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Colloques et Conférences - Programmes. Espaces d'apprentissage et d'échanges des CFA de la région Centre. Collaboration entre l’Université Virtuelle de Tunis et le British Council  Gallica, bibliothèque numérique - Plus d'un million de livres et de documents gratuits.

EPI. Re.ViCa. Belgian Network for Open & Distance Learning - BE-ODL can help y. Atelier du web 2.0 - Culture numérique - Formation - Université. Franel. Teaching English Games. Page d'accueil. Page d'accueil de la Bibliothèque numérique mondiale. Europeana. Unisciel - Université des Sciences en Ligne. Open Course in Education Futures. Connectivism & Connective Knowledge. Week 9 is a conference week, focusing on Net Pedagogy. This will be a great opportunity to reflect on how social networks and networked technology impact how we teach and learn. We’ve lined up five excellent speakers for the week: Martin Weller Title: Is there a pedagogy of abundance?

Critical Literacies Online Course Blog. [Home] [Discussion] [Wiki] [The Daily Archives] [Blog] [Live Sessions] [Recordings] [About] December 10, 2010 PLENK 2010: Were You a Lurker or an Active Participant?

Critical Literacies Online Course Blog

NRC researchers would like to invite Active Participants in PLENK2010 to fill out a survey on their experiences in this Massive Open Online Course. Active participants include learners who actively contributions to discussion forums in the course Moodle, blogs, twitter, social networking sites, and in the sharing and production of artifacts. The Active Participant Survey can be found here. A Private Universe. 1.

A Private Universe

A Private Universe This video brings into sharp focus the dilemma facing all educators: Why don't even the brightest students truly grasp basic science concepts? Interviews are held with high school students and Ivy League graduates asking them to explain what causes the seasons and the phases of the moon. Pédagothèque.be - Plateforme pédagogique.