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Bo-M. How To Crochet: 30+ Free Crochet Stitches and Tutorials – Cute DIY Projects. There is always something new in Crochet Stitches.

How To Crochet: 30+ Free Crochet Stitches and Tutorials – Cute DIY Projects

Thousands of designs from different communities all over the globe serve a wide platter of innovative and traditional designs to try your hands on and enhance your skills, which can be used both commercially and for private use. You can use crochets to weave various products ranging from tops to shawls and scurfs, which are not only in fashion, but also serves as an eye grabbing attire for you. To educate you with the 30 most popular designs of Crochet Stitches those are in fashion, the following speaks of the different designs that you can use to enhance your skills and upgrade your attire, which can be perfected in the comfort of your home! 1. Slip Stitch Crochet This style is one of the basics and most popular Crochet stitches. Project Tutorial – dreamalittlebigger 2. This is perhaps one of the most popular designs all over the world and has been in fashion since its discovery.

A Rainbow Witch / Wizard Hat - The Process - HandiCraftKate. A Rainbow Witch / Wizard Hat - The Process - HandiCraftKate. Learn How To Knit Daisy Flower Stitch – CRAFT-ADDICTS. If you have a huge desire of knitting or crochet as many beautiful, cozy and comfortable clothes and accessories as it’s possible, then you should learn more and more different knitting techniques and stitches, because it is not a secret for anyone that stitches are the keys to any project and being a hooker you have to anticipate that, especially if you are a beginner.

Learn How To Knit Daisy Flower Stitch – CRAFT-ADDICTS

So, we have already cleared up the importance of these graceful and beautiful stitches and it is time to get to the business. For our today’s article, have brought to you two video tutorials about knitting daisy flower stitches. All you have to do is to watch these tutorials carefully and follow the instructions step by step. Maybe it will appear too hard for you but in fact, it’s quite easy and becomes easier during the process. Freeform Shrug. How To Crochet Bobble And Popcorn Stitches – CRAFT – ADDICTS. Hello everybody, thanks for visiting probably the best website you have ever seen.

How To Crochet Bobble And Popcorn Stitches – CRAFT – ADDICTS is going to bring you the most useful and interesting tutorials and patterns that will definitely help you to make you dreams and wishes come true. Visiting our blog means that you are a beginner and need some help in order to increase your crochet skills and that is exactly a purpose of our website. How To Crochet A Globetrotter Shawl – CRAFT – ADDICTS. and our group of professionals use all skills and experience to present you the most beautiful and useful crocheted or knitted clothes and accessories, and today we have got something special for you.

How To Crochet A Globetrotter Shawl – CRAFT – ADDICTS

You may have already heard about the crocheted shawls but visiting our website means that you have never made it before. Even if you have already made them it does not mean anything, because this Globetrotter Shawl you see on these pictures are absolutely stunning and beautiful and no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced ones, this Globetrotter spring shawls will make you jump out of your seats.

Maybe you have never even experienced such kind of an excitement before and that is what I am hoping for right now. Ladies, please do not waste any second of your precious time, watch video tutorial, read the pattern and pay attention on each detail and nuance. We wish a best of luck to you with this stunning project. Shibori and Knitting: The New Felting Technique You Must Try. Photography by: Photography by Lise Metzger Gina Wilde never thought to combine her love of knitting with shibori -– it happened by accident.

Shibori and Knitting: The New Felting Technique You Must Try

"My daughter put a pair of hand warmers I’d knit her in the laundry basket. I washed her clothes without knowing the hand-knit item was in the machine, which I never would have done intentionally," she says. "When I pulled the hand warmers out of the washer, I was blown away by the transformation of the little gloves, which were knit of two different yarns –- the wool/silk blend yarn had felted beautifully, while the silk cuff ruffled dramatically.

" Crochet flowers – snowflakes – leaves – butterflies -Squares. These free crochet patterns are just what you need to create all the pins and embellishments you can imagine.

Crochet flowers – snowflakes – leaves – butterflies -Squares

Check out all these ideas for crocheted flowers, snowflakes, leaves, buterflies, Squares, for inspiration and more… If you are looking for a bit of spring or beautiful ways to embellish your world, these beautiful crochet ideas will do the trick. Everyone loves flowers; they brighten up our day and make us smile as soon as we see them. These free crochet patterns will come in handy; you’ll find designs for embellishing hats, scarves, bags, clothing, accessories, home decor projects, scrapbooks and and whatever else you like.

They can be made with cotton yarn, wool, crochet cotton and even embroidery thread. Crochet Dimensions Stitch. Learn how to make this beautiful coat crochet patterns free. Beautiful crochet jacket model free with graphic patterns for you to warm up this beautiful winter!

Learn how to make this beautiful coat crochet patterns free

Follow our tips sweaters Crochet free, free patterns Crochet Cardigan During the course of the day with the sun is very agreeable, but the night is well chilled .... So, thinking about the chill that may appear there, I came to bring this beautiful model especially crochet free patterns, for you to do for you or to earn extra money. Over the years the craft is becoming more popular with the free crochet patterns found here on the blog free crochet patterns, the above models are beautiful to crochet. We have a big woolen options on the market every year and always make new releases. So why not pick up a blouse modelinho that looks old and do it again using a new thread? Bien débuter avec un métier à tisser circulaire : le tuto - Bonjour à tous !

Bien débuter avec un métier à tisser circulaire : le tuto -

Knitter's Slang - How Knit-Wise Are You? The more involved you get involved in knitting, and the knitting community, the more you come across words and phrases that you’ve never heard before.

Knitter's Slang - How Knit-Wise Are You?

