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Sharing Economy: Driving “Good Deflation” The Essential Heartlessness of the Sharing Economy Will Be Revealed Now or Later, Maybe Via Deaths at Airbnb. Platform Cooperativism vs. the Sharing Economy — Digital Labor. The backlash against unethical labor practices in the “collaborative sharing economy” has been overplayed.

Platform Cooperativism vs. the Sharing Economy — Digital Labor

Recently, The Washington Post, New York Times and others started to rail against online labor brokerages like Taskrabbit, Handy, and Uber because of an utter lack of concern for their workers. At the recent Digital Labor conference, my colleague McKenzie Wark proposed that the modes of production that we appear to be entering are not quite capitalism as classically described. “This is not capitalism,” he said, “this is something worse.” [1] But just for one moment imagine that the algorithmic heart of any of these citadels of anti-unionism could be cloned and brought back to life under a different ownership model, with fair working conditions, as a humane alternative to the free market model.

Take, for example, Uber’s app, with all its geolocation and ride ordering capabilities. A 19th-century solution to the high-tech problems of the gig economy. Christine Schofield, mother of three, disappeared the day after the Bowl-A-Thon: February 13, 2012.

A 19th-century solution to the high-tech problems of the gig economy

She’d co-chaired the annual fundraiser with Holly Riordan at the Brunswick Zone in the Chicago suburb of Woodridge. The Grand Prize at the auction was a wheelbarrow full of wine bottles, which Christine wreathed in flowers. Is the Sharing Economy a Retail Disruptor? November 12, 2015 |Retail & Ecommerce The sharing economy has emerged over the past decade to revolutionize travel and transportation.

Is the Sharing Economy a Retail Disruptor?

Is a similar disruption coming to retail? The People’s Uber: Why The Sharing Economy Must Share Ownership. Mayor Bill de Blasio recently discovered, during his short-lived campaign against Uber, that saying no to a popular, convenient new technology doesn't tend to win many friends—or win much at all.

The People’s Uber: Why The Sharing Economy Must Share Ownership

In just a few years, New York City's regulated yellow-taxi fleet has been outnumbered by a distant company with uncertain intentions. There are benefits to this, as well as mounting costs. But critics like Mr. De Blasio won't get very far until they have something to say yes to. Home-Sharing? Don’t Overlook Your Liability - Your Money. Photo In the last month or so, I’ve written one column raising questions about how your company might feel about you putting your car up for rent by the hour and another about the fallout for a customer of a company called RelayRides after someone who rented her car died behind the wheel and injured four others in the process.

Home-Sharing? Don’t Overlook Your Liability - Your Money

Both times, I immediately heard from readers worried about the insurance questions involving one of the biggest players in the land of sharing: Airbnb, which allows you to rent out your whole home (or just a room or couch) for however many nights you want. How, people asked, would their homeowner’s, or renter’s, insurance company react if they told the truth about their rental habit? Would they be covered if a paying guest was injured, or worse? Home-Sharing? Don’t Overlook Your Liability - Your Money. Living and Dying on Airbnb — Matter. Living and Dying on Airbnb My dad died in an Airbnb rental, and he’s not the only one.

Living and Dying on Airbnb — Matter

What can the company do to improve safety? The rope swing looked inviting. Photos of it on Airbnb brought my family to the cottage in Texas. Hanging from a tree as casually as baggy jeans, the swing was the essence of leisure, of Southern hospitality, of escape. I was in bed when my mom found him. Sharing economy, redefining the basics. Sharing economy, redefining some basics Now that Sharing economy has come to another stage, we might ask ourselves how much some businesses do ressemble traditional businesses.

Sharing economy, redefining the basics

This article is an attempt to clear the case of Airbnb. The other day I heard about a Dutch entrepreneur talking about his washing machine business in a radio show about the Sharing economy.The client pays a fixed price per month, and gets the washing machine delivered, installed and maintained at home. Detergents and advice are included in the price. to Introduce Smart Locks Linked to Smart Ethereum Contracts, Decentralize the Sharing Economy.

