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Le Bitcoin : la monnaie virtuelle qui devient réelle - Nicolas Doze. Top bitcoin exchange freezes, arbitrarily shuts down, proving you will not be able to get out of bitcoin when you want to. What's Riskier Than Bitcoins? Bitcoin Companies. Let’s say you believe that the price of gold is going to go through the roof (as opposed to where it has been going lately: the basement).

What's Riskier Than Bitcoins? Bitcoin Companies

To capitalize on that belief, do you run out and invest in mining or smelting equipment companies? Or do you just buy gold? (You buy gold.) But that’s just where angel investors and venture capitalists are putting cash—and stirring hype. Whom do you trust: Bitcoin or Bernanke? For those following Bitcoin, this interview with Gavin Andresen, the 46-year-old lead software developer for the Bitcoin project in today’s Wall Street Journal should be of interest.

Whom do you trust: Bitcoin or Bernanke?

Bitcoin vs. Ben Bernanke “The chief scientist for the digital currency talks about its appeal—and pitfalls—in a world of fiat money.” States Put Heat on Bitcoin. La monnaie virtuelle bitcoin flambe, mais menace de s'effondrer. Lancé par un programmeur anonyme il y a quatre ans, le bitcoin valait à l'origine quelques centimes.

La monnaie virtuelle bitcoin flambe, mais menace de s'effondrer

Mais la barre des 20 dollars a été dépassée début 2013 et le cours a encore flambé ces dernières semaines pour afficher une équivalence à 250 dollars. Welcome to Kreuzberg, Berlin: The Neighborhood with the Highest Bitcoin Concentration on Earth. Fascinating article out today from the Guardian about the Kreuzberg area of Berlin, which has the highest density of businesses accepting Bitcoin in the world.

Welcome to Kreuzberg, Berlin: The Neighborhood with the Highest Bitcoin Concentration on Earth

The associated video at the top of the article is also a must watch, as it becomes readily apparent how excited both the merchants and the customers are about using this free market currency. I am completely convinced that the more people learn about Bitcoin and use it, the more exponential its adoption will become. My favorite line from the video comes at the very end from Joerg Platzer, owner of the bar Room 77: “Every day we do not start using a free currency like Bitcoin, we actually actively vote for the current system to continue.” From the Guardian: Olivier Delamarche : Le Bitcoin, une alternative à l'euro ? Bitcoin Explained. La crypto-monnaie a-t-elle un créateur ? Qui en est le mystérieux créateur (ou la mystérieuse créatrice) du Bitcoin ?

La crypto-monnaie a-t-elle un créateur ?

Sur ce point, comme d’autres sur l’euro, le Tryangle spécule. Commençons par rappeler quelques-unes de ses caractéristiques. How a bitcoin transaction works. Bitcoin Explained. Iterations: How Five Real Economists Think About Bitcoin’s Future. L'essor du Bitcoin : Gonzague Grandval et Christian Parisot dans Good Morning Business - 15 avril. Bitcoin: the fastest growing currency in the world - video.

Monnaies virtuelles, mondes réels. Un des effets les plus inattendus et les plus intéressants de la crise chypriote aura été de mettre en lumière le rôle que commencent à jouer, et que joueront de plus en plus, les monnaies virtuelles, dans la formidable évolution de la finance moderne, pour le meilleur et pour le pire.

Monnaies virtuelles, mondes réels

Créées depuis plus d’une vingtaine d’années, leur premier rôle était de permettre d’attribuer des biens spécifiques, rendus disponibles par des programmes de fidélités ( des miles) ; puis, de permettre à un joueur de jeu vidéo d’acheter des armes pour un jeu de combat ou des accessoires pour un jeu de construction . Ces monnaies virtuelles peuvent être obtenues en récompense de progrès dans le jeu ou en en acquérant auprès d’un vendeur, contre de la monnaie réelle. Ce qui se joue cette semaine avec l’une d’entre elle, le bitcoin, est particulièrement intéressante. Ces monnaies ouvrent cependant à deux dérives dangereuses, qu’on connait déjà pour le reste du système financier: Silk Road: the online drug marketplace that officials seem powerless to stop. Mark Johnson* rifles through his mail as he gets home from work.

Silk Road: the online drug marketplace that officials seem powerless to stop

Among the usual bills is a small padded envelope. Though it doesn't have his name on, it's the package he's most interested in: inside lie two grams of, he hopes, relatively pure MDMA. Johnson has no idea who has sent him the envelope: he has never met his dealer, and never will. Bitcoin is in hyperdeflation. Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal covers the still-soaring price of Bitcoin – which has now broken $100 – and puts an interesting spin on the situation: the Bitcoin economy is now suffering hyperdeflation.

Bitcoin is in hyperdeflation

He writes: So a few weeks ago, a pizza might have cost you one Bitcoin. Today it might only cost you a fifth of a Bitcoin, which sounds great, but then if you're looking at the above chart, why would you spend anything? Why would you buy a pizza (or pot or anything else) when tomorrow your Bitcoin will be worth more? With this kind of chart, you'd be insane to do anything but hoard your coins.So yes, all the hype is great for some folks in the ecosystem, but ultimately there's a reason that over time, government prefer to see their currency slowly depreciate.

