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Mac Gems of the Year: 2010 Review. Mac Gems of the Year 2010.

Mac Gems of the Year: 2010 Review

4593-Imperial-Code. How to Turn Your PlayStation 3 Into a Linux PC. (Photograph by Jeffrey Westbrook/Studio D) The Cell processor inside Sony's PlayStation 3 is a powerhouse that lets the gaming console render highly detailed graphics at blistering speed.

How to Turn Your PlayStation 3 Into a Linux PC

That same chip gives the PS3 all the processing muscle it needs to become a fully functional computer. Cracking WPA FAST with video cards. Synergy - Welcome - Synergy. An installation by Aaron Zinman. 100 Websites To See Before You Die (Part 1)

Here at Maximum PC, we've always done our fair share of website recommendation articles--including a couple of doozies from the past few years.

100 Websites To See Before You Die (Part 1)

And of course we're not the only ones who do this sort of article either; it's a proven popular format. Free HTML to PDF Converter, Web to PDF Converter. Mac Software for Advanced OS X Users: 70 Apps. Early in August, we helped to get you started with your Mac by introducing 50 Essential Apps for OS X Beginners.

Mac Software for Advanced OS X Users: 70 Apps

Today, we will take you to the next level with an incredibly comprehensive list of 70+ apps geared towards advanced users. These apps are a mix of free and paid for software, and in order to provide you with as much information as possible, we’ve included multiple apps for similar tasks if available. The Usability of Passwords (by @baekdal) #tips.

Security companies and IT people constantly tells us that we should use complex and difficult passwords.

The Usability of Passwords (by @baekdal) #tips

This is bad advice, because you can actually make usable, easy to remember and highly secure passwords. In fact, usable passwords are often far better than complex ones. So let's dive into the world of passwords, and look at what makes a password secure in practical terms. Update: Read the FAQ (updated January 2011) Update - April 21, 2011: This article was "featured" on Security Now, here is my reply! MLIN - My Life Is Nerdy. The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit & Guide. Dropbox, the app we all (at least many of us) know and love, has a plethora of advanced uses to make life so much easier in managing data between multiple computers and online.

The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit & Guide

We’ve posted several roundups of tips and tricks for Dropbox and now we present our ultimate toolkit and guide. We’ve pulled all our tips and tricks together and added quite a few more. Additionally, share your Dropbox tips and tricks and we’ll update the list to share the fun with everyone. How To Recover Data From Scratched Or Damaged Dvds/Cds. One of my favorite TV shows is The office.

How To Recover Data From Scratched Or Damaged Dvds/Cds

I love that show but it also takes up a lot of the hard drive space, with each episode of 350MB. I clutter my hard drive space due to this show, and that’s just this one show, not including other shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Supernatural. So, naturally I burn the shows onto DVDs, as it’s a cheap and easily accessible way to store data. But the only problem is the fact that CDs or DVDs aren’t invulnerable to all types of damage, and in fact, even a small finger print or scratch can make a DVD/CD player not able to read the disk. If you try to copy/paste the file on the damaged disk onto a computer, you usually get an error saying the file is corrupted, or damaged. Method 1: CD Recovery Toolbox CD Recovery Toolbox Free was developed for recovering damaged files CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray etc.

50 Mac Apps With Well Designed & Sexy Interfaces. November 19th, 2009 50 Mac Apps With Well Designed & Sexy Interfaces Ever since the roundup of 21+ essential iPhone apps with sexy interfaces crashed my hosting server (!) Your World of Text. The Hacker Manifesto. By +++The Mentor+++ Written January 8, 1986.

The Hacker Manifesto

BrowserMarketShare. Best. Bar. Ever. - Mona's Posterous. QDB: Quote Database Home. Social Music Reinvented. Handcrafted internet radio. 15 Web Alternatives to Popular Desktop Software. Web applications have come a long way. They used to be amateur imitations of their desktop counterparts, with only one or two functions and not at all practical. But my, have these web apps grown.

Web apps these days have become so powerful and useful that in some cases, they’ve begun to replace desktop software. Desktop programs are great and all, but they don’t provide the same benefits as web apps that make use of cloud computing. With most web apps, you only need a browser and an internet connection to access all your data online. Without further ado, here are some great web alternatives to the popular desktop programs we all love. Sliderocket Replaces: Microsoft PowerPoint SlideRocket Sliderocket is a fully functional presentation web app that allows you to create, manage, edit, and share presentations on the fly. Replaces: Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Acrobat is a suite of web applications by Adobe that replaces your office suite. Super OS X menubar items. Essential Mac OS X applications. Things Mac OS X.


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