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Domain Suggestion Tool - TechCrunch. Pivotal Tracker. Startup Lessons Learned. Help a Startup Out. Answers OnStartups. PartnerUp. Share Ideas. Collaborate. Get Noticed. Andrew Chen (@andrew_chen) Venture Hacks - Good advice for startups. Startups.


RoadTrip. BrainDump. OutRated. Younggrowth.pdf (application/pdf Object) Vacay. ToyShare. Development Orgs. Ways to get 100 potential customers for $5 a day - Gabriel Weinb. In my interview with Eric Ries we talked about the five dollars a day tactic where you get 100 potential customers coming to your site every day (for $5) and run experiments on them. Someone commented asking: Could you please write a blog post how you'd use reddit, stumbleupon or other web tools to generate the 100 customers a day.