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Facebook Twitter - StumbleUpon. Use Your Pantry To Create Your Own Makeup (Infographic) Here at MindBodyGreen, we're all for natural, green, organic makeup.

Use Your Pantry To Create Your Own Makeup (Infographic)

But did you know that government restrictions are VERY lax and basically undefined when it comes to ingredients and labeling on beauty products? According to this excellent infographic from our friends at, there are only 10 banned chemicals in the U.S. (compare that to 1,400 in the E.U.), and even brands labeled as natural may contain non-natural ingredients. If this makes your daily swipe of blush unappealing, we don't blame you. Luckily, there's a solution to your green beauty dilemma: your kitchen! Photo Credit: Shutterstock. Homemade Coconut Oil Beauty Products - The Exhausted Mom - StumbleUpon. Finding beauty products that are made with natural ingredients is a difficult task.

Then when you find the products, they tend to be on the pricier side. Coconut Oil has many uses beyond a product to cook and bake with. It can be used as an oil for a wooden cutting board, a leather cleaner and protector, and for beauty products. Get your Coconut Oil! Did you know that if mixed correctly with other natural products, you can make homemade coconut oil beauty products? When making your homemade coconut oil beauty products, you need to be able to store them. These jars are perfect for your homemade beauty products. And don’t forget to label them! Labels for jars. DIY: This Baking Soda Shampoo Saved My Hair - StumbleUpon. Did you know that baking soda is an incredibly easy way to clean your hair?

DIY: This Baking Soda Shampoo Saved My Hair - StumbleUpon

Yep, the rumors are true. What shocked me even more than the fact that this actually works is how much better my hair began to look when I started using baking soda compared to traditional shampoo! I’m a complete DIY gal when it comes to my beauty routine and I’m always on a mission to reduce my exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, so I was psyched that this method gave me such great results. You might be wondering: what's so bad about regular shampoos? Well, they can contain a lot of harmful ingredients. Sodium Sodium Lauryl Laureth Sulfate DEA/Diethanolamine Parabens Fragrance The word fragrance might not sound so bad, but on a label, it can mean the presence of over 4,000 separate chemical ingredients.

There are lots of great natural brands of shampoo that don’t contain these ingredients, but as my short hair began to grow, it became really limp and flat due to the rainy weather here in Seattle. DIY Projects from Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen. 60 Beauty Products You Should Make Yourself and Stop Buying. You can save a bundle on beauty products when you make them on your own at home.

60 Beauty Products You Should Make Yourself and Stop Buying

Some of these recipes show you how to use simple ingredients that are low cost, while others show you how to stretch out high-quality ingredients so they last longer, saving you money that way. 1. Coconut Oil Honey Hair Mask Coconut oil and honey combine to make a mask that your hair won’t soon forget.

The richness of the coconut oil, combined with the antibacterial nature of the honey give this a consistency that feels amazing while applying it, and leaves your hair feeling amazing. 2. This scrub will keep you feeling refreshed with the scent of lemon combined with the pine-like smell of tea tree oil. 3. Stop buying expensive acne treatments and put Mother Nature to work on your breakouts. 4.

Keep your skin looking great all summer long with this lotion specifically designed for the warmer months. 5. Natural Face Masks - It Works Body Wraps. Homemade scrub for acne skin with coffee and honey. This Homemade scrub for acne skin with coffee grounds and honey is part of a mini series of homemade acne skin care products I’m trying right now.

Homemade scrub for acne skin with coffee and honey

There are a couple more I’m giving a try in an attempt to keep my acne at bay. I find that with regular use and proper skin care routine the results are quite satisfactory. You can never expect spectacular results when dealing with acne, unless you’re willing to use a very invasive treatment based on chemical products and medicine which is not an option for me. If you like pampering yourself, making and using this homemade scrub for acne skin with coffee grounds and honey is just the right thing for you.

The honey is always beneficial to your skin through its disinfectant as well as moisturizing properties. Homemade scrub for acne skin with coffee grounds and honey 1 teaspoon of olive oil1 teaspoon of coffee grounds1 teaspoon of honey (organic is best - Organic Raw Oaxaca Honey (1 Lb) – $11.89 from: Abe’s Market)1 teaspoon of lemon zest. Homemade Beauty Recipes.