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Passive Voice: Intermediate & Advanced Exercises (and Explanation) - English Current. English Grammar: The Passive Voice & When to Use It (ESL/EFL) In English, the subject of a sentence is usually an actor that is doing an action.

English Grammar: The Passive Voice & When to Use It (ESL/EFL)

For example: The boy broke the window. In this sentence, the boy is the actor who did the action (breaking). The object of the sentence (the window) is what receives the action. The sentence is about the subject (the boy), which is more important than the object of the verb (the window). This is an active sentence, which is also called the active voice. Worksheet: The Passive Voice in Newspaper Headlines (Intermediate ESL) Newspaper Headlines – Active or Passive?

Worksheet: The Passive Voice in Newspaper Headlines (Intermediate ESL)

Headlines in newspapers are very short. They usually do not include punctuation, articles, and auxiliary verbs. Business English Grammar Suppose 2 - English Grammar Secrets. ‘Supposed to be’ can be used to mean ‘it is said/believed’.

Business English Grammar Suppose 2 - English Grammar Secrets

The new James Bond movie is supposed to be excellent.He is supposed to have been rude to Mark but I don’t believe it.It is supposed to be the best restaurant in town. 66 FREE January Worksheets for Your ESL Classes. Welcome to our January worksheets category where every ESL teacher will find tons of free printable January worksheets.

66 FREE January Worksheets for Your ESL Classes

Everything you see here is free and can be downloaded and used in your English lesson. Whether you're looking for a simple crossword or something more complex for a higher level learners - we got everything! Please let us know about your experience using our worksheets by coming back and leaving a comment, or simply rathing the worksheets you have tried with your classes. We would also appreciate if you could contribute, too - by submitting your own January worksheets! Our focus in the January worksheets section is primarily on winter, winter vacation, New Year’s Day and the Chinese New Year. Contracts: ESL/EFL Lesson Plan and Worksheet. Cool English. In a clothes shop: ESL/EFL Lesson Plan and Worksheet. At the clothes shop: ESL/EFL Lesson Plan and Worksheet.

Festivals - (fire and light etc)

Thanksgiving. Science. Maths (CLIL and general language) English in real life situations. Here are ideas for using films in the classroom so students can see English applied in real-life situations.

English in real life situations

When playing a video, you do not want the students just sitting around like vegetables. You must integrate the students into the lesson. They always learn better when actively engaged in the process and not spoon-fed. Get the students to do the work. Pre-Class Task Ask students to each find a movie trailer and come up with three questions about the trailer. The first question must be a language question, such as what does the man say before he pulls out his weapon? The second question is an observational one, like what color is the dress, what kind of dessert did the couple share?

C2 english

Appositives: When Do They Need Commas? Appositives are nouns that rename other nouns.

Appositives: When Do They Need Commas?

(Remember that nouns are words that name people, places, things, or ideas.) They can be made of one word or more than one word. Learn English with these 11 free podcasts ‹ GO Blog. We’re living in a digital era; at a time when everything from ordering groceries to learning new skills is highly accessible and convenient.

Learn English with these 11 free podcasts ‹ GO Blog

This is especially true for language learning. Now you can improve your English with just a couple of taps – all you need is your phone, laptop or computer, and good internet connection. Whether you’re jogging or commuting, podcasts are a great way to get a better grasp of any foreign language. They’re the perfect way to complement your language classes and pick up some new vocabulary during your commute or workout. To get you started, we’ve rounded up 11 of the best podcasts for English learners of all levels. Elementary-level podcasts Learn EnglishLet’s start withLearn English – a fantastic podcast from the British Council.

Aptis (British Council)

Lesson plans. Grammar. Pasado perfecto continuo: la explicación que te sacará de dudas. A veces en inglés cuesta un poco aplicar los tiempos verbales en el contexto adecuado, pues son fácilmente confundibles.

Pasado perfecto continuo: la explicación que te sacará de dudas

El pasado perfecto continuo puede ser uno de ellos. Si no quieres hablar como los indios cherokee de los westerns más cutres, debes entender bien cada tiempo verbal. Subject and object questions: ejercicios para practicar. Hay muchas formas de clasificar los tipos de pregunta en inglés.

Subject and object questions: ejercicios para practicar

Uno de ellos es según la información que deseemos obtener. Así podemos dividirlas en preguntas de sujeto y preguntas de objeto, es decir, en las que preguntamos quién realiza la acción y en las que preguntamos cualquier otra información. Grammar City: FREE GRAMMAR BOARD GAME.

Cambridge English

General English - Games. The Princess Who Never Smiled (Reported Speech Practice) - English ESL video lesson. ESL skit for first and second conditionals - I'm bored! *Hello ESL English teachers, Happy summer holidays for many of you!

ESL skit for first and second conditionals - I'm bored!

