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MeMo House / BAM! arquitectura. MeMo House / BAM!

MeMo House / BAM! arquitectura

Arquitectura Location San Isidro, Provincia Buenos Aires, Argentina Architect in Charge Gonzalo Bardach, Matias Mosquera Area 215.0 m2 Project Year 2016 Photographs Manufacturers Loading... Vector Architects adds curving vaulted roof to refurbished house in Chinese port. Vector Architects has renovated a house perched on a rocky peninsula in China's Fujian Province, adding a vaulted concrete roof that encloses a new living area with views towards the sea from either end.

Vector Architects adds curving vaulted roof to refurbished house in Chinese port

Captain's House is located in the village of Beijiao at the end of Huangqi Peninsula. The geology of the peninsula's cliffs means buildings are clustered along a narrow spine. Twenty years of exposure to damp and corrosive sea air had compromised the existing building's structure and caused serious leaks that needed to be addressed as part of the renovation process. Beijing-based Vector Architects was tasked with upgrading the house and making it better suited to modern family life. "Our design work starts with the study of structural reinforcement," said the studio. The addition of the new concrete wall allowed the architects to reconfigure the interior layout and provided the structural strength required to add the third storey to the existing building.

22 Skinny Houses With a Narrow Footprint and a Broad Impact. 22 Skinny Houses With a Narrow Footprint and a Broad Impact Skinny houses have a wider appeal than their footprint would suggest.

22 Skinny Houses With a Narrow Footprint and a Broad Impact

With cities becoming denser, and land becoming rare and expensive, architects are increasingly challenged to design in urban infill spaces previously overlooked. Although designing within these unusual parameters can be difficult, they often require an individual, sensitive response, which can often lead to innovative, playful, even inspiring results. Townhouse with Private Garden / baan puripuri. Townhouse with Private Garden / baan puripuri Architects Location Architect in Charge Pajitpong Pongsivapai & Khajorn Jaroonwanit Team Visara Pichedvanichok & Itta Sirimongkonrat Article : Natthamon Tangtrongmit Area 220.0 m2 Project Year 2017 Photographs Manufacturers More SpecsLess Specs From the architect.

Townhouse with Private Garden / baan puripuri

The Qiyun Mountain Tree House / Bengo Studio. The Qiyun Mountain Tree House / Bengo Studio Architects Location Lead Architects Xiang Nan, Yao Zhong Area 120.0 m2 Project Year 2016 Photographs From the architect.

The Qiyun Mountain Tree House / Bengo Studio

The Qiyun Mountain Tree House is located in the region of Xiuning County which is 33 kilometres south of Huangshan City, Anhui Province. Israeli architect couple use concrete blocks to build themselves a home among fruit trees. Architects Tamar Jacobs and Oshri Yaniv have built their own home on the Israeli coast, with its roof lifted up above concrete-block walls to offer glimpses of the sky.

Israeli architect couple use concrete blocks to build themselves a home among fruit trees

The co-founders of Israeli firm Jacobs-Yaniv Architects, who have two children together, designed the 200 square-metre house for a plot of land in Herzlia – a city on the Mediterranean coast, north of Tel Aviv. The architects' family had occupied the site for some years. But the couple wanted a light and airy new home, and also one that would allow them to enjoy the numerous fruit and nut trees growing there. The walls of concrete blocks – also known as breeze blocks – and the concrete roof are left exposed throughout the one-storey residence to create continuity between inside and outside.

These materials are expected to age well with little maintenance. Mehr als Wohnen, Zürich-Leutschenbach. Architecture & Design on Instagram: “Residential Building by Müller Sigrist Architects. (2015) Location: #Zurich #Switzerland □: @lerichti #architectanddesign” - M E H R A L S W O H N E N Where: Zürich, Switzerland What: A Residential Building When: 2015 Who - johfot. ETON / Stanisic Architects. ETON / Stanisic Architects Architects Location 13 Joynton Ave, Zetland NSW 2017, Australia Design Team Frank Stanisic, Jason Nowosad, Dinah Zhang Project Year 2014 Photographs Manufacturers Dulux, Viridian Collaborators Northrop Engineers Contractor Waterside ConstructionsWaterside Constructions Developer Lateral Estate More SpecsLess Specs From the architect.

ETON / Stanisic Architects

Vegan House / Block Architects. Vegan House / Block Architects Architects Location Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Architect in Charge Duc Hoa Dang Area 60.0 sqm Project Year 2014 Photographs.

Vegan House / Block Architects

4 casos exitosos de vivienda social en el mundo. 4 casos exitosos de vivienda social en el mundo Los retos asociados a proveer viviendas adecuadas y asequibles en todo el mundo exigen que los arquitectos respondan con soluciones originales que desafían las formas tradicionales de construcción, de tipologías y métodos de entrega.

4 casos exitosos de vivienda social en el mundo

En reconocimiento a esta demanda, el Festival Mundial de Arquitectura de Berlín del mes pasado eligió la vivienda como su foco temático. Brillhart House. Casa Bahia. Before and After: This Dynamic Iranian House Has Rooms That Move at the Touch of a Button. Ever want to just move your room to the other side of the house when the sun starts to shine in your window?

