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Emerio Banque is one of the most trusted and leading global Trade Finance and Investment banking firms providing innovative and structured Financial solutions and other banking services to international clients with an expert and experienced team of business professionals. If you run a global business and are looking for a financial partner to help you accelerate global sales as well as resources to streamline your business operations, you are in the right place.

Asia-pacific Region Is Considering K-shaped Economic Recovery: UN Report. According to a United Nations (UNESCAP) report released on 31st march 2021, the Asia-pacific region including India gazing up to its eyes on a “K-shaped” recovery of worldwide economy with the COVID-19 pandemic dealing with persistent growth error plans, and unprotected groups getting additionally degraded in the post-pandemic period.

Asia-pacific Region Is Considering K-shaped Economic Recovery: UN Report

The report named Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2021: Towards post-covid 19 resilient economies, the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) issued a statement saying that several factors can extend the pandemic-instigated dangers across and within the nations. As per the report, the unbalanced spread out of the vaccines, the inordinate impact of the pandemic on poor and exposed groups, as well as the restricted fiscal response of the developing nations are likely to extend the pandemic threat. ESCAP has estimated the Indian economy to develop at 7% in 2021 against a diminution of 7.7% in the preceding year.

Source. Commercial Bank Is Honoured With 'Best Bank In Qatar 2021' Award By Global Finance. On March 30, 2021, Global Finance’s editorial board has chosen Commercial Bank for the “Best Bank in Qatar 2021” award for the second time in four years.The aforesaid selection was conducted based on considerable discussion with bankers, experts, and industry says Commercial Bank on Monday.

Commercial Bank Is Honoured With 'Best Bank In Qatar 2021' Award By Global Finance

In earlier years, winning institutions were credited in an awarding event organized during the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings. Additionally, a few days back, Global Finance also named Arab Bank the “Best Trade Finance Provider 2021 in the Middle East.” in the BAFT and IFSA global annual meeting in London. This year, the banks achieved excellent evolution in the 28-year history of Global Finance, given the unparalleled economic conditions driven by the global pandemic. Joseph D. Giarraputo, publisher and editorial director of Global Finance said, “Banks have a very crucial role in economic recovery across the world. Source: Other news. Contour Is In Association With ThoughtWorks To DigitizeTrade Finance In China. On March 24, 2021, the global trade finance network Contour joined hands with ThoughtWorks, an international software consultancy in China to further accelerate its development & growth in the region via digitizing the process of international trade.

Contour Is In Association With ThoughtWorks To DigitizeTrade Finance In China

Earlier, Wärtsilä participated in paperless trade finance to digitize the process of export letter of credit. The aforesaid association with ThoughtWorks will enable Contour to avail benefits of consultancy’s expertise, and knowledge in the software industry, and familiarity with the organization’s solutions prevailing in China to facilitate its regional customers seamless & smooth integration with the Contour network. Keep These Things In Mind Before Investing In Fixed Deposit. Fixed deposits are one of the safest, easiest, and lucrative investment options available to investors by most banks or NBFCs.

Keep These Things In Mind Before Investing In Fixed Deposit

It gives stable returns at lower risks. Fixed deposits help individuals to manage their financial risks and provide security against unexpected expenses. The rates of fixed deposits are also higher than a regular saving account. Investors find it easy to withdraw the amount after the completion of the maturity period. Since the money is invested for a predetermined duration, they are also known as “Term deposits”.

Alan Turner Assigned Role of Head of Commercial Banking By HSBC Bank Canada. Today, Mr.

Alan Turner Assigned Role of Head of Commercial Banking By HSBC Bank Canada

Alan Turner has joined HSBC Bank Canada as the Head of Commercial Banking following Linda Seymour who handled the role of President and Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Bank Canada in September 2020. Being on the post, Mr. Turner will be tackling the responsibilities for HSBC’s huge corporates and Small and Medium Enterprise banking areas along with popular & leading Global Trade and Receivables Finance as well as worldwide liquidity & fund management facilities in Canada.

Linda Seymour, President, and Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Canada tweeted, “I am glad to invite Alan to our commercial bank in Canada. His solid expertise in the sector, as well as globally combined with HSBC’s organization covering 90% of the worldwide trade flows, will aid in speeding up our advancement in quality supporting customers in their global expansion plan.” UNCTAD Raised Global Economy Forecast By 4.7% For 2021. According to a report by the UN conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) released on Tuesday, the worldwide economy is set to develop by 4.7% this year followed by an unexpected, strong recovery made by the United States.

UNCTAD Raised Global Economy Forecast By 4.7% For 2021

The earlier forecast was 4.3%. This latest, updated modification from its previous forecast which took place last September demonstrates a solid boost in the U.S. The report further added, consumers who are relying on the progress aid are giving out COVID-19 vaccines and a gamut of encouragement package. The report highlights the fact, “The worldwide economic recovery that started in the third quarter of last year is likely to be continued through this year, though with a good arrangement of inconsistency and uncertainty, demonstrating epidemiological, strategy and coordination uncertainty” Recently, the OECD additionally modified higher its development forecast for the current year from 4.2% to 5.6%.

Source. Difference Between Transferable And Back To Back Letter Of Credit. Login Don’t have an Account?

Difference Between Transferable And Back To Back Letter Of Credit

CREATE AN ACCOUNT Create Account Already have an Account? Does The Second Wave of Covid-19 Pose Threat To Economic Growth? Login Don’t have an Account?

Does The Second Wave of Covid-19 Pose Threat To Economic Growth?

CREATE AN ACCOUNT Create Account Already have an Account? Login. Difference Between Revocable And Irrevocable Letter Of Credit. Login Don’t have an Account?

Difference Between Revocable And Irrevocable Letter Of Credit

What Is A Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit And How Does It Work? Login Don’t have an Account?

What Is A Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit And How Does It Work?

CREATE AN ACCOUNT Create Account Already have an Account? Login Please write to us and we will be happy to assist you. Follow Emerio Banque On Google. US Treasury Chief Janet Yellen Discussed Global Economic Outlook With FM Nirmala Sitharaman. On Monday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman debated the worldwide economic viewpoints and traded notes on the complexities of mutual interest with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. According to the finance ministry in a series of tweets, both Sitharaman and Yellen have given their mutual consent on operating closely through common economic and planned collaboration in different multilateral fora, including the G20.In a tweet, the ministry said, “FM @nsitharaman and @USTreasury Secretary traded notes on financial issues of mutual interest and anticipated meeting of #India-US Economic and Financial Partnership later this year.”

During the conversation, Yellen valued India’s commitment to global vaccine endeavors. As a part of its vaccine diplomacy, New Delhi has been supporting the world's vaccine efforts by providing Indian-made Covishield vaccines to other countries through its ''Vaccine Maitri'' initiative. Almastone Made Double Appointment For Origination Expansion. Recently, AlmaStone has added two new hires to grow and extend its origination abilities in Africa and Latin America. AlmaStone is an elective trade and supply chain finance provider with tremendous activities in the soft commodities sector. Last week, Sam West joined as the head of origination for Africa and has been assigned the task of developing the current portfolio of the firm in the region with an emphasis on corporate individuals in the agri-business and soft commodities space.

Difference Between Standby LC And Bank Guarantee. Mar 12, 2021 - 09:29 AMAuthor - Emerio Banque Is there any difference between Standby LC and Bank Guarantee? Let’s discuss. A standby LC and bank guarantee are quite similar products and most often, they are used in international transactions. There are many other similarities between these two products such as - similar purpose, or similar credit checks, etc, but they are different. Tricks To Save Your Time & Money While Making International Money Transfer. Mar 12, 2021 - 07:45 AMAuthor - Emerio Banque Being a global trader, you often find the need of sending/receiving money internationally frequently.

For this, you want the process of these online international money transfer services to be quicker, simple, safe, efficient, and easy to use. In short, while choosing the best service for international money transfer, high-speed matters. The service that allows you the convenience of transferring funds anytime from anywhere through a smartphone within a few minutes will be preferred by you but there are some other useful tips & tricks that every global trader needs to keep in mind while making an international fund transfer.

