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Intensive Course B1

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ELLLO Views #1091 Change of Clothes. Danny: So, what kind of cloths do you like to wear?

ELLLO Views #1091 Change of Clothes

Alex: I like to wear casual clothes. And that's why I really don't like what I have to wear to work sometimes because it's just not what I would normally wear. Article b1. English listening exercises and printable listening worksheets for free, ESL listening activities for kids. Ana´s English Blog: INFORMAL EMAIL - ANYWAY (INTERMEDIATE) Emails letters1.

An informal email. 149727. Expressions. ESL First Day Introduction Games. Age/Level: Any Time: 15 to 20 minutes Players: Individual Preparation: 3 blank cards or pieces of paper for each student Aim: To help students introduce themselves to the class You can use this card game on the first day of class to help students introduce themselves.

ESL First Day Introduction Games

This introduction game works best with small class sizes. Procedure. CEFR Grammar levels. Reach your B1: Grammar and Vocabulary - B1. Recursos B1 (PET): Vocabulary list, Grammar reference, Practice Tests. Vocabulary Topics. Untitled. B1 – PET – Unit 3 Grammar reference Verbs followed by to or – ing some verbs are followed by the –ing form of another verb: