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About IFTTT. Smart WiFi Toggler for Android Learns Where Your Networks Are, Toggles Wi-Fi and Data Automatically. OPTIMAL. How does disk defrag work. The word "disk defrag" is typically used to refer to the Microsoft Windows utility called Disk Defragmenter.

How does disk defrag work

It is designed to solve a problem that occurs because of the way hard disks store data. If you have read the article How Hard Disks Work, then you know three key facts about hard disks: Hard disks store data in chunks called sectors. If you imagine the surface of the disk divided into rings (like the rings of a tree), and then imagine dividing each ring into pie-slices, a sector is one pie-slice on one ring.

Each sector holds a fixed amount of data, like 512 bytes.The hard disk has a small arm that can move from ring to ring on the surface of the disk. Stuff You Should Know's First-ever Crowd-sourced Quiz".


Build a Killer Customized Arch Linux Installation (and Learn All About Linux in the Process) Not a Browser a WOWser. Pinterest Management Tool for Brands. Clare McDermott. LinkedIn Pages Redesigned: This Week in Social Media. The REAL Reason Why Bloggers Need A Mailing List. Email Marketing and Email List Manager.

1 Million Apple Device IDs Leaked, 12 Million Total Stolen. Facebook to allow ad targeting by email, user ID and phone number. Facebook to allow ad targeting by email, user ID and phone number Facebook appears to be preparing an option for advertisers to target users by email address, user ID or phone number, based on an option that was temporarily visible in the Power Editor tool.

Facebook to allow ad targeting by email, user ID and phone number

Sources familiar with Facebook’s ad plans previously told us that the company was working with some premium advertisers to target audiences by email address, though we had not heard about the UID and phone number options. These are powerful new opportunities for businesses to reach their existing customers and leads, who may be increasingly difficult to reach through traditional email and telemarketing campaigns. If this test rolls out to all Power Editor users and the Ads API, companies will be able to remarket to people through News Feed and other Facebook ad units. Archive. Blog, v1. As betaworks and Digg both announced on their blogs, we are taking over Digg and turning it back into a startup.

Blog, v1

What they didn’t mention is that we’re rebuilding it from scratch. In six weeks. On August 1, after an adrenaline and caffeine-fueled six weeks, we’re rolling out a new v1. With this launch, we’re taking the first step towards (re)making Digg the best place to find, read and share the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet — and we want your help. Huh… who is “we”? These principles are posted in our office, which is affectionately dubbed “The War Room”:

Windows 7

Michigan MarketMaker. COMICS, ETC -FACEBOOK. Maylingisland: TabSite App... Marketing. PostRocket. How do I schedule a post to appear on my Page later? - Facebook Help Center. KompoZer - Easy web authoring. Pro Internet Marketing Tools. Building a computer disaster recovery toolkit - PC & Desktop Computers. Gearing up for API changes - Bing Developer blog - Site Blogs - Bing Community. Three Mi-Fi Mobile Wi-Fi (Huawei E585) review. Three has updated the modem it uses for its Mobile Wi-Fi (or Mi-Fi as some people call it) service to the Huawei E585 model, the older one being the 3 Mi-Fi Mobile Wi-Fi (Huawei E5830).

Three Mi-Fi Mobile Wi-Fi (Huawei E585) review

Confused? You shouldn't be, but is it just a number change or is there a reason to ask for an upgrade? If you were to quickly glance at the two side-by-side you would struggle to see the difference when turned off. They are both the same pebble size, both feature a display at the top and a big "3" logo at the bottom and both offer microSD card support, allowing you to expand your storage options. So what actually is the difference? Bank Order Led to Losing Trades. Twitter API. Using a Twitter client, you can connect to to follow your favorite blogs and receive notifications when new posts are published.

Twitter API

You can even publish status updates to the blog of your choice. Visual Editor. The visual editor provides a semi-WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) content editor that allows you to easily create, edit, and format your blog content in a view similar to that of a word processor.

Visual Editor

This is the default editing mode of, but if it does not appear to be enabled, you can select the Visual tab in the top right corner of the editor area, as depicted below. There are two (2) rows of editing icons contained within the visual editor. You can find out what any icon means or does by hovering over it with your mouse – a small tooltip will appear describing the icon and its purpose.

