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Sea Scallops in Spinach Leaves by Carolyn Buster. Baking. Text Book - Culinary Arts. Culinary Arts Fundamentals - Basic Cooking Principles, Knife Skills and Food Safety. How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills - Gordon Ramsay. Chef Steps. Organic. The secret to real pho is the stock. Great food doesn't come solely from the recipes.

The secret to real pho is the stock

It comes from the techniques within those recipes. For instance, learn to make a good stock and you can do dozens of soups. This is how Vietnamese chef and restaurateur Charles Phan thinks about cooking. Phan is the chef and owner of The Slanted Door restaurant in San Francisco, and his first cookbook, Vietnamese Home Cooking, is a guide for anyone who wants to learn the techniques of Vietnamese cooking. Recipe: Lynne Rossetto Kasper's beef pho.

Lynne Rossetto Kasper: The Vietnamese soup pho is an incredibly fragrant and delicious beef broth with rice noodles, and then you have all of these things you can add: the vegetables and the seasonings. Charles Phan: If you understand the stock and how to harness all the flavor from your bone, it's super important. LRK: How do you do that beef broth? CP: In Vietnam, we generally don't have ovens, but we still need to make this broth be clear and flavorful. How to Make a Gastrique. There was a time when my description of sauce perfection would never have featured the word sticky.

How to Make a Gastrique

But like any good sauce, when a well-made gastrique serves its plate honorably—moistening our bites, brightening flavor and kicking up color, often to a beautiful berry or citrus hue—what's not to love? In plain terms, a gastrique is a sweet-and-sour sauce at its simplest. You caramelize sugar (or sometimes honey), combine it with equal parts vinegar, and reduce it slightly to make a tart, slightly thickened syrup. Let it be said that some gastriques might not be the kind of sauce you want to lick straight off the spoon. (Well, maybe once or twice.) Flavoring a Gastrique Since the flavor base comes from the simple combination of the sugar and vinegar, your first bet for customizing the flavor is to choose your vinegar. As you'll see in the slideshow, your second option for flavor tweakage is to experiment with added ingredients once the gastrique base has finished cooking. Test Kitchen: Cooking Tips, Videos, and Ingredients - Bon Appétit (Note: already in place)

Test Kitchen How Many Times Can You Actually Thaw and Refreeze Food?

Test Kitchen: Cooking Tips, Videos, and Ingredients - Bon Appétit (Note: already in place)

The Hard-to-Find Product People Swear Makes the Flakiest Pie Crust Gravy 911: How to Salvage Gravy at Any Point in the Day. World Cuisine Recipes. REAL Italian Bolognese Sauce Recipe. PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN KNIVES. The Tassajara Bread Book by Edward Espe Brown - Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists. Brunoise: Basic Knife Cuts - Photo Examples. How to Make Consomme (Classic Clarified Stock) Vegetable Gardening Basics - Watch Your Garden Grow - University of Illinois Extension. Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable that grows well in most of the United States.

Vegetable Gardening Basics - Watch Your Garden Grow - University of Illinois Extension

Rhubarb is used in pies, tarts and sauces. Rhubarb should be planted at the end of one side of the garden where it will not be disturbed since it may be productive for five years or more. A half-dozen plants will provide enough rhubarb for a family of four. Red Petioles (leafstalks) New Orleans Cuisine. Sauce Recipes. Home » Recipes » Sauce Recipes “It is the sauce that distinguishes a good chef.

Sauce Recipes

The Saucier is a soloist in the orchestra of a great kitchen.” – Fernand Point So true! You can saute a chicken breast to perfection and make a great meal, but if you know how to make simple pan sauces, you can prepare a hundred different meals. Furthermore, you are going to find every cuisine has it’s own style of sauces, some similar, some completely different. For example, Italian sauces for pasta like a Genovese sauce are much different from classic French sauces like a demi glace sauce. So here are some of my favorite sauces from various cuisines that you can enjoy with your favorite meals. Lemon Garlic Yogurt Sauce Recipe Looking for a Simple Sauce to Serve on Vegetables? Continue Reading » Mojo Glaze Recipe. Gravlax. In Scandinavia, there is a simple (yet amazing) way of preparing salmon that produces an amazing appetizer with clean flavors and a remarkable texture.


This traditional dish is similar (but not quite the same) to lox (cured salmon that has been cold smoked) and is sometimes referred to as Gravad lox. Gravlax in its minimalist form uses only four ingredients: salmon, salt, sugar, and dill weed. I prepare gravlax with a bit of black pepper added to the mix. I stole this from... Meat Cutting, Butcher, Chef, and Food Service Knives. Butcher Supplies, Meat Processing Supplies, Sausage Making Supplies, Home Brewing Supplies, & BBQ Supplies Order 24 Hours a Day Using Our Secure Online Shopping Cart Order By Phone: 812.998.2277 Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm EST ~Or~ Visit Our Ferdinand Indiana Location Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm, Sat: 8am - 1pm EST Professional butcher, boning, and chef's knives.

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