Over the years I’ve regularly had to ask friends “what does this mean?” And sometimes been amazed at what a word actually means. Glamour4You Blog - Glamour4You. Les tops 1 // 25 - crochet d'amour. Les Tops 2 // 15 - crochet d'amour. Chaussettes et Pantoufles 23 - crochet d'amour. The Art of Natural Dyeing + 6 Colors to Start With. Kohler's dark florals palette inspired us to pair up with Kristine Vejar, author of the recently released The Modern Natural Dyer, and experiment with plant-based (and in one case, bug-based!)

The Art of Natural Dyeing + 6 Colors to Start With

Natural dyes. There are thousands of natural materials that make glorious colors in fabric, from rhubarb and dahlias to indigo and ground nuts. Natural dyeing is an ancient tradition and the techniques behind this art hardly vary across the world (even if styles of textiles may be regional). It's likely that natural dyeing was informed by cooking, as the process of extracting pigment is exactly like boiling food. The general process is this: choose what you would like to dye and dyes, prepare it for dyeing (also known as scour and mordant), then dye and wash.

One of the things to focus on when working with natural dyes is colorfastness, or the quality of keeping the same color, even if washed or placed in the light. 1. 2. More: Check here, here, and here for online dye resources. 3. Next, mordant. Brioche knitting. Overlay crochet. Knit/lab zanzibar. Indian Princess by Artika - - Handmade Svetre/Pulóvre. Princess of Persia by Artika - - Handmade Svetre/Pulóvre.

Tiny owl knits. Fiches Tricot - Fiche crochet châles, écharpes - Tricoté Sud. Serial Fileuse — Home. L'Atelier du Chat Noir. Fournitures aiguilles à feutrer sur A Little Mercerie. Comment faire différents travaux au crochet. Tricotcolor: Décembre avant Pâques... Me revoilà ! Oui, je sais... Absente depuis fin décembre ! Le temps passe trop vite, les saison se succèdent, nous voilà à l'approche du printemps, ma vie est remplie, bien remplie, trop remplie... Beaucoup de projets variés, un changement professionnel, du temps pris à faire des recherches, des essais de nouvelles techniques... Le temps passe trop vite !!! Alors, avant Pâques, Je vous souhaite une excellente année, d'amour, de gloire et de beauté, une bonne santé, une foule de projets, une merveilleuse entente avec vos amis et votre famille...

Prenez soin de vous !! J'en profite également pour vous remercier de suivre mon blog coloré ! Plus de 100 000 visites en 2 ans ! J'suis trop contente et c'est grâce à vous ! Merci aussi à toutes les personnes qui me suivent sur FB ! Du coup, vous pensez bien, j'ai une grande quantité de réalisations à vous montrer !!! Alors, on y va !! Régalez vous !! Une écharpe-capuche super originale ! Point ondulé, picots perles feutrées ! Ensuite, un gilet... Noro Knitting Yarn at WEBS. New Item. Indian Summer Lace Top. Iced Gem Crochet Wrap. “Anemone” Granny Square. Machine à tisser. CROCHET.freeform. Mandala En Crochet, Motifs Carrés et Napperons Granny Square. Mandala En Crochet, Motifs Carrés et Napperons Granny Square. Daisy Centre Mandala Square. Bindu Recycled Sweater Bikini. Mini Magic Mandala Square: Free #Crochet Pattern on Moogly! Last year I designed the Magic Spike Mandala, and then turned that into a 12″ afghan square.

Well, now I’ve reworked that pattern one step further… into the 6″ size Mini Magic Mandala Square! The Mini Magic Mandala Square is super cute mixed with other 6 inch squares, or you could make a gorgeous baby blanket using these alone. Or, you could mix the 6″ and 12″ versions together for a fantastic patchwork design! That’s the great thing about afghan squares – you can use them however you want. Even if it’s not in an afghan at all! Mini Magic Mandala Square – 6″ Block Add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue and Favorites US – I/9, 5.50mm hook35 yds total worsted or Aran weight yarn in 2-4 colors (Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice and Red Heart With Love shown)Special Stitch (Click HERE for tutorial): Spike St – Keeping tension on the active loop on the hook, insert hook into specified stitch, yo and pull up a loop to the height of the current row.

Round 1: With first color, make a magic circle. Raad met draad: Finnish granny square pattern in English. Dit bericht is voor de verandering geschreven in het Engels, omdat er vraag was naar een Engelse vertaling van het Finse granny square patroon. De Nederlandse versie van het patroon vind je hier. Wow, I'm really excited to see how many people have come to visit my weblog to see this Finnish granny square pattern!

It was just a coincidence that I found a weblog from a woman in Finland that introduced this beautiful pattern. With some help from Google Translate and the pictures on her blog, I managed to translate it into Dutch. Zooty Owl's Crafty Blog: Daisy Centre Mandala Square. Ann Benoot. 8 Free Crochet Patterns + New Tutorials from Jessie At Home. Skylark in Wonderland. Skylark in Wonderland Free Crochet Pattern Easy/Intermediate Skill Level Designed by Jessie Rayot for Frabjous Fibers After designing the Skylark scarf, I had a few ideas for a spin~off pattern. The opportunity to bring life to the idea came when I was contacted by Frabjous Fibers to make a version using 2 of their mini~skein packs of Mad Hatter (sport weight).

It was a perfect pairing, and I am madly in love with the result! Size:11.5″ tall, approx 67″ wingspan. Photos de la publication de ‎Sitat Byoot... - Sitat Byoot ستات بيوت. Angel Sleeve Crochet Tunic. Catona Flower Shawl.