African Development Bank Honored With Best Multilateral Financial Institution 2021. Recently, The African Development Bank registered its remarkable presence in the 22nd edition of the Global Finance Best Investment Bank Awards where the reputed and esteemed U.S. magazine expert in the review & evaluation of the financial markets finds out tremendous investment banking capacities operating in the global market. The main highlight of this event took place when the African Development Bank was given by the name of the “best multilateral financial institution in the world for 2021” by Global Finance. Additionally, a few days back, Arab Bank was also honored with the Best Trade Finance Provider 2021 Award for the Middle East region.

This award brings a global acknowledgment of its consistent and path-breaking endeavors to facilitate its clients - its 54 provincial member nations - with aid in funding their development. Joseph D. Bank Guarantee Service By Emerio Banque. Bank guarantee is a legal financial instrument issued by any bank with a commitment of paying exporters on-time with a full or remaining amount in the event if the buyer is unable to pay or perform the terms & conditions of the agreement.

We at Emerio Banque help worldwide exporters ensure secure performance and payment by providing suitable bank guarantee services while carrying out an extensive business transaction or a high-value project or receiving an advance payment for a project. Trade Finance Platform Envoy Brings Envoy Green Solution And New Partnerships To Seek Environmental Transparency. Recently, to bring environmental transparency, Envoy, a Defi solution for updating trade finance and providing essential capital to global traders through emerging markets, has committed to providing transparent and sustainable trade by introducing Envoy Green. This aforesaid agreement has been initiated between Envoy Green and Pole Star, a maritime tech solutions company. Its PurpleTRAC platform, a solitary point provides screening solutions, as well as scans and reports on the movements and ownership of vessels. Corporate Payment Cards Services by Emerio Banque. Transactional Services by Emerio Banque. Investment Management Services By Emerio.

Lending Services by Emerio Banque. Documentary Collection Services by Emerio Banque. Bank Guarantee Service By Emerio Banque. Letter Of Credit Services By Emerio Banque. Trade Finance Service by Emerio Banque. Arab Bank Received the Middle East’s Best Trade Finance Provider 2021 Award. Recently, Arab Bank was honored with the “Best Trade Finance Provider 2021 in the Middle East” award by Global Finance, a New York-based international publication at the Bankers’ Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT) and the International Financial Services Association (IFSA) global annual meeting in London.

This honor is considered as the acceptance of the bank’s influential position in the area along with its excellent capabilities in facilitating up-to-date banking solutions and trade finance instruments that cater to the clients’ emerging requirements across different sectors. To select this Arab bank for the mentioned award, an evolution process was held by a panel of the magazine’s editors with information data from global financial analysts, corporate executives, and innovation specialists. The parameters for picking the victors involved the exchange volume worldwide coverage extent, client service, competitive prices, and current technologies.

Other news. All You Need To Know About Transactional Banking Services. What Is Transaction Banking? Transaction banking, which is sometimes also referred to as transactional banking services is a set of banking solutions designed to cater to the operational and day-to-day transaction needs of businesses, corporate and institutional customers. DZ Bank Chose Surecomp For Digitizing Trade Finance. Login Don’t have an Account? Modifi Acquires PrimaDollar's Export Trade Finance Business. Recently, PrimaDollar has made a prudent decision to focus only on its category ie. a leading supply chain trade finance technology platform as it has sold all its existing export customers who are SMEs, to Modifi. Modifi is an SME-focused startup that provides necessary aid to businesses in development as well as guides them in maintaining strong relationships on an international level and taking advantage of local economies. Both the companies are mutually agreed on executing the transaction for only future businesses.

Emerio Banque Is Digitizing The Global Trade Finance Solutions For Improved User Experience. Corporate Banking In 2021. Various financial institutions are looking at their development opportunities into the profitable commercial sector struggling with their set of complexities and difficulties as guidelines and cost regulations become the dominant focal point. HSBC Collaborates With HKTVmall To Get Digital Trade Finance To Merchants. Recently, with an agenda to facilitate trade finance services to e-commerce merchants’, HSBC has joined forces with HKTVmall, a Hong Kong-based online shopping and entertainment platform.

