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New! Calendar And Voting Power-Ups Are Now On Trello Mobile Apps. Step aside coffee stained desk pad calendar of yesteryear: there’s a new date keeper in town.

New! Calendar And Voting Power-Ups Are Now On Trello Mobile Apps

The Big List Of Trello Chrome Extensions. One of the best things about Trello is that it is infinitely flexible for any kind of project, brainstorm, team workflow—or even (sorry, kids) a family chore chart.

The Big List Of Trello Chrome Extensions

Announcing Trello Power-Ups For All! We are excited to announce that Power-Ups are now available to all 16 million Trello users!

Announcing Trello Power-Ups For All!

Starting today, free and Gold users of Trello will be able to enable one Power-Up on each team board. That’s right: we’re talking Slack, Evernote, GitHub, Google Drive, Dropbox and all the other apps you rely on to keep your business moving forward. These tools can now be integrated right into your team’s Trello workflow. On top of that: Two new Power-Ups are here: Custom Fields and Card Repeater.Added Power-Ups from Intercom and Screenful.The original GitHub Power-Up now has GitHub Enterprise support. At this moment you are probably bursting at the seams with excitement, so let’s dig into the details.

Introducing Trello’s New Power-Ups Platform. A few months ago, we launched a brand new version of Trello Business Class with Power-Ups for tools like Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, and more.

Introducing Trello’s New Power-Ups Platform

These Power-Ups pull information and data from outside services directly into Trello, giving teams clear perspective on some of their favorite tools for work. Today we’re excited to announce the Power-Ups Platform, which enables developers to create Power-Ups of their own. Now, anyone can easily integrate with Trello or create their own custom features, either as public Power-Ups – available to the entire Business Class community – or as custom private Power-Ups for their own Business Class team. The sky’s the limit. Trello and Inbox by Gmail: Keep Your Email Notifications Excellent - Trello Blog. The time has come to bring a fresh perspective to your inbox, your Google Inbox that is.

Trello and Inbox by Gmail: Keep Your Email Notifications Excellent - Trello Blog

Tips For Managing A Remote Team. Remote work is everywhere, literally and figuratively.

Tips For Managing A Remote Team

Most likely your company already has some aspect of remote work— whether it’s full time remote employees, freelancers and consultants, or simply offering employees the ability to work from home every once in a while. Managing a remote team requires a digital toolset as well as an understanding of how the individuals on your team operate. It can be tough, but it can also be extremely productive considering normal office distractions aren’t around, and individuals can more easily get “in the zone.” I manage the Marketing team here at Trello, and we’re a remote bunch. It took a while to get our rhythm down, especially from a management perspective. The goal is to make sure everyone on the team feels connected and is productive. Here are some ways I keep my team from yelling S.O.S Remote First Mentality Ahoy Facetime Just a run of the mill remote meeting at Trello.

Our team meets three times a week. Avoid Information Asymmetry. How 15 Minutes Each Week Keeps Our Distributed Team Connected. How to keep your remote culture flourishing: the eternal quest.

How 15 Minutes Each Week Keeps Our Distributed Team Connected

Here at Trello, I am proud to say we do this with great success, borne out of a focus on continued growth. There are so many great things that come with a distributed company culture, and the accompanying growing pains can be addressed with some excellent solutions. Agile Roadmapping: How To Think Big, Ship Fast And Always Keep Moving. There’s only one thing that will get you anywhere in the tough world of product (and no, it’s not cool swag).

Agile Roadmapping: How To Think Big, Ship Fast And Always Keep Moving

The thing you need is real product vision. Because here is what’s happening to your team: A product enters a new market and sees some success. Then more products follow, making the space more competitive. That sparks a tendency to hunker down on whatever’s working, but not to really innovate. Instead of breaking ground in the industry at large, you (or your stakeholders) ask: What are our competitors doing?

Customizing Boards

Workflow. Premium. Connect Trello to anything. Subscribing to cards, lists, and boards - Trello Help. Looking for help getting started?

Subscribing to cards, lists, and boards - Trello Help

Check out our Getting Started Guide. Introducing Trello for Google Slides. Picture this: You’re strolling into the office on a lovely Tuesday morning humming a little tune when you look over at your colleague's desk calendar and… oh no, it’s Wednesday?!

Introducing Trello for Google Slides

If it’s Wednesday, then that means the presentation to the whole department is in 10 minutes, and that slide deck you were going make today was meant to be made yesterday. All this great work is already outlined right on your Trello board, if only there was a way to spin up a presentation on the fly... wait, now there is! Make A Slide Deck Out Of Trello Cards Introducing the new Slides integration for the Google Drive Power-Up.

New From Trello: Put Info From Pinterest, Amazon, Airbnb and More Directly On Your Boards. Apartment hunters, movie maniacs, Pinterest perusers, and cooking curators rejoice! Trello has a new feature that makes it easier to scour the internet and capture relevant links on a Trello board. Introducing two new drag and drop capabilities in Trello that quickly create cards. They’re simple, yet highly effective ways to create and curate links from all over the internet. Drag URLs To Make Cards. 8 Browser Extensions You'll Love If You Use Trello. We won’t tell you how awesome Trello is because you already know it.