Row 1. Author Grid Widget. Meebo Widget. Widget is a fancy word for tools or content that you can add, arrange, and remove from the sidebar(s) of your blog.

Meebo Widget

Widgets make it easy to customize the content of your sidebar(s). You can learn more about the widgets we offer by checking out the Related links on the right. You can access your widgets from the Appearance → Widgets screen in your Dashboard. How to create an online product. Lilach Lilach is the founder and driving force behind Socialable, and highly regarded on the world speaker circuit.

How to create an online product

Zemanta — blog publishing assistant: related images, articles & posts for Bloggers. Facebook IPO Said to Get Weaker-Than-Forecast Demand. Facebook Inc.

Facebook IPO Said to Get Weaker-Than-Forecast Demand

(FB)’s initial public offering has so far generated lower-than-expected demand from institutional investors who are concerned about the company’s growth prospects, people with knowledge of the matter said. Some investors expressed reluctance after Facebook said on May 9 that advertising growth hasn’t kept pace with the increase in users, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the process is private. Facebook is also telling analysts that sales may not meet their most optimistic projections, two people said. Making the Web Work for Brand Marketers. Learning from the past In the 1950s, brands slowly moved to TV, just as they have started to move online today.

Making the Web Work for Brand Marketers

In both instances, buying and selling systems improved; audiences and new content quickly moved to the new medium; and the creative possibilities inspired great ad campaigns. However, a key moment for TV came in the 1950 with dramatic improvements in measurement—like ratings and quantitative market research. Once major brands could see who they were reaching and what impact their campaigns were having, they fully embraced the medium, creating a multi-billion dollar industry...and TV’s golden age began. Making better decisions with actionable brand metrics Unlike the early days of TV, digital advertising is already incredibly measurable. But as brand advertisers - such as movie studios or consumer goods companies - know, it’s a challenge to measure changes in brand favorability of a movie or whether an online campaign is driving more consumers to the store. A Look At Google Drive, Google’s Long-Awaited Cloud Storage Service.

After more than 6 years of rumors and a long-ago cancellation because “files are so 1990″, Google Drive is finally here. Coming with 5 GB of free storage space, a Dropbox-like desktop sync client, and strong integration with Google’s web apps, Google Drive has a lot to offer. Google Drive is late to the game, but it stands out from the pack with its deep search features and application integration. 4 Things You’ll Love About Ubuntu 12.04. The new version of Ubuntu–12.04, codename “Precise Pangolin”– is officially here, meaning two things: I get to be really happy about new features, and some people get to complain about Unity in the comments.

Horray! It’s been a year since Ubuntu made Unity the default interface, and man: many of you were not happy. How do I add a MailChimp signup form to my Facebook Page. If you've already integrated MailChimp with your Facebook account, you can assign forms to your Facebook Pages and customize how the signup form appears on Facebook. How To Send New Google Plus Posts Automatically To Twitter. How To Send New Google Plus Posts Automatically To Twitter. Maylingisland: Free Traffic Getting SEO P... Web Designer - Product Intro.

You Tube

How Far Did Your Tweet Travel? 100 Years Of Significant Events In 10 Minutes. We are rapidly wrapping up the year, and magazines, websites and columns are trying to fit all the significant events into some kind of order. Find the passwords for nearby WiFi hotspots, with 4sqwifi. This Week's Top Downloads. Ranking Tools: This Week in Social Media. Alice yam. Daily Tip: How to Rotate an Image in the WordPress Editor. Finish Strong Movie (Mobile) Reflections on 2011 – Bring on 2012! “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. Easier Invitations Mean More Followers and Blog Contributors. How to Give Your Home Office a Steampunk Look. Will Google Plus Put Facebook Out of Business? With over 153 million unique users per month, Nielsen research has named Google the top Internet destination. Facebook, which is the most visited social networking site and second largest Internet destination, received an average number of 137.6 million unique monthly visitors.

Logitech Professional Presenter R800 with Green Laser Pointer: Electronics. Maylingisland: Alice – Who is talking abo... Elliceyam (maylingisland) Ellicemayling's Blog. Userscript Uninstallation Instructions. Maylingisland: alice yam - Google+ http:/... Record & Share your PowerPoint presentations.

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A Smile @ Elliceyam island. A Perfect Smile @ maylingisland. GOOgle NOTES. Pearltrees videos. Getting started.