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Soft Skills List - 28 Skills to Working Smart. I originally published this soft skills list in June 2011.

Soft Skills List - 28 Skills to Working Smart

I am honored to discover that more than 500,000 of you have since read my soft skills list and found it helpful. There are 28 soft skills essential to your career success. I wished I knew about many of these earlier in my career. Soft Skills List - 28 Skills to Working Smart. Tools. Bloom's and ICT tools. Mobile Instruction Resources - MOBILE UP: Workforce Innovation Project. Why Join The Premium Site? Secure registration from $29.

Why Join The Premium Site?

Join today. Watch Our Video Unbeatable Quality These are fully comprehensive lesson plans with Teacher Notes written by a teacher with over 20 years of experience in the field and qualifications at the highest level in ESL. Joining the Premium site only costs $29 for a Bronze Membership which is around 15 cents a day! Adult Education and Literacy. Graphic Organizer - Close Reading: Developing New Understandings.

44 Smart Ways to Use Smartphones in Class (Part 1) - Getting Smart by @JohnHardison1 - This week an online article grabbed my attention.

44 Smart Ways to Use Smartphones in Class (Part 1) - Getting Smart by @JohnHardison1 -

Its title read “94 Percent of High School Students Using Cellphones in Class.” I immediately scoped out the heading and thought to myself, “Finally, teachers are beginning to embrace the powerful little gadgets.” However, it did not take me long to realize the researched article took quite a different slant. One quotation in particular caused serious professional introspection on my behalf. The article quotes the researchers as stating, “‘The potential damage stemming from heightened cell phone use during class casts a pall on the entire educational system, on the school atmosphere, on the educational achievements of the class, on the pupil’s own learning experience and on the teacher’s burnout having to cope with discipline problems in class.’”

I understand the tougher task of using regular cell phones in class versus internet ready smartphones, however , I could not disagree more with the above quotation. Esolwebsites. Websites. Literacylist. Using the Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Technique. Grades 3 – 6 | Lesson Plan | Standard Lesson American Folklore: A Jigsaw Character Study Groups of students read and discuss American folklore stories, each group reading a different story.

Using the Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Technique

Using a jigsaw strategy, the groups compare character traits and main plot points of the stories. A diverse selection of American folk tales is used for this lesson, which is adaptable to any text set.


A public dialogue about belief — one essay at a time. Teacher Resources — Minneapolis Institute of Art. Each Teaching the Arts feature presents an in-depth look at artworks in Mia’s collection from the point of view of a monthly theme.

Teacher Resources — Minneapolis Institute of Art

View all Teaching the Arts » Transferring Smartphone Video Files to a Computer - Smartphone Film Pro. You may have shot some wonderful footage on your Smartphone but what do you do next?

Transferring Smartphone Video Files to a Computer - Smartphone Film Pro

If you decide to edit it the next step is to transfer it to a computer. Unlike the memory cards on DSLR’S, which are straightforward to copy, transferring Smartphone video files to a computer can be a frustrating process. The footage itself is usually buried in some obscure subdirectory and can be difficult to find. Or you need some particular software to get the Smartphone to connect to the computer. 25 ideas for using WhatsApp with English language students.

Philip Haines is the Senior Consultant for Oxford University Press, Mexico.

25 ideas for using WhatsApp with English language students

As well as being a teacher and teacher trainer, he is also the co-author of several series, many of which are published by OUP. Today he joins us to provide 25 engaging and useful classroom activities for language learners using WhatsApp. There are three main obstacles to the use of technology in ELT. First is the availability of technology and internet connection in the classroom. Second is teacher techno-phobia. WhatsApp or similar messaging services can help overcome these obstacles. Many self-confessed, techno-phobic teachers that I know use WhatsApp on a regular basis in their private lives, so already feel quite comfortable with it. Pronunciation for Teachers - Home. Pronunciation Power Software. Integrating Digital Literacy Into English Language Instruction: Companion Learning Resource. Reading Skills for Today's Adults. Marshall Adult EducationHOME | MISSION | SCOPE AND SEQUENCE | STAFF INFORMATION |SITE SCHEDULES | TECHNOLOGYWORKFORCE | BUSINESS CONNECTION | DIRECTORY | GRANTS | RESOURCES | STUDENT LESSONS 25 new Health and Wellness Stories have been posted These new health and wellness stories were funded by the National Head Start Family Literacy Center/Sonoma State University This project was designed to create leveled reading selections that are appropriate for and valued by adult learners.

Reading Skills for Today's Adults

These materials, combined with the research-proven strategies of repeated reading and guided oral reading, aid in building learners' fluency and comprehension skills. The materials correspond to Casas 200 - 235. This project is funded in part through an EL/Civics Grant from the MN Dept. of Ed - ABE Division and mini-grant from the Minnesota Literacy Council.

Your comments, questions and feedback are invited. Lesson Plans. Poetry Out Loud is not intended to replace classroom activities like creative writing.

Lesson Plans

In fact, the two naturally complement each other. For that reason, we have created a number of optional writing activities and lesson plans for teachers. Do you have some great Poetry Out Loud lesson plans? Share your ideas with us! Policies, pedagogies, and practices.


Dictoglosses and Dictations.