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Language and grammar

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Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals. PRESENT PERFECT/ SIMPLE PAST. Cancel.


Downloadable lesson materials - elt-resourceful. 36 Questions to fall in love Level B1 upwards Skills: speaking and listening Language: Question forms (including slightly more complex B1 forms) elt-resourceful-36-questions-to-fall-in-love A free downloadable lesson, particularly suitable for Valentine’s Day, but usable at any time of the year, about 36 questions which might make you fall in love.

Downloadable lesson materials - elt-resourceful

The lesson starts by discussing different views of love, before the students read a short text, giving the background to an experiment where strangers asked these questions to see if they would fall in love. The students then watch a video of two strangers getting to know each other by asking these questions, and see how they become closer as the interview progresses. There is then a focus on question forms, looking at some slightly more complex questions. Downloadable lesson materials - elt-resourceful. Find Open Textbooks – BCcampus OpenEd Resources. Hair Colour for Hairstylists: Level 2Author(s): Arden Magtiza, Vancouver Island UniversityUpdated: Feb 19, 2021Description: This manual serves as a guide for apprentices with the desire to stretch beyond their foundational colour knowledge and skills so as to reach a higher level of competency.

Find Open Textbooks – BCcampus OpenEd Resources

This text will walk the stylist step-by-step through many current and advanced techniques used in the industry today. Accessible Elementary Algebra - 2e (OpenStax)Author(s): Lynn Marecek, Santa Ana College, MaryAnne Anthony-Smith, Formerly of Santa Ana College, Andrea Honeycutt Mathis, Northeast Mississippi Community CollegeUpdated: Feb 10, 2021Description: Elementary Algebra - 2e is designed to meet scope and sequence requirements for a one-semester elementary algebra course. The book’s organization makes it easy to adapt to a variety of course syllabi. The text expands on the fundamental concepts of algebra while addressing the needs of students with diverse backgrounds and learning styles.

Bukta rating efl written perf. Tools for Corpus Linguistics. Tools for Corpus Linguistics. The Wild West: Butch Cassidy. Untitled. Cohesion and Coherence. Introduction Every writer wishes to make their points clearly to their readers, with pieces of writing that are are easy to read and have logical links between the various points made.

Cohesion and Coherence

This coherence, this clarity of expression, is created by grammar and vocabulary (lexis) through cohesion. This is the "glue" that joins your ideas together to form a cohesive whole. In this Learning Object we are going to focus on how this is done, in order to assist you when you come to write your next assignments and in your reading. In reading, if you understand how the author makes connections within the text, you gain a better understanding of his or her message.

Before starting the activities, you can obtain an overview of how best to use this Learning Object, using a Screencast (with audio), by following this link Overview. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy.


Practice the Passive Voice with scenes from TV shows. Untitled. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy.


Untitled. Past Tense/Perfect Tense Cloze Links.


Untitled. English learning resources. Level 410 — Intermediate. Untitled. ESL/EFL reading activities/lessons for ESL teachers. : Consulta documentos. Elementary English Reading Exercise - The City of Liverpool. Online Dictionaries. Well-Known English Dictionaries Largest free online dictionary and audio pronunciation Your Dictionary The #1 Online Dictionary gives you definitions, thesaurus entries, spelling, pronunciation, and etymology results Cambridge International Dictionaries Online dictionaries of English, idioms, and phrasal verbs Merriam-Webster Dictionary A free online dictionary, thesaurus, audio pronunciation, word games, and word of the day Newbury House dictionary Over 40,000 entries with simple, clear definitions, and a wealth of sample sentences and idioms Vocabulary The world's fastest, smartest dictionary: Start typing a word and you'll see the definition Idioms and phrases Over 7,000 idioms current in British, American and Australian English Learn how to pronounce words Search for a word and watch the videos of real people naturally speaking the word.

Online Dictionaries

Lesson 2: Comparatives and Superlatives. Movie Worksheet:World Knowledge Quiz (Comparatives and Superlatives) Comparatives and Superlatives - World Knowledge Quiz. Basic English. Writing in English for University. Elementary English Course (MOOEC) Learn Foreign Language. Writing what you know - OpenLearn - Open University - A215_1. In order to obtain a good sample. The Man Was Robbed! Tips on When Using Passive Voice is a Good Thing. Active & Passive Voice - Scholarly Voice - Academic Guides at Walden University. The APA 6th Edition, Section 3.18, indicates that writers should use the active voice for clarity (APA, 2010, p. 77).

