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Professional Artists Training with Tutorials in Visual Effects & 3D Animation Software

Professional Artists Training with Tutorials in Visual Effects & 3D Animation Software


untitled My goal was to provide the most helpful and powerful trainings I possible could to Pencil Kings members… But I also wanted them to be available to nearly everyone, at the most affordable, no-brainer cost possible. People ask me why I am “giving away” membership so cheap. It’s because I’m passionate about what I do, because it works. That’s why more and more members keep joining Pencil Kings sending us rave reviews. More members means a bigger, better community and more support for everyone. today in art » 8 Drawing Exercises That Every Artist Should Practice Wire Drawing Exercise Example from – this example has been placed on a painted acrylic background With this exercise you are not going to be drawing at all. All you need is some wire and a pair of pliers with cutters. My favorite wire for this exercise is tie wire and you can get it almost any hardware store. The idea is to explore shapes and lines that you create by bending the wire.

Faking ray-traced shadows with depth-map shadows i - Page 2 - Free Shaders Rendering / Lighting Tutorials for Maya To produce realistic 'soft shadows' in Maya, you have two solutions. # Ray-traced shadows (with radius > 0); it works pretty well, but the higher rays samples (at low value, you get a noisy shadow), the longer it'll take to compute an image. # Depth-map shadows, which is the quickest way, but has some limitations in realistic rendering: by default a depthmap shadow is sharp or blurred (according to the Dmap filter size value in the shadow section of a light)

15 Detailed Concept Art Tutorials As promised, today we have the follow up to my previous post, 35 breathtaking examples of concept art from deviantART, by collecting up 15 detailed concept art tutorials from around the web. Concept art tutorials are notoriously difficult to create, as each artist has their own style, brushes, techniques and programs. However, there are some high quality tutorials available, so today we have the 15 best, detailed and informative tutorials. Please, if you find this post helpful, Stumble, Digg, reTweet, or share it with your friends. Also, don’t hesitate to subscribe or add me as a friend on any social network. Speedpaint Step By Step Character Rigging 25 Oct 2010 This is the fourth tutorial in my four part series dealing with character animation. These tutorials are targeted for beginners wanting to learn the basics of modeling, uvw mapping, texturing, rigging, and creating a cute 3d monster.

Cinematic Design: From Idea To Finished Concept Art When does the course start and finish? The course starts October 17, and every week there will be a new module with new lectures and assignments. Once the course has run its... course, you can go back and take it again - it never ends! If you can't follow the weekly program, that's OK! Tutorial Tuesday: Foreshortening Tricks Hi folks! Tutorial Tuesday is going to be a basic one – I’m a bit under the weather currently so this may not be the best post, but I want to give you something that I feel is important in the world of drawing – some pointers on foreshortening. Check this out. Foreshortening is basically an optical illusion created from a compressed looking drawing in perspective. This perspective is distorted in order to create a false sense of depth, and is used a lot in comics – Superman flying with his outstretched arm coming out of the page, or a fist connecting with a villain’s face, etc. These comic drawings you see that appear to come off the page use some form of foreshortening to create that illusion.

Compositing Maya 2009 Render Passes with After Effects I’ve been experimenting with Maya 2009′s Mental Ray Render Passes feature. It’s intended to easily allow separation of different elements of the render into separate images. An easy example would be separating the diffuse light from the shadow. In practice it seems to be way more finicky ( or broken) than it ought to be. After many trials I’ve developed a workflow via After Effects that successfully composites all my passes so that they just about match the default composite render. Step 1. itchy animation - quirky illustration and characters by Richard Yot Digital Inking Creating pleasing looking line work on the computer can be quite a frustrating experience for artists who have come from drawing with pen and ink on paper. It’s taken me a few years of trial and error to get to the stage where I am happy with the line work I can now create in software.

.. Education Powered by ..::3ds max resources::.. free video tutorials All video tutorials I've contributed to can be found on My YouTube Channel, along with a few samples from the DTE v3 book which I've added as freebies. How to get the most out of a life-drawing class? - Drawing Academy Question from Aura, Drawing Academy student Hi, I’m planning to attend a figure-drawing class locally. Do you have any advice on how to get the most out of it, how to maximize my learning? I’m going to study anatomy – again.

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