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How to Spend your Leftover Digital Marketing Budget. You’ve successfully executed nearly all your marketing plans for the year and still have some budget saved?

How to Spend your Leftover Digital Marketing Budget

While having ‘extra budget’ itself sounds like an oxymoron, there are several reasons you may have ended up with that leftover loot. Either the campaign you intended to execute was either no longer required or delayed until next year, or perhaps you were simply more cautious with your budget than necessary. But now it’s almost Christmas and you have very less time on hand before the holiday season begins. Executing a new campaign before Christmas or spending it on a huge Christmas party isn’t realistic – so what are your options? Well, here are five cost-effective ways of spending the leftover budget that will get the ball rolling and help make your marketing in 2018 more effective. 1.

5 Best Tag Management Solutions for Your Website. A tag is a code snippet that is used by companies on their website to gather data for analytics and digital marketing tools.

5 Best Tag Management Solutions for Your Website

Tags help collect information related to user behavior and are used to create remarketing lists. Transforming Content Marketing With Artificial Intelligence. “Shoppers rely on both user-generated content in the form of product reviews as well as thoughtfully-curated content generated by subject matter experts in order to educate them.

Transforming Content Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

With predictive analytics, you deliver the most timely and relevant content to your customer base, increasing engagement, and nurturing customers through the sales journey.” ‘Can machines think?’ This famous question was posed by computer pioneer and artificial intelligence theorist Alan Turing in 1950. We have come a long way since Turing saved millions of lives by decrypting the German navy’s coded messages during the Second World War. In fact, the global AI software market is projected to grow by as much as 154% in 2020! Google Ad Manager: What It Is and How It Works. Google defines the Ad Manager as ‘a complete platform to grow ad revenue and protect your brand wherever people are watching, playing, or engaging.’

Google Ad Manager: What It Is and How It Works

It is an ad exchange platform that enables you to buy and sell ads across a range of ad networks and locations. Google Ad Manager helps you with detailed targeting and reporting, monetizing multiple platforms, as well as increasing ad revenue. In this blog post, we take a look at what the Ad Manager is, how it differs from other Google products such as Google Ads, as well as how you can grow ad revenue with the platform. So, let’s get started! Create a Successful Social Media Content Calendar: Tips and Template. Social media marketing helps you build awareness, engage prospects and customers, and delight them with the products and services you have to offer.

Create a Successful Social Media Content Calendar: Tips and Template

A common indicator of successful social media marketing is maintaining a documented strategy. Create a Successful Social Media Content Calendar: Tips and Template. Transforming Content Marketing With Artificial Intelligence. All You Need to Know About Google Optimize and Optimize 360. Want to boost conversions on your website?

All You Need to Know About Google Optimize and Optimize 360

How to Leverage Data Layer with Google Analytics. Data layer is an object that carries all the information that you want to pass from a website to other applications.

How to Leverage Data Layer with Google Analytics

Data layer ensures flexibility, portability and ease of implementation. Technically, a data layer is a JavaScript variable that stores and delivers information from your website to Google Tag Manager (GTM). A data layer is also used to describe information that isn’t available as part of DOM (Document Object Model) or any other JavaScript variables. Data layer can be used for custom Google Analytics tracking. Below, we’ll discuss some examples and use cases to understand how it’s done. Why AEM is the Preferred CMS Tool for Enterprise Users. Today, nothing is more important than your business’ online presence.

Why AEM is the Preferred CMS Tool for Enterprise Users

It is a major source of revenue and is a great way to attract new customers, retain old ones and keep the business afloat. Leveraging digital content sources like documents, images, infographics, videos, and apps is a great way to keep your customers informed and maintain strong relationships with partners, stakeholders, and vendors. But before we delve into the details, let’s have a quick recap about Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). 5 Best Tag Management Solutions for Your Website. 5 Tips for Improving the SEO of Joomla Web Pages. Search engine optimization is no longer a matter of choice.

5 Tips for Improving the SEO of Joomla Web Pages

Rather, it is essential today, especially due to a rapid increase in the number of web pages indexed by search engines. There remains a constant pressure to attract unique visitors looking for your services and products, and we all know that this can only be achieved by optimizing web pages and closely analyzing the results. Unlike other content management systems and web tools, Joomla provides excellent tools for website optimization. Here are the top 5 tips that can help you improve the SEO of Joomla web pages. A word of caution: Search engine optimization can be expensive, therefore, make sure you consult a professional before diving into it. Select the right server type Check the server you are using to host Joomla-based web pages, even before altering the serial configurations. Install sitemap extension. Best Mobile App Advertising Platforms in 2019. There are over 2.2 million apps in App Store and 3.3 million applications in Google Play (October 2018).

