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74563 Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers

74563 Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers

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Lanternfish ESL: Lesson for Adult Classes The Odd One Out Game: Students look at a list of four items and decide which is different. They must give a reason. Everybody holds their answer up at the same time. My That's English!: Listening test: Natural disasters In this week's listening task we are going to practice the heading-matching kind of task. Listen to some people talk about their experience of natural disasters and choose the sentence A-H which corresponds to each of them. There are two sentences you do not need to use. Five Senses Christmas Poem By – Elaine Engerdahl Children will understand the concept that the use of their five senses is important in their daily lives.Children will gain a better understanding of phonemic awareness by being introduced to the rhymes within the poem.Children will be able to apply what they have learned through reading the poem and the related follow-up activities. Overhead transparency or chart paper to display My Five Christmas Senses PoemPowerPoint or projector (optional) MY FIVE CHRISTMAS SENSES POEM I see the Christmas tree And children on Santa’s knee I smell the cookies I make And the Christmas cake I hear bells ringing And children singing I taste the Christmas sweets And all the other treats I feel the Christmas toys Made for girls and boys WE LOVE CHRISTMAS Lesson Plan: The teacher will present the poem My Five Christmas Senses Poem for shared reading.

The Coronavirus: What We Need to Know “Wuhan Coronavirus: A respiratory virus has spread from China to at least a dozen other countries, including the U.S. Here’s what you need to know.” R. C. Rabin, The New York TimesESL Voices Lesson Plan for this post with Answer Key Travelers at a train station in Yichang, China, about 200 miles from Wuhan. Credit- CHINATOPIX, via Associated Press Excerpt: What Is the Coronavirus?

First conditional – grammar explanation for learners of English First conditional is very similar to time clauses. However, I would say that first conditional is easier than time clauses. First conditional is used if we speak about two possibilities in the future. After the conjunction IF we use present simple tense and in the other clause we use WILL. You can see the explanation in the mind map below and then you can try a quiz to practise this simple grammar.

Used to Oliver: Where’s Mum? Daisy: I don’t know. She called earlier and said she’d call back. Game "Secret Agent" - ESL worksheet by Jandri Other games worksheets: 100 ESL GAMES Level: elementary Age: 3-17 Downloads: 2954 101 ELT GAMES! 15 pages of communicative activity ideas! Level: elementary Age: 6-100 Downloads: 2824 GAMES COLLECTION for your English lesson Level: elementary Age: 6-17 Downloads: 2235 How to teach second conditional Conditionals scare students to death. They seem complicated and difficult to understand. But as I explain, they only seem to be like this. In fact, they are quite simple and easy to comprehend.

Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plan on Happiness BNE: Australians are the happiest people in the world. This is according to a new survey from the market research company GfK NOP. Interviewers asked 30,000 people in 30 different countries about their levels of happiness. Forty-six percent of Australians said they were “very happy”. Following them was the USA (40 percent), Egypt (36 percent), India (34 percent) and the UK and Canada (32 percent).