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Latin learning / practice

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THE ADLER LATIN AUDIO COURSE | Latinum on Patreon. The Latinum Course is an online multi-level and multi-media Latin course, that has been growing steadily since Evan started creating it in early 2007. The Adler Course forms part of a larger suite of materials to help you reach Latin fluency, the Latinum Audiobook Catalogue. The core of the course is Adler's Practical Grammar of the Latin Language, which took Evan der Millner two years of full-time labour to produce as a stand-alone audio course - vastly expanding the material in an already comprehensive textbook of Latin. If you want to master Latin, Adler's course as presented by Latinum is all that you will require. Some students have found that the Adler Audio Course is a good companion course to Ørberg, or their school or university course. You can use Adler alone, or combine it with any other Latin course. Why an audio course for a dead language?

Each of the 97 lessons is in 3 parts: ( except for the first four lessons, which follow a slightly different arrangement) 1. 2. 3. Where Catholics Learn Latin. Stone—Translation of Alcuin's De virtutibus et vitiis liber. On the Linguistic Benefit of Prayer in Latin. [Guest Post by Benjamin Turner, M.D.] — Latinitium. What is Latin Prayer? The Latin habit of prayer is impossible to define precisely, because the time allotted to prayer differs so much between people.

For many, Latin prayer will be limited to the weekly Mass. At the opposite extreme, traditionally-minded monks such as those at Norcia in Italy, Le Barroux in France, or Clear Creek in Oklahoma, rise before dawn to spend half their waking hours praying in Latin. They sing roughly the whole 150 psalms in a week, besides daily Masses, private prayer, and blessings of fields, meals, beer, trucks, and pretty well omnia quae moventur in terra.

For one example of something in the middle, my own habit (well, when I’m behaving myself) includes: Weekly Mass, with Gregorian chant whenever possible. Daily Prime (morning prayer) and Vespers (evening). Daily reading of the Regula Sancti Benedicti, about five minutes. Grace at meals, a few minutes. Reading of religious books in Latin, time variable. Discipline How does such a habit help one to learn Latin? Publications of the Familia Sancti Hieronymi. COURSE ON THE LIVING LATIN LANGUAGE, Second Edition, Emended and Enlarged, by Father Suitbert H. Siedl, of St. John of the Cross, O.C.D. One volume with twenty-six compact discs. [U.S. $102.22 plus $7.05 postage and handling, and U.S. $27.75 P & H to Canada.]

Compact discs in Latin containing LECTURES FROM THE CENACULUM FAMILIÆ SANCTI HIERONYMI GENERALE, held at the Vallombrosa Center, Menlo Park, California, July 27 — August 1, 2015 [U.S. $6.50 for each CD]: Andreas Meszaros : Familiaritas cum Lingua Latina : Opus Est ut Per Se Lingua Latina Patefiat. Compact discs in Latin containing LECTURES FROM THE CENACULUM FAMILIÆ SANCTI HIERONYMI GENERALE, held at the Visitation Monastery, Mobile, Alabama, July 31 - August 5, 2014 [U.S. $6.50 for each CD]: Andreas Meszaros: De Recitatione et Mysteriorum Meditatione Rosarii Mariani, Orationis Contemplativæ. OPUSCULA OMNIA SANCTI FRANCISCI ASSISIENSIS. ADMONITIONES [Adm] [Cap. I: De corpore Domini] 1Dicit Dominus Jesus discipulis suis: Ego sum via, veritas et vita; nemo venit ad Patrem nisi per me. 2Si cognosceretis me, et Patrem meum utique cognosceretis; et amodo cognoscetis eum et vidistis eum. 3Dicit ei Philippus: Domine, ostende nobis Patrem et sufficit nobis. 4Dicit ei Jesus: Tanto tempore vobiscum sum et non cognovistis me?

14Unde: Filii hominum, usquequo gravi corde? (Ps 4,3). 15Ut quid non cognoscitis veritatem et creditis in Filium Dei (cfr. Joa 9,35)? [Cap. 1Dixit Dominus ad Adam: De omni ligno comede, de ligno autem scientiae boni et mali non comedas (cfr. [Cap. 7Si vero praelatus aliquid contra animam suam praecipiat, licet ei non obediat, tamen ipsum non dimittat. 8Et si ab aliquibus persecutionem inde sustinuerit, magis eos diligat propter Deum. 9Nam qui prius persecutionem sustinet, quam velit a suis fratribus separari, vere permanet in perfecta obedientia, quia ponit animam suam (cfr.

[Cap. [Cap. [Cap. [Cap. [Cap. I. OPUSCULA OMNIA SANCTI FRANCISCI ASSISIENSIS. Ecclesiastical Latin Resources. Summers are an excellent time to undertake concentrated language learning, both for high-school, college, and graduate students who tend to have more free time in summers, and for working adults who wish to make something special of their vacation times. Summer language learning allows one to focus almost exclusively on the language in question while being free of most other demands and distractions.

