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Havocscope – Black Market Information and Intelligence. Nuts and Bolts: “Thought” Verbs. In six seconds, you’ll hate me.

Nuts and Bolts: “Thought” Verbs

But in six months, you’ll be a better writer. From this point forward – at least for the next half year – you may not use “thought” verbs. Craft Essays. 36 Writing Essays by Chuck Palahniuk 36 exclusive craft essays on writing you won't find anywhere else online.

Craft Essays

The knowledge here is equivalent to what you'd get in an MFA program. The Blogger’s Guide to Unleashing a Manifesto (or, How to Attract 7,986 More Visitors to Your Blog in 5 Days) Last week I launched the manifesto 18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures.

The Blogger’s Guide to Unleashing a Manifesto (or, How to Attract 7,986 More Visitors to Your Blog in 5 Days)

I released the guide for free, with no opt-in or anything required. It’s simply a PDF download that is freely available to anyone who stops by. Why the hell would I release 13,000 of the most important words I’ve ever written for free? I got that question from a lot of readers last week. Free Writing Classes in Streaming Video. Class One - The Story Mind 1.

Free Writing Classes in Streaming Video

Introducing the Story Mind. Free Downloads for Writers - Writing Novels, Books, Screenplays & Screenwriting. Copyright Melanie Anne Phillips - Owner, Storymind.com, Creator Storyweaver, Co-creator Dramatica Write Your Novelor ScreenplayStep by Step!

Free Downloads for Writers - Writing Novels, Books, Screenplays & Screenwriting

Go from concept to completion with this interactive story development software!. Just $29.95 InteractiveIndex Cards For novelists and screenwriters - organize your story materials and design your timeline!. Dear Ms. Meyer, Please Write Better. Dear Ms.

Dear Ms. Meyer, Please Write Better

Meyer, Greetings. I am Kitty, ambassador of the Hive, and I come in peace. Why Don't YOU Go Write A Bestselling Novel? I thought that was pretty stupid actually, and I do love to laugh at certain things at Twilights expense (Team Khaki!)

Why Don't YOU Go Write A Bestselling Novel?

But that wasn’t funny, it was the same old “oh your prose is too PURPLE!” Argument people have against the writing. Which is fine, whatever, you don’t have to like that style of writing, but if Smeyer is so awful then THEY can go out and write their own damned best-seling novel showing how THEY think vampires should be. Sorry, I wasn’t amused =/ -Twifan on IMDB after reading my article (emphasis mine)

Suggestions To Mr. Paolini. Dear Pristopher Chaolini, Hi there.

Suggestions To Mr. Paolini

I noticed ever since Eldest you seem to be quite bored with your “cycle”. Quotes. Myth & Moor: Writing in blood. "As a child, I read because books–violent and not, blasphemous and not, terrifying and not–were the most loving and trustworthy things in my life.

Myth & Moor: Writing in blood

I read widely, and loved plenty of the classics so, yes, I recognized the domestic terrors faced by Louisa May Alcott’s March sisters. But I became the kid chased by werewolves, vampires, and evil clowns in Stephen King’s books. Mchkez1ciJ1rqhj8xo1_500.jpg (500×333) The Office of Letters and Light Blog. Twine: a tool for creating interactive stories. Columbia University School of the Arts.

15-Apr-2014 New York, NY, April 15, 2014—Columbia University School of the Arts Writing Program graduate Vijay Seshadri (’88) has won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, for his book, 3 Sections. 14-Apr-2014 New York, NY April 14, 2014—Seven members of the Columbia University School of the Arts community were among the winners of the 2014 Guggenheim Fellowships.

Columbia University School of the Arts

I Write Like - StumbleUpon. Handwriting tips. You’ve decided you want to improve your handwriting and you’re probably hoping a fountain pen will do the trick -- maybe a friend told you it would. Maybe you’re just adventurous and you want to try your hand at calligraphy (or you might, once your handwriting improves). Good for you! A fountain pen may make your writing look a bit better, but if your writing looks as if frenzied chickens got loose on the page, chances are this won’t be enough.

Most likely, you’ll need to retrain your arm and hand. Last Name Generator - The Random Surname Generator! Jump down to the Generator Thinking of surnames can be a tedious task, whether the last name is for a character in a fictional book, game or for an alias. I am guessing you are here because you are an author and have found it difficult to think of a good surname. Putting the 'Prod' in Productivity. Introducing Write or Die 2 Write or Die is an application for Windows, Mac and Linux which aims to eliminate writer's block by providing consequences for procrastination and, new to this version, rewards for accomplishment.

Historically Write or Die has specialized in being the stick in the carrot/stick motivation continuum, but it's time to experiment with encouragement. Please play with the user interface, check out what new options are available, then read this quick intro. I hope you enjoy the new features. DarkCopy - Simple, full screen text editing. Six Word Stories. Letters to crushes: #57660. Seven great writing quotes from seven great American writers. Ernest Hemingway once said “All American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn. There was nothing before. There has been nothing as good since.” Eight Secrets Which Writers Won’t Tell You. Image from Flickr by Lazurite This is not particularly relevant to the post, but I’m getting an awful lot of comments telling me, often a little snarkily, “it’s ‘THAT’ not ‘WHICH’”.

The “don’t use which for restrictive clauses” rule comes (as far as I can tell) from Strunk and White. Beautiful Word Clouds.