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<a href=" Marketing Agency</a> A leading digital marketing and technology agency that creates personalized experiences across all digital touchpoints by focusing on the customer journey.

Data Driven Experiences with Sitecore 8 xDB. One of the main objectives of digital marketers is to extend exceptional digital experiences to prospects and customers across channels and devices to generate more conversions and advocacy.

Data Driven Experiences with Sitecore 8 xDB

Providing personalized experience across interactions is not easy as it needs collection and assessment of large sets of information. In today’s changing digital technology paradigm, marketers are keen to reduce their dependence on IT. One of the ways in which they can do so is through data driven Insights about customers on/for: What is my customer looking for? Way to quickly filter and present information to shorten conversion cycle Target content based on customer/visitor behavior Identify the places where my customers interact with my digital properties. Thinking.edynamic. Question for marketers at wealth management firms - do you have a coherent digital marketing approach yet?


With the increasing demand for relevant and timely communications to customers across their lifecycle - from acquisition to retention and service to renewals - marketers need tools that enable them to meet this demand. "A survey of approximately 140 wealth managers around the world, found that approximately 75 percent of wealth management customers indicated that they would like more interactive multi-channel offerings. Few organizations, however, currently have such offerings, and only 25 percent of wealth managers provide customized advice online. " - Overcoming the digital dilemma in Wealth Management, BCG Perspectives This is where marketing automation technology helps firms create a truly personalized, omni-channel experience by segmenting its customer base, leveraging all known data, and providing tailored messages regardless of the channel preference. - Managing their funnels.

Sitecore CMS implementation best practices. A Content Management System (CMS) is important to your website (and business) for a variety of reasons starting from content authoring and management features.

Sitecore CMS implementation best practices

Today, I am talking about Sitecore CMS. Having evolved a whole lot in the last couple of years, it now offers advanced features like analytics, personalization, campaign management and more. How can you get the best out of Sitecore? Begin with building a strong foundation starting with the architecture of the website. Templates are the starting point for Sitecore architects who analyze the site’s requirements, break it down to the basic tangible entities and then work to further understand the content structure of the final site.

Content Structure Once the templates have been created, you need to begin work on creating the content tree or the content architecture of the site. Content structure hierarchy in Sitecore can impact the performance of your site. Edynamic: A Global Digital Marketing & Technology Agency. Digital Marketing & Technology Insights: Blogs, Videos, eBooks and Webinars. Eloqua Implementation Services. Digital Marketing for Insurance. Edynamic integrated Sitecore’s web content management solution and delivered a brand new site in less than four months.

Digital Marketing for Insurance

Challenges:Aviva’s core objective was to reposition the website as a key engine for branding as well as customer, agent and employee acquisition. Their aim was also to ensure an enriching best-of-breed experience that completely revitalizes the Web journey of their end users. Previously, Aviva was using IBM WebSphere Content Manager (IWCM) as a CMS. However, some of the challenges they faced included: Difficulty in using a dated version of IWCM Lack of training for IWCM internally to use and manage the CMS Challenges in customizing and/or developing new features and applications on IWCM Bandwidth and infrastructure requirements were too high to maintain the website Solutions: Working with Sitecore partner, edynamic, the evaluation process was a comparison between IWCM, Sitecore, Ektron and Oracle among others.

Digital Marketing for High Tech Companies. Edynamic successfully migrates the website of a High Technology Company to Sitecore CMS, while adding five international regions to it.

Digital Marketing for High Tech Companies

The short timeline and other challenges were accomplished using an innovative approach to deliver the project in record time. Requirements Main objective of this project was to drive more lead flow to streamline the global demand generation process. The original website was based on static PHP files with limited content management abilities International regions did not have regional websites Two thousand pages of content needed migration and translation into five languages Solutions edynamic’s architected solution included: To deliver on time and reduce potential risks, content migration and translation workstreams were performed early in the project.

Integrated Marketing Technologies. Digital Marketing for Law Firms. Edynamic delivered an industry leading site that engages audience and communicates the value proposition of the brand. edynamic created a website for a combination of three leading law firms SNR Denton, Salans and Fraser Milner Casgrain. edynamic was engaged to deliver a website that positions the new firm as an industry leader.

Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Requirements:The requirement was to deliver new websites for Dentons in the US, UK, Middle East and Africa, Europe, Asia and Canada using a CMS platform. Sitecore CMS Implementation Partner. Background Vertafore, the leading provider of connected technology and information solutions to the insurance industry in North America, has been working with edynamic as their digital partner since 2011 on Sitecore and Eloqua programs.

Sitecore CMS Implementation Partner

Marketing Objectives Vertafore wanted improved user experience for their prospects and customers. They also wanted to empower their marketing users to do better with their website, analytics insights, content marketing and campaign support. Having been using Sitecore CMS for their website since 2010, the idea of moving to Sitecore 8.0 to meet their objectives seemed a perfectly feasible thought. Moving to Sitecore 8.0 To benefit from the advanced browser support, reporting and analytical features of Sitecore 8.0, Vertafore commissioned edynamic to upgrade their website from Sitecore 6.2 to Sitecore 8.0. edynamic thread-bared the existing Vertafore website and came up with a seamless upgrade to Sitecore 8.0 solution. Summary.