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Natural Ways To Treat Under-Eye Circles And Puffy Eyes. Sleep and relaxation are important components to overall health and well-being.

Natural Ways To Treat Under-Eye Circles And Puffy Eyes

From improved memory to optimized heart health to increased creativity, the benefits are absolutely endless. But it’s not always that easy to get the amount of sleep we need each night – and sometimes it can show on our faces in the form of under-eye circles and puffy eyes. While the best cure is of course to treat the root cause, here are some natural, topical fixes for sleepy eyes… for the nights when proper sleep doesn’t fit itself into the plan. Potatoes Potatoes contain a natural skin-lightening enzyme called catecholase, which can help diminish dark circles under your eyes. Mint leaves Applying mint leaves to the eye area causes a tingling sensation, which increases blood flow to the area and can help dark circles fade away.

Honey Mask reviews on 4 Easy Ways To Help Your Face Overnight. Winter really takes a toll on our skin.

4 Easy Ways To Help Your Face Overnight

It cracks, flakes and chaps as we are met by cold and windy weather. Primp Tip: Get Iced. These hot days of summer might be coming to an end, but I recently read about a pretty cool beauty tip that I wanted to share with you… The idea is to give yourself an “ice cube facial massage.”

Primp Tip: Get Iced

It may not sound that particularly pleasant, but running an ice cube over your face has a lot of benefits for your skin. Besides giving your face a dewy, glowing look, the frosty cubes will help to smooth your complexion by combatting fat cells, ease wrinkles, fight acne, and promote blood circulation that will help heal blemishes. By simply massaging your face with ice cubes for a minute or two before bed, you will essentially be giving yourself a mini facial. (Just be sure to wrap the cubes in a paper towel, or a baggie as suggested by member Tiffani Stuart, because applying them directly to your skin can cause delicate blood vessels to break.) For an added “ahh” to this spa-inspired treatment, try freezing your cubes with watermelon, lemon, or rose.

Hannahfyed: St. Ives Apricot Scrub vs. Green Tea Scrub. The well-known St.

hannahfyed: St. Ives Apricot Scrub vs. Green Tea Scrub

Ives Naturally Clear Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub ($3, 170 g) was recently joined by St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub ($5, 133 g). Both are oil-free exfoliators with similar claims: the Apricot Scrub claims to prevent blemishes and clean pores while the Green Tea Scrub claims to clear breakouts and reduce redness. The Green Tea Scrub costs $2 more and has 40 g less product. How do the two products compare? Drug Facts The notable difference in ingredients between the two scrubs is that the Apricot Scrub has 2% salicylic acid while the Green Tea Scrub has 1%. Scent The Apricot Scrub has a fresh, woodsy apricot scent. 5 Ways to Clean Your Face Without Soap. Confession: I regularly break the ‘always wash your face before bed’ rule.

5 Ways to Clean Your Face Without Soap

Soap left my skin feeling dry and tight, and I rationalized not using it because I wear very little makeup. Eventually it dawned on me that the soap I’ve been using since high school probably wasn’t the best fit for my skin. Not knowing what to use, I gave up on cleaning altogether and just started slathering my face with coconut oil. At first, I was sure a major outbreak would come from the oil, but, lo and behold, my skin felt awesome. DIY Matcha Facial + Salted Cream Body Scrub. Using Geisha beauty secrets that date back centuries, this matcha facial and salted cream body scrub will rejuvenate your skin without needing a drop of nightingale poo (or any other unsavory traditional ingredients).

DIY Matcha Facial + Salted Cream Body Scrub

My curiosity for all things Geisha started when I visited Japan on a student exchange.Part of me was stunned by the lengths these living artworks went in the name of beauty and another part of me wanted to know all their secrets. Yes, apparently the Geishas used nightingale poo to exfoliate the skin, but I suspect it might hold the world record for being the worst-smelling beauty treatment of all time, so I prefer to use other options.

Green tea, on the other hand, is all-round awesome. It is seriously one of the best things to put on our faces in summer. Skin Brightening Toner. I love everything skin and especially when it comes to making and trying new skin care recipes. A few weeks ago (after giving up with the toner I was currently using) tried a new toner recipe and since then have been, dare I say, in love with it. Ingredients: 1/2 Cup Lemon juice 1 Cup Water 2/3 Cup Witch hazel (can purchase at any drug store) Plastic bottle or jar Facial toner recipe for those with normal to dry skin. *For oily skin add 2 Tablespoons Alcohol* STEP ONE: Mix ingredients in a bottle or jar. STEP TWO: Cleanse skin with facial cleanser and rinse.

STEP THREE: Apply toner with a cotton pad, sweep upward and outward over entire face and neck. STEP FOUR: Apply moisturizer.