Smart contracts, a feature of “Bitcoin 2.0” technologies such as Ethereum, could soon operate on the Internet of Things (IoT), control objects in the physical world, and power a new decentralized version of the sharing economy, for example sharing services similar to Uber and Airbnb that operate in pure P2P mode without centralized management. to Introduce Smart Locks Linked to Smart Ethereum Contracts, Decentralize the Sharing Economy

Smart contracts represent a disruptive innovation with a huge potential. In 2001, legendary cryptographer Nick Szabo spoke of smart contracts that solved the problem of trust by being self-executing and having property embedded with information about who owns it. For example, the key to a car might operate only if the car has been paid for according to the terms of a contract. “[Smart contracts] embed contracts in all sorts of property that is valuable and controlled by digital means,” wrote Szabo in 1997.

Smart locks could also control access to cars, bicycles and storage units. Everything That Can Become a Platform Will Become a Platform — What’s The Future of Work? Everything That Can Become a Platform Will Become a Platform Why legacy companies need to evolve faster to stay relevant The S&P 500 lists the 500 most valuable companies in the United States.

Everything That Can Become a Platform Will Become a Platform — What’s The Future of Work?

Dick Foster, a McKinsey consultant, studied their average lifespan. It is a sobering tale that reminds just how fast-paced business innovation has become. Europe vs. sharing economy: Spain's bus drivers star in latest round. © Time Inc.

Europe vs. sharing economy: Spain's bus drivers star in latest round

All rights reserved. is a part of the network of sites. Powered by VIP Email address or Password is incorrect Forgot Password? Forget Renting. This Is the Next Big Thing in the Sharing Economy. Così i lavori della sharing economy risvegliano l’homo erectus che è in noi. Pubblichiamo un post di Carlo Muzzarelli, esperto di risk assessment e startup.

Dopo una lunga carriera in General Electric nel 2013 fonda WeRISK, azienda specializzata nella formazione e consulenza aziendale. Rappresenta l’Italia nel Working Group ISO31010 – ​AirDonkey takes the sharing economy to two wheels. If you only cycle occasionally, a bike will just sit gathering dust or not be worth buying in the first place.

A new service called AirDonkey provides a third option – a sharing system that lets people rent out their bikes when they're not using them or hire one just when they need to. AirDonkey isn't the first service of this kind. Spinlister, for example, has been operating since 2012. The sharing economy moves to digital advertising. Data sharing co-ops are emerging in digital advertising… but are you surprised? Advertising co-ops are nothing new. According to the IAB, co-ops date back to the 19th century. These early co-ops were agreements between manufacturers and retailers to share advertising costs and generate brand name awareness. The On-Demand Economy Should Be Challenged By Workers 

These are exciting times in the so-called "sharing economy," and not just for Silicon Valley techies and billionaire investors. The moment has finally arrived for the people who actually do the work of moving, sharing and renting their goods through businesses like Uber and AirBnB to get some much-needed attention. Uber drivers in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas and a number of other cities called for a strike this past weekend to address issues surrounding tips and rates. Earlier last week, Oregon's labor commissioner said in an advisory opinion that under Oregon law, Uber drivers should be seen as employees. This move opens the door for Uber drivers to assert all the rights normally afforded to employees in Oregon, including the right to a minimum wage, safe working conditions, and workers compensation and unemployment benefits.

Resisting the "sharing" economy. He’s helped you a lot in the past and you don’t think twice about saying yes. When the day comes, you pick him up in your car and drive together, alternating between chatting and singing along, badly, to the radio. You drop him off at the gate, give him a hug and wish him well on his trip. He offers to pay for gas, but you shake your head and say he can cook you dinner when he gets back instead. Sharing economy: Why pirate capitalists are the real winners.

Transport for London's proposed crackdown on Uber taxi service has triggered a polarised response from the public. Uber supporters in their tens of thousands have signed an online petition defending the taxi service, while detractors claim it is ripping off its own staff as well as the British taxpayer. While this row is specifically about Uber, there is a broader context to this as Uber is the most famous and successful example of what has become known as the "sharing economy". The sharing economy is a description for an amorphous and wide-ranging set of businesses and practices across the world.

