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Teach Students to Search with Google. Comparing sources: wikipedia, textbooks, primary. I posted this yesterday on Google+ and it seems to have been well-received so I thought I'd share it again.

Comparing sources: wikipedia, textbooks, primary

In February of 2010 I designed a short activity for my students to compare textbooks, Wikipedia, and primary source documents on a given topic. Next week my students will be doing this activity with a slight modification to match where we are in the curriculum right now. From February 2010. A couple of weeks ago I sent out a Tweet that my students were working on a comparison of Wikipedia articles to articles in their textbooks. Judging by the reTweets and replies to my message, a lot of people were interested in the activity. 8 Online Libraries For Students, Teachers, And Researchers. Have you grown tired asking Google to find eBooks for you?

8 Online Libraries For Students, Teachers, And Researchers

Then why not directly go to online libraries with thousands and millions of collections entirely focused for books? That’s the reason why I gathered the 8 best online libraries that students, teachers, and researches can use freely.