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7 Tools for Creating Classroom Blogs. EdTechTeam GAFE Tips Posters. TeachersGiveTeachers (@TsGiveTs) Copy of Google Maps Introduction - Google Slides. How to HyperDoc - Google Slides. 10 Reasons Why Every Teacher Needs a PLN #edchat. 6 Must Haves for Developing a Maker Mindset. Flashy spaces and shiny toys in makerspaces are enticing, but it takes time and explicit scaffolding to develop a true Innovator.

6 Must Haves for Developing a Maker Mindset

Building and providing the space for Making to happen is one thing; nurturing a mindset that gives students the mental tools to engage with said spaces is a much larger, and timely, endeavor. Best defined by the research and work of Carol Dweck, Jo Boaler and Eduardo Briceno, growth mindset is the recognition of the brain as a muscle that—with practice, effort, and nurturing—can continue to grow and develop. When you think of an inventor or innovator, past or present, what descriptors come to mind? Creative. Why Handwriting Is Still Essential in the Keyboard Age.

When Tech Meets Project Based Learning. Almost 20 years ago, when Paul Curtis was a social studies teacher at the just-opened New Technology High School in Napa, Calif., there wasn’t much “tech” to support project-based learning.

When Tech Meets Project Based Learning

“We didn’t even give the kids email addresses back then,” he chuckles. Even now, Curtis, Director of Curriculum for the New Tech Network, is confident that project-based learning can happen without much technology. But use it right, he adds, and technology can change the “tone” of the classroom in powerful ways. “It asks teachers to give up ‘the script’ for the classroom,” he says. Curtis sees technology shaping project-based learning in multiple ways. Flush with Funding, Flocabulary Will Let Students Write Their Own Rhymes. When y=mx+b, b is the y-intercept, you’ll see.

Flush with Funding, Flocabulary Will Let Students Write Their Own Rhymes

M is the slope, the rise over run. They’ll wait until we stop, but that day will never come. Our #PBL assessment tool ensures that your projects are on track. Get it here => #pblchat. 6 tips for making the most of PBL. Twenty Tips for Managing Project-Based Learning. In honor of Edutopia's 20th anniversary, we're producing a series of Top 20 lists, from the practical to the sublime. 20 Tips for Managing Project-Based Learning 1.

Twenty Tips for Managing Project-Based Learning

Use Social Media One of the best ways to document collaboration and engage students with technology is use social media platforms like Edmodo. Patricia Mancilla (@PmMancilla) Matthew Arend (@matthew_arend) Hashtag #etwinedu sur Twitter. Short-Term Engagement vs Enduring Engagement □□□ (Recap of #1QEdChat by @MrsDale_Edu) #edchat #elearning #edtech. Viewer - Learning Designer.