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Hello World! I am a designer who loves all kinds of media, from audio and music to photography, video, interactivity and pretty much a bit of everything. I created this page to store all of the best pages I can find on the Internet with the best resources for each category and to share them with everyone. I try to only put the best of the best (and some other valuable resources to me) so I hope you enjoy my Pearltrees! PS.: Don't take it personal if I don't team with you. It is because I have a very personal way of organizing my stuff and I would not like other people moving things around the house.


Passive income. Productivity. Minecraft. Health. Inspiration. News / Inspiration / Tutorials. Make. Make 1. Web. Music. Computer Graphics. + your OS. Teach. Learn... Apps / Tools. Utilities. Free Time. Downloads. Fun/Geeky Stuff.