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Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are. Amy Cuddy's Co-Author Now Says You Should Ignore her Body Language Advice. What To Do About Amy Cuddy? Oh dear, it seems we have a bit of a science mess.

What To Do About Amy Cuddy?

Unfortunately a frequent side-effect of scientific exploration means false starts, confusing findings and ambiguous take-aways. At the Science of People we try to cut through the BS. So, let’s do some slicing and dicing. I wanted to write a quick post for those of you who are body language junkies like me on our perspective. The Power Posing Problem: Here’s the dealio and a simple overview of the problem: Amy Cuddy, with Dana Carney and Andy Yap published a paper in 2010, that said different body language positions can change your mindset and your hormone levels.She gave one of the most popular TED talks of all time on this research, speaks around the world about power posing and just published a recent book on it.When another research team led by Eva Ranehill attempted to replicate the study, they couldn’t.

Bad news bears my friends. Small note: I have met Mrs. 5 Nonverbal Blunders To Avoid In Your Next Sales Meeting. Your nonverbal communication is between 60-93% of your total communication.

5 Nonverbal Blunders To Avoid In Your Next Sales Meeting

It’s essential that your nonverbal communication is spot on if you want to sell something effectively, so make sure you don’t commit any of these 5 blunders! #1 Too much/too little eye contact People hold eye contact for 60-70% of the time in a normal conversation. By having eye contact you show that you’re listening and that you understand the other person. When your eye contact drops below 60%, people will consider you uninterested or inattentive. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be making too much eye contact either.

. #2 Mismatches.

Hand Gestures

Eye Contact. Decoding. Meeting. The Power of Body Language to Combat Depression. You may be wondering how in the world body language helps heal the heaviness of depression.

The Power of Body Language to Combat Depression

Well I’m here to tell you how, why, and what to do to help someone you know or perhaps yourself who may be going through depression, anxiety, or a similar mental illness. The Science of Depression Whether you’re someone that cares about someone who has it, has had it before, or someone who chronically is depressed, there’s hope. According to the Mayoclinic, “depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder, or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. When someone feels this way and it gets to the point where it’s disrupting their daily activities and lasting longer than a couple weeks, this is a depressive episode. The serotonin and dopamine levels in the body drop.

Body Language Hacks: Be Confident and Reduce Stress in 2 Minutes. There is a simple strategy that you can use to reduce anxiety, improve your ability to deal with stress, and boost your confidence.

Body Language Hacks: Be Confident and Reduce Stress in 2 Minutes

The best part? How to Get Out of That Funk. Do you ever find yourself in a funk?

How to Get Out of That Funk

I sure do. Once I was on the road, preparing to deliver a speech. I love speaking, but I was experiencing an unusual amount of distraction and self-doubt. Courtesy of iStock/lzf I had about four hours before I went on stage. A Call for Help She instantly knew I wasn’t in a good place. “Okay,” she said after listening to me whine for a few minutes. I was tempted to blow her off, but I knew in my heart that she was right. So I laced up and headed outside. When I called her an hour later, everything had changed. 10 Simple Postures That Boost Performance. Psychological research suggests simple actions can project power, persuade others, increase empathy, boost cognitive performance and more… We tend to think of body language as something that expresses our internal states to the outside world.

10 Simple Postures That Boost Performance

But it also works the other way around: the position of our body also influences our mind. As the following psychological research shows, how we move can drive both thoughts and feelings and this can boost performance. 1. Pose for power If you want to feel more powerful then adopt a powerful posture. 2. 7 Body Language Tricks To Make Anyone Instantly Like You. There’s no question that body language is important.

7 Body Language Tricks To Make Anyone Instantly Like You

And, according to Leil Lowndes in her book “How To Talk To Anyone,” you can capture — and hold — anyone’s attention without even saying a word. We’ve selected the best body language techniques from the book and shared them below: The Flooding Smile “Don’t flash an immediate smile when you greet someone,” says Lowndes. If you do, it appears as if anyone in your line of sight would receive that same smile. Instead, pause and look at the other person’s face for a second, and then let a “big, warm, responsive smile flood over your face and overflow into your eyes.”

Even though the delay is less than a second, it will convince people your smile is sincere and personalised for them. Sticky Eyes.