In particular, those who wish to acquire a speaking knowledge of a foreign language will benefit from the immersion or near-immersion context in which several summer language learning programs operate. Setting aside summer programs such as the University of Kentucky (which I have not attended, but of which I hear good things, and which seems to specialize in Classical Latin) there are currently two major, week-long, summer programs for developing one's speaking ability in Ecclesiastical Latin, namely, the Cenaculum sponsored by the Family of St. Bottom line: both programs are terrific. Ecclesiastical Latin Resources. Ecclesiastical Latin Resources.

COMMENTARIUS LITTERALIS, HISTORICO-MORALIS IN REGULAM S. P. BENEDICTI: CUM ... - Augustin Calmet. COMMENTARIUS LITTERALIS, HISTORICO-MORALIS IN REGULAM S. P. BENEDICTI: CUM ... - Augustin Calmet. Latin Verbs. Latin Verbs. Word Study Tool - Numen - The Latin Lexicon - An Online Latin Dictionary - A Dictionary of the Latin Language. Word Study Tool - Numen - The Latin Lexicon - An Online Latin Dictionary - A Dictionary of the Latin Language. The Latin Library. - Great Books on G'Oogle and Internet Pharrchive. Great Books Available from Google Books, the Internet Archive and Elsewhere This list began as something I posted on textkit, but I have reproduced and expanded it here. Initially this was a list of books I had found on Google Books, but I have since added many books from other sources, especially Maybe I'll even update this list every now and then... Since I wrote this for members of textkit, I didn't bother to include its own extensive collection of pdf files of classical books.

If you are not familiar with that site, you should definitely explore all it has to offer. Thanks: Many of you have emailed me additional links or posted them to textkit. Note: For some reason, Google does not make all of its pdf books available to computers from outside of the US and Canada. Final Note: These are just links, I don't have any of the actual files here. Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum. <div id="noScript" class="warning"><p><i class="fa fa-exclamation-triangle" aria-hidden="true"></i> JavaScript Required</p><p>In order to ensure the proper functining of this website, please enable JavaScript in your browser security preferences or use a device that supports it.

</p></div> Use the “Quick search” if you want to search for all documents within the whole archive where words matching or containing the searched string are found. For more specific queries (phrase searching, operators, and filters), visit the full Search page. The Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum (TML) aims to give free access to and make searchable every known Latin text on music from the late antiquity to the seventeenth century, in multiple editions and in transcriptions from original sources. The TML has been compiled from public domain and copyrighted materials. Translate and Parse Latin Words - Latin-English Dictionary. Medieval Latin Online (University of Oklahoma) Zoo Index for the Bestiaria Latina. Accipiter agnus alauda amphisbaena anas anguilla anguis anser antalops aper apis aquila araneus ardea aries asinus aspis assida ballaena basiliscus boas bonnacon bos bubo bufo caladrius camelopardalis camelus cancer canis caper cassita castor catoblepas cattus centaurus cerastes cervus cetus chameleon cicada ciconia cignus cinnamulgus cochlea coluber columba concha cornix corvus corydalus coturnix crabro crocodilus cuculus culex cuniculus delphinus draco dromedarius eale echeneis echinus elephas epopa equus ericius feles fiber formica formicoleon fulica gallus glis graculus grus gryphon halcyon hercynia herinacius hinnulus hippopotamus hircus hirundo histrix hyaena hydra hydrus iaculus ibex ibis ichneumon irenaceus iuvencus lacerta leo leopardus leucrota lepus locusta lupus luscinia lynx manticora meles merula milvus mirmicoleon monoceros mulus mus musca musio mustela noctua olor onager onocentaurus ovis rana remora rhinoceros unicornis upupa ursus.

A copious and critical English-Latin dictionary : Smith, William, Sir, 1813-1893. Langues :: Bibliothèque Saint Libère. Vita Christi, Ludolphus de Saxonia - Biblioteca dell'Archiginnasio. De_musica. THESAURUS MUSICARUM LATINARUM School of Music Indiana University Bloomington, IN 47405 (phone: [812] 855-5471; Bitnet: Mathiese@INDIANA; Internet: PL 63: 1167-1300 [1167] ANICII MANLII SEVERINI BOETHII: DE MUSICA LIBER PRIMUS I Musica naturaliter nobis esse coniunctam, et mores uel honestare uel euertere. Omnium quidem perceptio sensuum, ita sponte ac naturaliter quibusdam uiuentibus adest, ut sine his animal non possit intelligi.

Sed non aeque eorumdem cognitio ac firma perceptio animi inuestigatione colligitur. Illaboratum est enim quod sensum percipiendis sensibilibus rebus adhibemus. A first Latin reader: with exercises : Herbert Chester Nutting. Word Study Tool - Numen - The Latin Lexicon - An Online Latin Dictionary - A Dictionary of the Latin Language. Ecclesiastical Latin Resources.