The initiated collaboration by HSBC will allow HKTVmall’s merchants who are engaged in the operations of selling electronic appliances, fashion & consumer goods to get instant finance without any requirements of submitting collateral or financial documents to the lenders. For this purpose, HSBC will conduct a thorough check of the vendor’s data from HKTVmall so that it could examine and predict their credit performance. How Does Documentary Collection Work? Bank Guarantee Services For Global Import/Export Businesses. Factors That Bank Keep In Mind Before Lending Money. 2. Demand of Collateral - In some cases, many lending services require collateral or security from the applicant to protect their debt loss in case the buyer is not capable of paying the debt.

This security helps the bank in determining the borrower’s capability to pay the loan amount. The type of collateral that a bank can ask for depends on the available assets such as properties, business assets, equipment, vehicles, and current account savings, etc. Non-Bank Global Trade Finance Market Research Report and Forecast To 2027. Asian Trade Finance Demand Rises As Recovery Takes Hold. Bank Guarantee FAQs. Benefits of Personal Finance. Supply Chain Trade Finance: An Industry View. All You Need To Know About Personal Finance. Letter of Credit - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.

HSBC Issued First 'green' Trade Finance Facility For UAE's Lamprell. Trade Finance Market to Experience Development in Revenue Share During the Forecast Period. CDC Supports TDB To Boost Trade Recovery In Africa. How Invoice Financing Can Help Business Grow? Difference Between Confirmed And Unconfirmed Letter of Credit. Starsight Gets Increased Funding For Hybrid Solar Solutions In Nigeria And Ghana. Drip Capital Hits $1 Billion Breakthrough In Trade Financing For Small Businesses. Emerio Banque - Yelp. Emerio Banque - Evintra. Emerio Banque - Bizify. Emerio Banque - Hotfrog. Usance Letter Of Credit - Definition And How Does It Differ From Sight Letter Of Credit?

Difference Between Bank Guarantee And Corporate Guarantee. Emerio Banque Services. Cutting Through Global Trade Friction At SMBs' Point Of Need. Finance Industry Is At Pre-covid Levels: ET-ILC Members. Difference Between Bank Guarantee and Collateral. Documentary Collection: Meaning, Types, And Process. Banks Expect Trade Finance Revenue Growth In 2021. Turkey Initiated Free Trade Deal With UK. An Order-to-cash Process to Automate B2B Payments. Trade Finance Is Subject To The Present Global Economic Environment. SBI Extends Global Trade Finance Solutions To Israeli Corporates.

UAE Export Credit Firm Announces Trade Finance Support To SMEs. Import Finance - Definition, Types And How Does It Helps. Letter of Credit Guide - Features, Importance & When To Use It. Singapore And The US Signs Trade Finance Deal. Different Types of Letters of Credit. PrimaDollar Is To Bring Supply Chain Trade Finance In India. Trade Finance Services By Emerio Banque. A letter of credit is one of the most secure and safe financial tools to mitigate your payment risks in international trade & transactions. We at Emerio Banque offer all kinds of letter of credit services to the global importers/exporters.

Tradeteq Signs Deal With Microsoft To Automate Trade Finance. MonetaGO and GUUD Alliance All Set to Strengthen Asia's Trade Finance Sector. What Is A Documentary Collection? Which Are The Main Key Players? SC Ventures Launches Trade Finance Startup. Documentary Collections Services. International Financial News. Lending Solutions - Emerio Banque. SMS Notice Service - Emerio Banque. Fixed Term Deposit Services - Emerio Banque. Deutsche Bank Plans To Boost Commodity Trade Finance Business Activities. Indian Banks Attract Investors, But Peer Comparison Is Unpleasant. Barclays Launches Trade Finance Platform In B2B Payments. Payroll Services To Manage Your Payments - Emerio Payroll. Letter Of Credit - Definition And Its Types. Trade Finance Is On Its Way To Get More Digitised Post-covid: Report.

Trade Finance Services. International Letter Of Credit. Trade Finance Industry To Consider DLT Adoption Amid COVID-19. Trade Finance Services. Bank Guarantee Letter. US, China, And EU To Restructure Post Pandemic World Economy: Says Moody’s Analysis. ADB And Seabank Partnered to Expand Trade Finance in Vietnam. Compliance and Regulatory - Emerio Banque. Corporate Social Responsibility - Emerio Banque. Anti-Money Laundering Policy. Write to us - Emerio Banque.