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Changes to Evernote’s Pricing Plans. A lot has changed in the past year.

Changes to Evernote’s Pricing Plans

We’ve renewed our focus on the core of Evernote to deliver major updates on every platform, from a redesigned Windows application to faster note-switching on Mac, new camera features on Android to sketching on iOS. We’ve begun rolling out improvements to the note editing experience, with more updates coming later this year. And new integrations with Google Drive and Outlook make it easier to manage work across apps. These changes are exciting, but we still have a long way to go to deliver the Evernote we envision. Two things that won’t ever change are our commitment to making you as productive as you can be and running our business in as transparent a way as possible. Beginning today, the prices for our Plus and Premium tiers will change for new subscriptions, and access from Evernote Basic accounts will be limited to two devices.

For more information about these changes, See our FAQ » Building the Evernote of tomorrow. Introducing Evernote Plus and the new Evernote Premium. Premium models are tricky.

Introducing Evernote Plus and the new Evernote Premium

To make them work, you need to strike the perfect balance between price, function, and audience. From the start, we focused ourselves on building Evernote over devoting time and energy to pricing theory. We knew that premium offering wasn’t optimized for revenue, but there were always other things to think about. Over the past several months we’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the years and applied rigorous research to get our paid offering right. The process was eye-opening. Evernote BasicThis is our free, starter option. Découvrez Evernote Plus et le nouvel Evernote Premium - Evernote en français. Les modèles Premium sont délicats.

Découvrez Evernote Plus et le nouvel Evernote Premium - Evernote en français

Pour qu’ils fonctionnent, vous devez trouver le juste équilibre entre le prix, la fonction et le public. Dès le début, nous avons choisi de nous concentrer sur le développement d’Evernote plutôt que de consacrer notre temps et notre énergie à la théorie de la tarification. Nous savions que l’offre Premium n’était pas optimisée pour générer des recettes, mais nous avions toujours mille autres choses à penser. Ces derniers mois, nous nous sommes appuyés sur tout ce que nous avons appris au cours des dernières années et nous avons mené des recherches approfondies pour proposer l’offre payante idéale. Ce processus nous a ouvert les yeux. L'enregistrement des emails dans Evernote deviendra une fonctionnalité payante. E-mail EN. Vous pouvez transférer n'importe quel e-mail directement dans Evernote.

e-mail EN

Cela permet de faciliter le stockage de vos réservations de voyage, annonces e-mail, rapports hebdomadaires automatisés ou quoi que ce soit d'autre transmis par e-mail. Retrouver votre adresse e-mail Evernote Vous pouvez trouver votre adresse e-mail Evernote dans les Infos compte ou les Paramètres. Elle ressemble à ceci : Sur la plupart des appareil, vous pouvez la retrouver en cliquant sur votre nom d'utilisateur, puis sur Infos compte. Windows : cliquez sur Outils > Infos compte. Context Gains Invaluable Life Hack and Business Content. Posted by Ronda Scott on 16 Mar 2015 Comment There’s an adage that says: “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Context Gains Invaluable Life Hack and Business Content

And for a long while it rang true. But soon, predictive and contextual technologies like the Context features in Evernote will make not knowing a thing of the past. Context is an Evernote Premium feature that connects you to relevant information. Today we’re excited to add two new sources of news and information to the Context feature: for business content and LifeHacker, a great site that features simple “wins” that can positively affect your productivity all day long. Tax prep help With tax season quickly approaching, you’ll need all the help you can get. Cook up success After you put the finishing touches on your market list, Lifehacker can provide some life-changing recipes, cooking tips, and even provide you a recipe for some snickerdoodle cookies.

Introducing Nikkei. Paper Smart: How to Manage Business Cards Gracefully. Our ongoing Paper Smart series examines how to maintain the best uses of paper while doing away with the rest.

Paper Smart: How to Manage Business Cards Gracefully

Business cards can be a hassle. Upon receiving one, whether you decide to diligently file it away or bear the guilt of chucking it all together, they tend to be troublesome to manage. But as any international traveler or conference attendee knows, business cards aren’t going away anytime soon, and nor should they. They’re artifacts of the people whose paths you’ve crossed: potential business partners and collaborators or future clients and colleagues. Manage them well and enjoy them, angst-free. A place for everything, everything in its place At any gathering or conference, business cards only get out of hand if you let them. As for your own cards, carry them well. Stay on top of the flow In between conversations or conference sessions, take a moment to scan the cards you’ve already received.