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I'm off again for another work trip, this time to open this store. I'm totally excited but once again, don't have a lot of time to post on this little blog. But… love forever: Where to Find Me Next Week love forever: Where to Find Me Next Week
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Merry Christmas! This is one of the sweetest “tellings” of the birth of Jesus that I’ve ever watched by the St. Paul’s Church in New Zealand. Fashion Blog Where fashion and the Conscious Consumer collide. - Part 2 Fashion Blog Where fashion and the Conscious Consumer collide. - Part 2
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poppytalk How fun is this new collaboration with Domestic Construction and Brooklyn-based rental company, Pantina? We here at Poppytalk have been a fan of Domestic Construction for years, and so when we heard now that you can rent some of their designs —we were all ears! And what a fun collection. From a romantic cabana to rope-coiled stools, check out what all you can rent for your next event, photo shoot, store display or hey, wedding! It's a killer-collab! Here's a sneak peek below, and check out Patina's site HERE for more.
This is a new series called - "Morning BEAUTY Routine" - it's all about what YOU put on your face every morning. For me, it's pretty simple, although my husband would disagree. He always wonders why I have so many beauty products. Then like most men he asks me, "Do you really need all this stuff?" My response is "no, but you never know when it will come in handy." I normally buy 2 different eye creams & although this Estee Lauder is my current fave (which I got for free), I also really love the Revitalizing eye-cream by Restorsea.


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Just a Year Ago... Just a Year Ago... **update** We moved from this house to a new one (another fixer upper in September of 2012) so here's the story of our last home... (No after pics of the new house yet ;) ;) ... Just a year ago we moved into our new {70s} home.
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mackapär Nu är det så mycket nytt och fint i print shoppen så jag tycker vi ska tävla lite, för att fira liksom. Valfritt print från i max 30x40cm i potten. Skriv i en kommentar vilket du skulle vilja vinna och var du skulle hänga det, så är du med. Lätt som en plätt! Tävlingen är öppen fram till söndag kväll. Nu- mästerkockarna, ett av väldigt få program som jag ser, av någon anledning.
Already one month and half in Bali and I love it (specially as I can go to Singapore)... But what I miss is a big nice office. We always want we don't have... I was luck to visit Ty Mattson studio last year, and it was really inspiring... and he brings it to another level... It present it well, so just have to quote him : a selection of graphic projects a selection of graphic projects
Artichoke Mixed Book Page Pendant Light : Grassrootsmodern Artichoke Mixed Book Page Pendant Light : Grassrootsmodern And the award for best DIY lamp shade EVER goes to....Allison Patrick of Zipper 8 Lightning. A recent graduate from architecture school, Allison decided that she would "start a design firm making cool stuff". The result is a whole collection of amazing lighting like the Artichoke Mixed Book Page Pendant Light shown above.
My house is much like a person; in that it is filled with plenty of quirks and faults, but I am determined to love it regardless. That doesn’t mean that I can’t find ways to improve it however…and the simplest and most dramatic way that I’ve found to do that is with the magic of paint. After moving in last Spring, I started dreaming of two easy paint-related mini makeovers that I wanted to try. So when Valspar Paint got in touch and asked if I would like to use their paints on any upcoming home paint projects, I jumped at the opportunity. The two projects I decided to take on were:

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Home - Creature Comforts - daily inspiration, style, diy projects + freebies


A big thank you to Edward Tufte for sponsoring this week’s RSS Feed. EDWARD TUFTE, PRESENTING DATA AND INFORMATIONChicago, April 14, 15 San Jose, May 5 San Francisco, May 7, 8, 9 Bethesda, June 3 Arlington, June 5, 6 Seattle, Portland, Denver, August EDWARD TUFTE, THE THINKING EYE Lecture at University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign, Foellinger Auditorium, April 10, 7pm EDWARD TUFTE, THE COGNITIVE ART OF FEYNMAN DIAGRAMS Art exhibit at Fermilab Art Gallery, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL, April 15 – June 26 swissmiss