can preview all your VR courses as well as responsive courses in your device once you establish the connection with the Captivate tool. How to train sales team? coaching salespeople Online course Course Overview: Given no person is a born sales person and soft skills are usually believed to be inherent in an individual and that such traits could be successfully developed or infused in a personality as well, through the right kind of soft skills training. Focussing on the training, READ Academy’s monthly new release ‘Coaching Salespeople’ focuses on how to coach salespeople to improve performance. Obviously, the goal is to increase sales, but more generally, this course explores the far-reaching impacts that effective coaching will have on the organizational culture and the community at large.

What Does Section 508 and WCAG standards for Your eLearning? The Section 508 and WCAG plays an important role in making technology accessible to people with disabilities like deaf or hearing impaired, vision impaired, etc. To cater to the needs of people with disabilities, Section 508 and the WEB Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) will lend a helping hand in accessing the e-learning content. WCAG and Section 508: (WCAG): Web Content Accessibility guidelines are the guidelines with technical standards, to make web content handy in reaching out to disabled people. It has been conceptualized by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which is an international group supported by its own members and public, in developing and altering web standards.

Best Cost Reduction Techniques For Flash to HTML5 Conversion Gamut of techniques is available to reduce your cost while converting Adobe Flash based courses to HMTL5. Flash has serious browser and incompatibility issues which need to be overcome. HTML5 is bundled with many advanced features like semantic enrichment, rich media support, and cross-browser compatibility, etc. So, it’s time to upgrade and convert legacy courses to HTML 5. In the present scenario, some of the companies mainly focus on Flash to HTML5 conversion services.

eLearning Solution Case Study on Discount Store Retail Training Highlights Development of eLearning programs for all major work areas such as Store Procedures, Machine Management, Driving Practices, etc.Learning content simplified to address different capability workforce such as drivers, mid-level store workers, assistant store managers and technicians.Course features – Learning Avatars, Contextual Interactions, interactive content design but without Narrations. Requirement Profile