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Facebook Twitter Atlanta Retail Space for Rent and Restaurant Space for Lease. Tap to Zoom Available Spaces Current Retailers Howell Mill Village - 98,165 SF Click here to downoad the latest version of Acrobat Reader free from Adobe.

Atlanta Retail Space for Rent and Restaurant Space for Lease

Howell Mill Village has highly trafficked restaurant, office and retail space in the Atlanta area. Contact us now about Howell Mill Village, to find restaurant and retail space for rent in Atlanta, GA or retail leasing wherever you want to be. The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Bootstrapping a Startup. Bootstrapping a Startup. 10 Essential Cloud Apps For SMBs. Online tools let you get going fast and pay as you go, two factors that appeal especially to SMBs.

10 Essential Cloud Apps For SMBs

From productivity to analytics, these 10 apps deserve your attention. 1 of 11 Cloud applications, software as a service, SaaS, hosted services--no matter what you want to call them, online tools have become a growing part of the technology mix at a wide range of companies. The typical pay-as-you-go, per seat model--with little or no up-front costs--can be particularly appealing to startups and other small and midsize businesses (SMBs) that need to acquire productive, scalable applications without crippling their budgets. While the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) analysis might look a little different at each company--and, contrary to some sales pitches, is not a slam dunk--SMBs are no longer beholden to traditional software licensing or hardware models.

Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive & alex.moskalyuk - StumbleUpon. Perform Everyday Tasks for Free. Elsies Thrift Tips. My sister, Emma, and I started thrifting together when I got my drivers license in high school.

Elsies Thrift Tips

There are several shops in our town that stay open until 9PM, so that is what we would do for fun several times a week. With absolutely no knowledge of vintage we collected dresses and accessories from the decades that we loved, the 1950s-1970s. We also collected little boys cartoon t-shirts from the 1980s and a pretty sweet collection of "hope chest" items like fondue pots and retro coffee mugs. We started thrifting because it was a way to be unique (something very important to our high-school-selves) and a way to stretch the small budget we had for clothing. Fast forward ten years and we still love thrifting. Thrifting can be overwhelming when you start out. This next tip can be a little tricky. The nature of thrifting is that you choose pieces you love from the most random assortment.

Sometimes you'll find a piece that could maybe work, but you aren't sure. 20 creative guerilla marketing campaigns - StumbleUpon. We are so overwhelmed with advertising everywhere that it becomes hard for creative agencies to make ads that stand out.

20 creative guerilla marketing campaigns - StumbleUpon

Guerilla advertising is a great way to make unusual, surrealistic visuals and situations that passers by will remember. 10 Ways To Promote Your Business With $5. Do you want to give your business a boost but you don’t want to spend a lot of money?

10 Ways To Promote Your Business With $5

Try out It is a very usefull website to promote your business. Essentially, it’s a marketplace where you can can sell and buy gigs that are priced at $5. Gigs range from doing video testimonials to sending out Tweets to writing a romantic sonnet. In this article I will sum up 10 examples of how to promote your business for only $5 by showing you some gigs that where posted on So, here we go: Adnagam will post a tweet of your choice to 33,000 Twitter followers for $5. Creative Advertising Archive &Community. The Rise and Fall of Advertising Media. Of all the venues marketers are using to get their message across, mobile marketing is the area that is experiencing an overwhelming increase.

The Rise and Fall of Advertising Media

The infographic below tells the complete story of the importance of mobile. Don’t believe it? Chew on this: users are spending about a minute on their average Internet session, but more than half that time on mobile sites—4.3 minutes in total! AgencyNet 2.0. CSS Cheat Sheet - StumbleUpon.

Nice and Free CSS Templates - StumbleUpon. Most creative and interesting advertisements for 2011. It is always said that first impression is the best impression so to grab public attention towards their products the agencies and the large conglomerates stick to the creative advertisements.

Most creative and interesting advertisements for 2011

These advertisement techniques and unique idea helps you to spread your product or services successfully. Whether the ad is about cars, cool drinks, electronics anything which you think off; with its hilarious and creative ideas will either impress you or makes you look twice. We will take you to an excursion into the world of stunning creative ads enjoy! About the author. The Sneaky Psychology Of Advertising. Both Sides of the Table - StumbleUpon. I’m going to increase my writing about sales & marketing in the near future.

Both Sides of the Table - StumbleUpon

I put a few posts up front that I have already covered in the Startup Series. But I will soon begin a discussion about sales methodologies. Stay tuned. 10 Marketing Tips for Startups Some Other Thoughts on Sales & Marketing. Explore more. Web pages, photos, and videos.