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Mobile Web Testing & Debugging Best Practices. Deconstructing Recommender Systems. IEEE-USA Today's Engineer. Five Strategies for Successful Engineering Management By Gary C.

IEEE-USA Today's Engineer

Hinkle If you read surveys about the highest paying jobs in the United States, you'll notice that the median salary for engineering managers ranks not too far behind doctors, attorneys and CEOs (typical CEO base salary, not the extreme high end of the scale that often makes the news). HTML5 vs. Apps: Why The Debate Matters, And Who Will Win. HTML5 is a new technology that allows developers to build rich web-based apps that run on any device via a standard web browser.

HTML5 vs. Apps: Why The Debate Matters, And Who Will Win

Many think it will save the web, rendering native platform-dependent apps obsolete. So, which will win? Native apps or HTML5? A recent report from BI Intelligence explains why we think HTML5 will win out, and what an HTML future will look like for consumers, developers, and brands. Access The Full Report By Signing Up For A Free Trial Today >> Data Says R Amongst Most Popular Languages. Data Scientist Drew Conway tackles the problem of deciding which programming languages are the most popular in an interesting way: by comparing the number of projects tagged in GitHub with each language, and the number of questions in StackOverflow about the language.

Data Says R Amongst Most Popular Languages

Roy. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Others Launch Web Platform Docs, A Web Standards Documentation Site. A number of leading browser vendors and other tech companies, including Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe, Facebook, HP, Nokia, Mozilla, Opera and the W3C, just announced the launch of the Web Platform Docs project at

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Others Launch Web Platform Docs, A Web Standards Documentation Site

The project aims to create “a new, authoritative open web standards documentation site,” says Opera Software. The wiki-like site, says Opera, wants to ensure that developers can easily find “accurate, quality information on all the latest HTML5, CSS4 and other standards features across the multitude of available web-based resources.” Currently, the companies behind argue, developers struggle to find authoritative answers to their questions about modern web technologies and often, developers have to resort to figuring out the right solutions through trial and error (the Google team describes this as a “scavenger hunt”).


Seth Godin's 9 Tips On Creating A Remarkable Product. JavaScript match() Method. Clustering for e-Discovery, Taxonomy Development, and Search Engine Enhancement. Clustify analyzes the text in your documents to group related items into clusters.

Clustering for e-Discovery, Taxonomy Development, and Search Engine Enhancement

W.T.F.M: Write The Freaking Manual - Floopsy. W.T.F.M: Write The Freaking Manual I will take this moment to reflect on what has been an epic exercise in utter frustration: Sifting through poorly written documentation or tutorials for an otherwise excellent programming language, framework, project, etc.

W.T.F.M: Write The Freaking Manual - Floopsy

It seems that nowadays, the original phrase R.T.F.M. is also quickly becoming the need to W.T.F.M. Developers: You spend hours, days, months, perhaps years refining your masterpiece. R Developer Page. Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds. Walrus - Graph Visualization Tool. Source Code Available The source code to Walrus is now available under the GNU GPL.

Walrus - Graph Visualization Tool

You may download the source code below. Description Walrus is a tool for interactively visualizing large directed graphs in three-dimensional space. CogSpace - Collective Mind Map of Cognition and Consciousness Research. Reynholm Industries › You look like Ghandi… no, wait, not Ghandi, the other one… Bono. JSON Tutorial. Introduction to Architecting Systems for Scale. Few computer science or software development programs attempt to teach the building blocks of scalable systems.

Introduction to Architecting Systems for Scale

How to Build an Excellent Web or Mobile App. Sorting and searching at the library. If you ever want to screw over a library, just walk up to any shelf, pick up any book, and put it on another shelf where it doesn’t belong.

Sorting and searching at the library

Amazon S3 - Cross Origin Resource Sharing Support. Why CORS?

Amazon S3 - Cross Origin Resource Sharing Support

In order to keep your content safe, your web browser implements something called the same origin policy. The default policy ensures that scripts and other active content loaded from one site or domain cannot interfere or interact with content from another location without an explicit indication that this is the desired behavior. In certain cases, the developer of the original page might have legitimate reasons to write code that interacts with content or services at other locations. CORS provides the mechanism to allow the developer to tell the browser to allow this interaction. Amazon Web Services Adds Long Requested Web Browser Specification. Amazon Web Services (AWS) added support today for a browser specification that defines ways for apps to allow resources to be accessed by web pages from different domains. WebRTC is almost here, and it will change the web. Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is a new HTML5 standard framework that enables the sharing of video, audio, and data directly between web browsers.

These capabilities open the door to a new wave of advanced web applications. If all goes according to plan, over 50% of all web browsers will support this capability in the next three to four months. This is the most significant step forward in web browser connectivity since 2004, when Google launched Gmail and AJAX was coined. Stack Overflow. Natefaubion/matches.js. Videlalvaro/gifsockets. Titan: A Highly Scalable, Distributed Graph Database. > Unfortunately, most interesting graph analytic problems do not fit into that model because the "graph-like" aspect is still limited to problem sizes that fit conventional algorithms.

"interesting" ! = "useful" Again, the same thing has been true with distributed computing in general. Lectures « Marko A. Rodriguez. Lecturing is an excellent way to inspire a group of individuals and create a foundation on which to collaborate. In this day and age, the slide deck catches the attention more than the written article. Rodriguez, M.A., “Miami Graphs,” The Lab Miami All-Day Workshop, Miami Florida, June 2013.

Rodriguez, M.A., “Solving Problems with Graphs,” YOW! Developer Conference, Melbourne/Brisbane/Sydney, Australia, December 2012. (presentation video available) (featured presentation on Slideshare) Rodriguez, M.A., Broecheler, M., “Titan: The Rise of Big Graph Data,” Palo Alto, California, June 2012. I build High Availability Platforms so Cloud is not for me. Ever since someone first tried to represent the idea of packet switched network that was resilient to failure they probably used a picture of a cloud. Node.js. 5.9. Calculating the clustering coefficient of a network. Figure 5.10. Graph. MyUniverse and matrices (fast) calculation with jit.gen « The Blog of Julien Bayle. Pavel Risenberg. WSREST2011Keynote.pdf (application/pdf Object) RESS: Responsive Design + Server Side Components.

There's no shortage of debate about the best way to develop Web sites that work well across many networked devices. Some teams favor a client-side approach while others lean towards server-side solutions. Apps Are Over: Frog Design's Scott Jenson Want to Overthrow the Desktop Paradigm. Stripe: Payments for developers. Hacking: Always Design the UX First. Introducing BDD « History: This article first appeared in Better Software magazine in March 2006. How We Build Features.

Big data and semantics

Lean product dev tools. Visualisation. Welcome to StartupCTO [StartupCTO] Technical papers and algorithims.