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What Your Brand Should Be Doing During The Lockdown. The world has been hit hard with the surge of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases around the world, leading the WHO to declare a pandemic.

What Your Brand Should Be Doing During The Lockdown

More than anything, the world economy has been steadily dropping, with a crash most likely to happen sooner or later. But through all this chaos, there is a silver lining for all brands, big or small, to gain traction and not suffer from having to close down. It has to do with the fact that during this pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in internet usage as we’re all stuck at home. And not just a small increase, a whopping 50% increase in internet usage as the world continues their life online. This is the most the internet has been used to date! Looking At The Facts As said earlier, there is a huge spike in internet usage due to the fact that we’re all stuck inside with little to do. The impact this has had on the Indian economy is one of many reasons for the decline, but there is a workaround. The Don’t Spend Option: The Future Investment Option: Here’s How To Stay Productive During Self-Quarantine.

Why YOU Should Be Advertising On TikTok. Social media platforms come and go.

Why YOU Should Be Advertising On TikTok

But while everyone is tryign to create the best new thing, others may lose sight of whats already in front of them. TikTok has taken the social media game by storm and brands know it. So here is a breakdown about why YOU should be advertising on TikTok. Understanding TikTok If you haven’t heard of TikTok yet, you’re probably living under a rock in a remote location. TikTok (originally called is a massive social app for sharing 15-second user-generated videos. TikTok has also surpassed the one billion downloads milestone and shows zero signs of slowing down in growth.

So how did TikTok become so famous? TikTok sticks to the roots of what makes a successful social media app, taking familiar features from Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Snapchat, Vine (RIP) and making it their own. The Opportunity TikTok presents a massive advertising opportunity for marketers, with over 500 million active users worldwide. Digital Marketing's Surging Future for 2020 And Beyond. The ever-expanding reaches of the internet has helped digital marketing become the forerunner in our modern lives.

Digital Marketing's Surging Future for 2020 And Beyond

From smart targeting to highly interactive, personalized content, digital marketing offers it all! And trust us on that, we know it well! So just how much will digital marketing innovate in the coming year? This is digital marketing’s surging future for 2020 and beyond! Introduction Of New Social Platform The market of social platforms has seen tremendous growth in India with no signs of slowing down.

The launch of Jio contributed to the surge in the availability of internet services throughout India and as a result, the demand for social apps shot up. Apps such as Tik Tok, Sharechat, Bigo, Helo and many more have seen massive growth in this last year and are continued to grow in the coming years. Getting Personal: How To Connect With Your Audience - Digi Maze. With how highly competitive the online and content market is, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to gain the attention you deserve amongst consumers.

Getting Personal: How To Connect With Your Audience - Digi Maze

Although there are countless opportunities and channels meant for connecting with audiences, many brands fail due to their inability to establish a connection with their audience. So, while keeping that in mind, we’ve made this blog detailing strategies of how to connect with your audience. In our day to day lives as marketers, we find ourselves stuck in an endless cycle of wanting to complete tasks so we can move onto the next. The same can be said about our customer base. Yes, you may have a vast base, but are you really taking the time to actually getting personal with them? This article was made under the impression that your business is fairly new and looking to boost your sales, starting by developing audience relationships. E-Commerce SEO and the importance it holds for sales in 2019. Top 5 Impactful Digital Marketing Scams You Need To Avoid in 2020. What is Performance Marketing and how can it help you? - Digi Maze. Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Social Media Marketing l Digi Maze.

Transparency With the number of privacy issues social media giants face, jeopardising all of their user’s information, it would only be natural that we gradually start losing trust.

Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Social Media Marketing l Digi Maze

Privacy isn’t a new trend of social media, but brands are beginning to give greater importance to consumer trust. Consumers are belief buyers. This means they’re more likely to stick with or boycott a brand if they line up with their views. As social media evolves, consumer demands for certain rights begin to do the same, and the data shows. Studies have shown that a whopping 94% of customers are likely to show loyalty to brands which are completely transparent. Facebook, social media juggernaut with 2.45 billion monthly active users, said that in April of 2019 that they would be taking steps to “better protect people’s privacy”. Services - Digi Maze. 10 Tips To Boost Your Productivity In The Workplace. Link Building Guide for Local Business. Home.