Before and After: This Dynamic Iranian House Has Rooms That Move at the Touch of a Button

Maybe it’s early in the morning and you’re trying to sleep, or maybe it’s in the late afternoon and you’re starting to cook alive. One architect has made that dream a reality, with the push of a button. Iranian architects Nextoffice built the Sharifi-Ha House in Tehran with a series of movable rooms that change position as needed to maximize natural light. Hexagons for a Reason: The Innovative Engineering Behind BIG's Honeycomb. Hexagons for a Reason: The Innovative Engineering Behind BIG's Honeycomb BIG are known for unconventional buildings that often raise the question “how were they able to do that?”

Such is the case for BIG’s Honeycomb, a luxury eight-story condominium currently under construction in the Bahamas. The project’s hallmark is its hexagonal façade made up of private balconies, each with its own glass-fronted outdoor pool. Vivienda Portales / Fernanda Canales. The Concave House / Tao Lei Architect Studio. Architects: Tao Lei Architect Studio Location: Benxi, Liaoning Province, China Architects: Tao Lei Architect Studio Project Area: 3,000 sqm Area: 5000.0 sqm Project Year: 2010 Photographs: Courtesy of tao lei architect studio From the architect. Villa AMT by Gerstner. Located in Neve Ithamar, Israel, this modern private residence was designed in 2013 by Gerstner.

h3ar: 'houses on the shelf' Aug 11, 2009 h3ar: 'houses on the shelf' ‘houses on the shelf’ by ryszard rychlicki of h3ar image courtesy ryszard rychlicki h3ar ryszard rychlicki of polish architectural firm h3ar received third prize in the london 800 competition for his concept ‘houses on the shelf’. rychlicki based his project on the notion if we treat a house like a product with a programmed product life, after the expiry of the guarantee period we may simply throw away. his design for london bridge is one which can be continually updated. the open work construction fulfils the function of shelves for houses as products, which after being used up (worn out) are replaced with new ones. mobile houses in the form of boxes – are executed from recycled materials and also glass and wood. due to the mobility of the entire layout premise the city may decide on its structure – number and type of homes in a given time.

Bridge Building Idea: Modular Mobile Green River Homes. The closer you come to the center of a city the more difficult it is to find unused space available for new construction, except perhaps at the cost of all-too-valuable public parks and other civic places. Building above and below bridges is thus of increasing interest to engaged urban designers around the world. Like products on shelves, this modular housing system is designed by h3ar to accommodate homes that are plugged into a grid, occupied for a period of time and then removed when necessary.

Much like cargo container architecture and other standardized systems, this design is meant for an ever-more-mobile as well as increasingly crowded world. Total Housing: Alternatives to Urban Sprawl. This book is conceived as evidence supporting the qualities of dense, urban living, and as a hopeful antidote against sprawl. Necessity and investigation are prerequisites for the design of housing: Total Housing refers to the need to understand that social, environmental, and economic factors affect form, and that living space is a base for our increasingly complex and varied societies. This new survey into multi - family housing focuses on the responses proposed by architects who are dealing with the dynamic and diverse demands of contemporary society. Featuring works by Lacaton - Vassal, BIG, + JDS, Sadar Vuga Arhitekti, Ryue Nishizawa, FOA, SHoP, and many emerging new architects, this volume is not a simple catalog, but rather a studied collection of inventive projects.

CHIPS by ALSOP. MetalocusPublications. Viviendas, guardería y biblioteca en Gracia. Housing en Carabanchel / Foreign Office Architects (FOA) KUPIO “BRIDGE DEVELOPMENT” BY OOIIO ARCHITECTURE. The train is cutting this city area and it is generating non connected zones that automatically become a “B zone”, were buildings doesn´t work properly, not enough users want to visit them, surrounded by lonely public open spaces that easily can become even dangerous. The train, very important to connect Kuopio with the whole country, is here generating problems. We decided to change that problem going straight over it. Media for Kitagata Housing. Head Road 1816 / SAOTA. LAS 6 CASAS SUBTERRANEAS MÁS BELLAS. 1.- Impresionante casa enterrado en vals, suiza. A diferencia de otras , cuyo objetivo en la vida es sobresalir como un pulgar dolorido, esta vivienda se hizo específicamente para que se integrara perfectamente en el impresionante paisaje en , .

ARQUITECTURA: Residencia MuSh. La firma Studio 0.10 Architects, con sede en Los Angeles, han terminado la vivienda “Mush Residence” que incorpora un estudio y zona de exhibición en Los Angeles, California. La residencia está formada por dos volúmenes intersectados por un patio. Un edificio de dos niveles, en donde encontramos el estacionamiento, un departamento y el estudio, proyecta su fachada hacia la avenida principal. Dentro de un edificio de tres niveles encontramos los espacios para los propietarios de la vivienda, circulaciones y zonas de exhibición.

Las fachadas de ambos edificios están chapadas en zinc, mientras que la cancelería está enmarcada en madera. Cottages at Fallingwater by Patkau Architects. Gifu Kitagata Apartment Building- Sejima Wing, JAPAN.