Here's a skit from my new book of ESL skits for teens. This skit drills first and second conditionals. Use it with any group size from one to fifteen teens. If you have a student one on one, just alternate lines. Teens walking together, one kicks a tin, another turns in circles a couple of times.

Vocabulary building

OUP English File Students Site. Context developing activities. The purpose for the L2 vocabulary is to be stored in much the same way as L1, which has two significant implications: learners do not access their L2 lexicon by means of translating and so can save processing time while improving their fluency and L1 does not interfere and so the target language produced is more native-like. It is easy to observe that there is a whole area of functional language, usually in the form of fixed expressions or sentence frames, which is impossible to acquire on productive level unless learners have developed their own independent mental lexicons in L2. The reason is clear-cut. These items cannot be efficiently accessed through the process of translating from L1 to L2. LISTEN & LEARN. 15 fun activities for Present Simple/Present Continuous. The best way of teaching the present tenses is to compare and contrast them. These ideas will show you how to do the even more difficult task of combining them in practice activities, all of them done in simple and entertaining ways.

There are many well-known and fun activities for the Present Continuous, such as ones involving miming and ones using pictures of crowded street scenes. There are also quite a few things you can find in photocopiable activity books for the Present Simple, such as timetables where students have to fill the gaps in by asking each other questions. However, by far the easiest and clearest way of showing the meanings and uses of the Present Simple and Present Continuous tenses is to contrast them. Perhaps the main reason why this approach isn’t used more in the classroom is that it can be difficult to find speaking and writing activities with a natural mix of the two tenses. Food in the UK Lesson Plan. 15 games for the language of describing people. 1. Blind date quiz show One person asks questions of 3 to 4 students, who should answer about the person on the photo they have.

The person who asked the questions should then decide who would make the best date, and after being shown the photos of the one they rejected will finally be shown […] 1. Blind date quiz showOne person asks questions of 3 to 4 students, who should answer about the person on the photo they have. 8 Engaging ESL Activities for Teaching about Travelling. Engaging ideas and activities revolving about the topic of travelling coming right up! These are some of the activities I have been doing with my upper-intermediate students. I thought I might share them with you, in case it saves you some time. I have split the activities into two days as some of the activities in Day 2 require studying the vocabulary introduced in Day 1. 8 Engaging ESL Activities for Teaching about Travelling. 10 February Themed Language Building Activities.

Tongue twisters

34 FREE Tongue Twisters Worksheets. “She sells sea shells by the seashore!” “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers!” And the ever-famous, “Toy boat! Deja que el ritmo te lleve: una introducción al ritmo en inglés. Punctuation Rules. Punctuation rules can confuse the best of us. When do we use semicolons? What are the rules for commas? When do we use apostrophes and quotation marks? Use this guide to help you! ESL Lesson Plans & Activities – Get Up. Get Out. Get Lost. Prepositions in English Grammar. Speaking cards. Nana's ESL Classroom (nanasclassroom) on Pinterest.

How to Make Your Own Mad Libs. Assessment objectives. Assessment objectives (AOs) are set by Ofqual and are the same across all AS and A-level English Literature specifications and all exam boards.

Christmas activities

Lista de verbos irregulares en inglés (con PDF y pronunciación) Primary kids stuff. 10 Fun Games for Reviewing English Numbers. No Prep Grammar: 7 Past Simple Exercises. Past tense worksheets, question formation, ESL printables to download for free. English worksheets for grammar introduction, free printable grammar worksheets and grammar explanations for language classes. What Are Phrasal Verbs? Pronunciation. Teaching schwa. Basics and phonics. The Best Videos Documenting The History Of The English Language. There are quite a number of decent videos documenting the history of the English language, and I’m trying to figure out how to use them in my IB Theory of Knowledge class. Ideas are welcome. Phonics Step 1 Vowels and Their Short Sounds. (19 unread) - unspunstory - Yahoo Mail.

Trinity English

Phonics First Curriculum – Genki English. Giving Directions ESL Activities Games Worksheets. ESL songs etc. Two simple pairwork activities to reinforce young learners’ vocabulary. Personalised sentence matching game. Word Stress Intersect: Pronunciation Game. Words on cards: not just for beginners, not just for kids. Auld Lang Syne & Grammar. Board games with cards for kids learning English. 15 fun Present Perfect activities. Food. Taxonomy term. Taxonomy term. Learning English. Content Frame. Exams systems etc. The Best Scaffolded Writing Frames For Students. Six Word Stories. Narrative Tenses: Where were you when…? Regrets, I’ve had a few… Regrets, I’ve had a few… A few discussion activities for English language students. ESL Speaking Activity: Red and Black Game. Lección de inglés: The Gerund and Infinitive. How to Teach Phrasal Verbs. Active Listening: Using Times Videos, Podcasts and Articles to Practice a Key Skill.