Many claims, sometimes conflicting, have been made about the sharing economy. Some critics of Uber, for example, see it as an example of unbridled capitalism, while others such as the left-wing economist Paul Mason see it as a "route to dotcommunism", a death knell for the market economy. How are we to understand such an apparently contradictory phenomenon? Redefining Property: The Sharing Economy  By Fernando Jiménez-Ontiveros Fernando Jiménez-Ontiveros joined the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) in 1999. He became deputy manager for operations in 2009 and has been acting as general manager since January 2015. Why entrepreneurs and startups should get excited about sharing economy? Isn’t this the most exciting time to be an entrepreneur who is bringing your startup idea to fruition?

It is really refreshing and thrilling to see the growth in the number of individuals coming up with amazing products and services globally. Based on a recent survey, there are 543,000 startups getting established in the US every month (Read here). But most of these startups face several challenges in today’s economy. The People’s Uber: Why The Sharing Economy Must Share Ownership. Report: The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy, 2015 Data on the Rise of Sharing — Market Insights. Shared Economy: Sharing is Caring and Profitable! Our society is undergoing exciting social and economic changes as we enter the New Year. Increasingly, consumers have access to advanced technology, communication and resources. Guide Me Right sarà davvero l'Uber delle guide turistiche? Pubblicato. Working in America: The Future of Work in the Sharing Economy. Download Audio (MP3).

Sharing economy: Why pirate capitalists are the real winners. Former fossil fuel giant wants to be Uber of energy market. Energy Post Big energy companies are looking to the sharing economy, digitisation, big data, and mega-cities to inspire future revenue streams. In this exclusive interview with Energy Post, Inken Braunschmidt, leader of RWE’s “Innovation Hub” talks about her unique role at the helm of a department that’s not a department. Her job? To think non-utility ideas. Braunschmidt:”We’re really going to the edge of what energy has meant for 100 years.” Energy companies know all too well that the business model which has served them well for 100 years is not working any longer. The People’s Uber: Why The Sharing Economy Must Share Ownership.

Why the sharing economy is the modern embodiment of classical liberalism. Disruption, one of the central components of classical liberalism, is fast becoming the definition of what sharing economy services stand for. Così i lavori della sharing economy risvegliano l’homo erectus che è in noi. How to Survive & Thrive In The Collaborative Economy. For the last decade, startups have been changing the business world as we know it. Companies like Uber and Airbnb have revolutionized their respective industries — all without owning a single hotel room or vehicle.

At a time when one new idea and one new startup can disrupt an entire industry, it can be an intimidating for established companies. Uk.businessinsider. What Amazon’s Uber-like delivery service means for the sharing economy. Redefining property: The sharing economy. Sharing economy only just getting going, says Airtasker’s Tim Fung. The Sharing Economy, the Future of Jobs, and “PostCapitalism” - part one.

Why the term 'sharing economy' needs to die. Tecnologia, innovazione e sharing economy in campo per aiutare i rifugiati. The Unsharing Economy - Politik. The Inexorable Logic of the Sharing Economy by Michael Spence. The Shiny New "Sharing Economy" Is Sure Starting to Seem Awfully Old-Fashioned. It’s like Uber but for everything: Ontario could be first province to regulate the sharing economy. Uk.businessinsider. A whole new part of the sharing economy is being sued for mistreating workers.

Mapped: how the sharing economy is sweeping the world. The Sharing Economy Lacks A Shared Definition. Sharing Economy: now an ‘Uber for removals’ This Is How Bad the Sharing Economy Is for Workers. The evolution of the sharing economy. Also Known as the Collapse of the American Dream  This Is How Bad the Sharing Economy Is for Workers. My life in the sharing economy, Lifestyle News. Could the emerging sharing economy help in tackling the worst humanitarian crisis in History? The end of compulsory work with industry 4.0, open source and sharing economy. Sharing, but not really caring – why the sharing economy is not taking off in Italy.

DogVacay is Airbnb for your canines. The end of capitalism has begun. Forget the sharing economy, it's time for the crowd economy.