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553366. 553366. Phobias. Phobias worksheet. Giving advice worksheet. Unit 21. Reading Comprehension - 'Learning English' Read the text and choose the best answer for each question.

Reading Comprehension - 'Learning English'

Today, millions of people want to learn or improve their English but it is difficult to find the best method. Is it better to study in Britain or America or to study in your own country? The advantages of going to Britain seem obvious. Firstly, you will be able to listen to the language all the time you are in the country. Happiness snip away worksheets. BBC World Service. Secrets of a Happy Brain: Reading Comprehension. The human brain remembers negative experiences more easily than positive ones.

Secrets of a Happy Brain: Reading Comprehension

Our brains have developed this way because threats, like dangerous animals, had a more immediate effect on our ancestors’ survival compared to positive things like food or shelter. As a result, you likely know what makes you unhappy, but do you know what makes you happy? Penelope Cruz. Penelope Cruz is a beautiful Spanish actress and Oscar winner.

Penelope Cruz

She is in more than 40 films and Vicky Christina Barcelona is one of her best films. It is about two young Amercian women in Barcelona and the director is Woody Allen from New York. It is a brilliant film and is now available on DVD. Giving directions. English Language Listening Library Online: Learn from over 800 activities. English Listening Exercise - Advanced Lesson 3 - Learn English Online. ELLLO Views #30 Early Bird or Night Owl. Jeannie, The United States I am definitely a night owl.

ELLLO Views #30 Early Bird or Night Owl

I can stay up all night and be fine but getting up early in the morning is always painful for me. with my current job, I always have to get up really early, but I still can't manage to get to bed before 1 o'clock in the morning. Jim, England I used to be a night owl when I was a student, staying up until about 4 o'clock in the morning, writing essays, drinking lots of coffee but I'm finding as I'm getting older, I can't do it. New inventions. Presenter: Welcome to ‘Tech-Today!’

New inventions

This week it’s National Science & Engineering Week, so to celebrate we asked Jed our science correspondent to give us a round-up of new inventions.Jed: Hi, yes, I’ve got some very interesting things to tell you about today, starting with a fun one. Wing-suits, those suits that look like bats and allow people to fly, or glide, at least. They’re the ultimate in cool.Presenter: But, they’re not very new, are they? Jed: Well, no, but the modern ones are better than ever and last October was the first ever world championship in China. The price is coming down, too.