Best Mobile App Advertising Platforms in 2019

These numbers are increasing every day, making competition fiercer. Digital Marketing: From a Buzzword to Mainstream. There are nearly 3.58 billion internet users in the world in 2017 alone. With the world’s total population standing at approximately 7 billion, this means that over 50% of the population is connected online!

Given the proliferation of the internet, businesses are now using it at a large scale to reach prospects. It is safe to say that the traditional methods of marketing are being thrown to dust, and it is only going to be digital first mostly. However, digital marketing has been around a lot longer than you may think! Digital Evolution: A Quick Flashback The field of marketing has experienced an evolution like no other – from being only creativity driven to technologically driven as well. 6 Key SEO Factors in 2020. With 24 blog posts being published every second, the web is continuously being flooded with new content.

But what can make your content stand out from the rest is search engine optimization. An effective SEO strategy helps you get: Higher search engine ranking Stronger domain authority Targeted web traffic Are you looking to outrank your competitors on search in 2020? In this blog post, we bring to you 6 key factors to help you build a highly-effective SEO strategy and drive business success. Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends. “The only fashion that never fades: Digital Marketing.”- Sorav Jain The digital marketing landscape that comprises of SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing has been quite progressive, more so in the last two years, than in the last decade. For 2018, we predicted that the world of digital marketing would be dominated by artificial intelligence, video marketing, augmented reality, social proofing, search, and customer experience marketing.

In 2019, we couldn’t be more content that these predictions were a 100% accurate. Summing Up the Google Webmaster Conference 2019. Google recently announced the hosting of free Google Webmaster conferences worldwide to help enhance the site’s performance in search. Intended to match the requirements of the webmasters, Google states that “These events are primarily located where it’s difficult to access search conferences or information about Google Search, or where there’s a specific need for a Search event. For example, if we identify that a region has problems with hacked sites, we may organize an event focusing on that specific topic.” Let’s take a look at some key takeaways from the conference. What’s New in Search Before the speakers announced new features, tips, and other cool things, they gave us a brief overview of a feature with paramount importance—Search.

Google Marketing Live 2019: Discovery Ads, Smart Bidding and Much More... Today, I am excited to watch the live streaming of Google Marketing Live 2019 that took place in San Francisco. Google announced a ton of new innovations like Discovery ads, gallery ads for search, deep linked ads, smart bidding and much more. Let’s take a look at all of these in detail: Discovery Ads Earlier in beta, these ads are now available to all advertisers. Discovery ads use the power of intent and appear in multiple Google feed environments. Impact of AMP on Digital Marketing. Impact of AI on Marketing. Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020. Improve ROI with faster website.

Page speed first came to prominence with Google’s PageRank algorithm in the year 2010. Digital Marketing Automation. Grazitti Interactive. Google: Advanced Search Excellence Workshop Recap. Google recently held an exclusive invite-only workshop called Expert Series 2019 – Search Advanced. As Google Partners, Grazitti was fortunate to be a part of this. The Impact of Voice Search on SEO. One trend that may govern the future of SEO is voice search. As per Comscore, by the year 2020, 50% of the online searches would be performed with voice search.

In another study, Gartner forecasts that 30% of all the browsing sessions will include voice search by 2020. Social Media Marketing Trends 2018. Over three billion people are active social media users, equalling 39 percent of the world’s population. What is Google Data Studio? Data visualization has always been challenging for digital marketers. Managing huge amounts of data and putting the same into charts and dashboards demands some serious labor. Without the ability to infuse data into succinct dashboards, SMBs can’t see a clear picture of how their campaigns are performing. To make data accessible to everyone in an organization, Google, in the beginning of 2016, came up with a data reporting & visualization software – Google Data Studio. Relatively a new platform, it delivers a remarkable performance. An Introduction to the Key Components of Adobe Analytics and Benefits of Using It for your Enterprise.

An Introduction to the Key Components of Adobe Analytics and Benefits of Using It for your Enterprise. SEO Tool Guide for Enterprises. Psychology-Based SEO Strategy. SEO Tool Guide for Enterprises. Social Media Engagement Strategies That Work. How to Spend your Leftover Digital Marketing Budget. SEO, SMM and Content Marketing. Transforming Digital Marketing With Artificial Intelligence.

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