Avril 2013

Octobre 2013. Novembre 2013. 2014. On The Money-ness Of Bitcoins. Submitted by Nikolay Gertchev of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Bitcoins have been much in the news lately.

On The Money-ness Of Bitcoins

Against the background of renewed concerns about the integrity of the euro zone and the imposition of capital controls in Cyprus, the price of a bitcoin has tripled over the last month and reached more than $141 for 1 BTC. Are we witnessing the spontaneous emergence of an alternative virtual medium of exchange, as some would put it? This article offers an answer to this question by considering three aspects of the economy of bitcoins: their production process, their demand factors, and their capacity to compete with physical media of exchange. The Production of Bitcoins. Le Bitcoin, la monnaie virtuelle qui surfe sur la crise. Bitcoin 2012 London: Richard Stallman. Cryptocurrency.

When the virtual currency bitcoin was released, in January 2009, it appeared to be an interesting way for people to trade among themselves in a secure, low-cost, and private fashion.


The Bitcoin network, designed by an unknown programmer with the handle “Satoshi ­Nakamoto,” used a decentralized peer-to-peer system to verify transactions, which meant that people could exchange goods and services electronically, and anonymously, without having to rely on third parties like banks. Its medium of exchange, the bitcoin, was an invented currency that people could earn—or, in Bitcoin’s jargon, “mine”—by lending their computers’ resources to service the needs of the Bitcoin network. Once in existence, bitcoins could also be bought and sold for dollars or other currencies on online exchanges.

Silk Road

Golden Cyberfetters. Virtualcurrencyschemes201210en. Bitcoin currency value reaches record high of $147 before plunging down. Bitcoin's usefulness is its lack of the need for a central bank. Photograph: Zach Copley/Flickr/CC The value of individual Bitcoins has hit a record high of almost $147 as interest in the cryptographic currency, which has no central issuing bank, has exploded. Though the value fell back later on Wednesday to $117, the value of all Bitcoins in circulation is approaching $1.4bn. Both the volume being traded and the amounts being paid have suddenly risen, apparently as interest in the system has been spiked by the banking crisis in Cyprus – which had the spillover effect of making people in some southern European countries worry that their banking deposits might not be safe. Some are thought to have converted that money into Bitcoins, driving a rapid rise in the apparent value of the "coins" – actually cryptographic solutions to complex equations.

Avec Bitcoin, payer et vendre sans les banques. Bitcoin. The Demographics Of Bitcoin. With the growing popularity and perhaps relevance of a globally decentralized currency system in a world adrift in fiat devaluation death-matches, it is perhaps interesting to understand just who these Bitcoin'ers are? The ongoing survey of Bitcoin users (here) has some intriguing results already: The 'average Bitcoin user' is male (96%), 32.7 years old, libertarian / anarcho-capitalist (37%), non-religious (61%), with a full time job (43%), and is in a relationship (56%). The biggest motivation for new users are curiosity, profit, and politics; and 39% of users do not drink, smoke, gamble, or take drugs. Just over half of users have mined bitcoins and the greatest community fear for Bitcoin is “regulatory/legal intervention” followed by ”reputation problems”. Overall more people seem to find Bitcoin intellectually rewarding (70% have learned more about cryptography) than socially rewarding (22% have made friends).

"What In The World Is A Bitcoin?" Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog, Earlier in the week, we wrote about an Argentine car rental agency that had started accepting Bitcoins as a means to bypass local capital controls. We received a lot of questions about the article, the most common of which was “What in the world is a BITCOIN?” Let’s start by looking at our current monetary system. In most countries, a small tiny banking elite exercises total control over that nation’s money supply.

And we’re just supposed to trust them to be good guys. US Begins Regulating BitCoin, Will Apply "Money Laundering" Rules To Virtual Transactions. Last November, in an act of sheer monetary desperation, the ECB issued an exhaustive, and quite ridiculous, pamphlet titled "Virtual Currency Schemes" in which it mocked and warned about the "ponziness" of such electronic currencies as BitCoin. Why a central bank would stoop so "low" to even acknowledge what no "self-respecting" (sic) PhD-clad economist would even discuss, drunk and slurring, at cocktail parties, remains a mystery to this day.

However, that it did so over fears the official artificial currency of the insolvent continent, the EUR, may be becoming even more "ponzi" than the BitCoins the ECB was warning about, was clear to everyone involved who saw right through the cheap propaganda attempt. Stellt die Geschäftstätigkeit vorübergehend ein. This 1998 Paul Krugman Column Perfectly Explains The Design Flaw At The Heart Of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Live Chart. Bitcoin - The Libertarian Introduction. ***Originally published in Freedom's Phoenix Magazine - April 13, 2012***Republish, copy, and distribute at will. What it is, how it's used, and why you should care. Erik Voorhees - April 11, 2012 "When a state currency is challenged, the state itself is challenged, and market forces move swiftly around sickly, depreciating inhibitors. " · Introduction. Bitcoin. Technology - Bits. A Start-Up Spirit, Without the 18-Hour Days| Sabrina Parsons is the chief executive of Palo Alto Software, a company founded by her father in Eugene, Ore.

She has tried to bring the focus of Silicon Valley to the company without its punishing lifestyle.