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Eric Milou.

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Elementary Blogs. Great tools. PARCC Resources & Practice. Dan Meyer's Three-Act Math Tasks. Andrew Stadel 3-Act Math Tasks. Transforming Mathematics Education in an iPad Paperless Classroom. F(t) Dy/dan. Robert Kaplinsky - Glenrock Consulting. Math Mistakes « Vi Hart.

Happenings from my real-life 21st-century mathematics classroom. Texas Math 8 standards provide students with a firm foundation of linear concepts and slope-intercept form.

Happenings from my real-life 21st-century mathematics classroom

Additionally, my Math 8 kiddos just wrapped up a polynomials enrichment unit. With this in mind, I felt like they had a solid background to ensure success with generalizing patterns algebraically. What better way to do this than with “Visual Patterns”! I’m pretty new to using “Visual Patterns” with students, and in the past, I didn’t feel like I introduced these very well. Estimation 180 - Home. 101questions. Math = Love.

Ramblings of a HS Math Teacher. Reason and Wonder – Better through reflection. Simplifying Radicals. Finding Ways. We provide teachers and students with mathematics relevant to our world today … Mr. Orr is a » Mr. Orr's Math Page @ JMSS. Maths Teaching Resources. 3 Acts - Embrace the Drawing Board. Emergent math. Proportion Play - Home. MEDIAN Don Steward secondary maths teaching. When Math Happens. Agree or Disagree? - Home. Asking students to choose their own path and justify it. Carnival of Mathematics. Infinite Sums. Vertical Asymptote. I have no idea why I picked this blog name, but there's no turning back now.

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