Active & Passive Voice - Scholarly Voice - Academic Guides at Walden University

Writing in the active voice means the subject of the sentence clearly performs the action that the verb expresses. APA stresses using the active voice to make it clear to the reader who is taking action in the sentence. The reason is that the use of passive voice often makes it difficult for the reader to determine who is taking the action of the verb. In addition, the active voice stresses that the actor (or grammatical subject) precedes the verb, again, putting emphasis on the subject. The order of words in a sentence with active voice is subject, verb, object. Example: I conducted a study of elementary school teachers. Generally, in scholarly writing, with its emphasis on precision and clarity, the active voice is preferred. How to Teach the Passive Voice – While Being Active! ESL Activities, Using English Songs, Music Activities for TEFL Teachers. Fun Games For ESL - ESL Printable, Interactive Fun Games Pronunciation & Intonation: Teach English pronunciation using printable worksheets, IPA Charts, and more>> Speaking Activities: Using these worksheets, you can get a number of communicative activities going.

ESL Activities, Using English Songs, Music Activities for TEFL Teachers

Science Museum. 74563 Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. ESL/EFL reading activities/lessons for ESL teachers. Level 330 Grammar Topics. Reported Speech Practice: Pre-Intermediate Level. Use reported speech to tell someone what another person said e.g.

Jack told me he played tennis. If the reporting verb is in the past, the reported clause is in a past form.This form is usually one step back into the past from the original, eg. "I play the piano. " → She said she played the piano. BBC Learning English - Course: The Experiment / Unit 1. BBC Learning English - Course: lower intermediate / Unit 22 / Session 2 / Activity 1. Future Tenses - Exercises - Lingolia English. Display incorrect answers Choose the correct verbs, using each tense once.Future I (will or going to), future II, simple present or present progressive The train at 11:20.time set by a train schedule → simple presentWait!

I you.spontaneous decision → future I (will)As we want to get better marks in English, we harder in the future.planned action for the future → future I (going to)Josh to the cinema with his friends tonight.set appointment in the near future → present progressiveI am afraid they everything by the time we arrive.action that will have been completed by a certain point in the future → future II Complete the sentences for situations in the future. The Future in English - Exercise 2. Future Tenses in English. Formación de palabras para el Use of English del First de Cambridge. Use six different tenses in English.

Students often learn just one piece of grammar in a lesson. Most of them master that day’s subject and move on to the next. But, when the time for revision comes, they often don’t remember what they’ve learnt. For example, two weeks ago my class encountered an exercise in which several tenses were revised. How to Form and Use the Third Conditional. The third conditional is the most feared grammar point I know. Students of English think that it’s hard to form and understand. Therefore, when they start learning the grammar they are paralysed with fear.

And as a result, they fail to learn it. How to teach second conditional. Conditionals scare students to death. They seem complicated and difficult to understand. But as I explain, they only seem to be like this. In fact, they are quite simple and easy to comprehend. In this post I will try to keep things as simple as possible. I will deal only with one type of conditional – the second conditional. First conditional – grammar explanation for learners of English. Lanternfish ESL: Lesson for Adult Classes. The Odd One Out Game: Students look at a list of four items and decide which is different. They must give a reason. BBC Learning English. Coherencia y cohesión en el discurso académico Ejercicio de Inglés. La coherencia y la cohesión son dos características esenciales del discurso académico. Por coherencia (coherence) entendemos la existencia de un hilo conductor que vincula todos los argumentos o las ideas que constituyen el texto. Por ejemplo, en un texto argumentativo, los argumentos que constituyen el cuerpo del texto están relacionados con la tesis expuesta en la introducción (más detalles en la lección Como escribir un texto argumentativo en inglés.

La coherencia del texto se manifesta, entre otros, en la repetición de palabras clave y el uso de sinónimos para evitar redundancias. La cohesión de un texto (cohesion) es una característica de la forma y no tanto del contenido del texto. Se trata de los medios lingüísticos que se utilizan en un texto para establecer relaciones lógicas entre ideas y/o partes del texto. Free Online English Lessons and Exercises. Present simple exercises. Simple Present Exercises. Emma's and Markus's daily routine. At the airport - Listening. Present Simple worksheet. Present Simple Interactive worksheet. Simple Present - 3rd person -s in Singular.