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The Best Guides To Figuring Out Pinterest. Venspired. I have seen the poem “Here’s to the kids who are different...” and have always thought that no matter what field of education you teach in, it will apply in some way.


It’s not about just seeing the differences, but in really seeing the child. When you see a child with autism, do you just see their inability to communicate? When you watch a child throwing a tantrum, do you assume they are “spoiled” and fail to see their environment it overstimulating? When you see a child struggling to walk do you assume that their parents did not get them to see the doctors or specialists that might have been able to help? When a child cannot behave in your class, do you fail to see that those behaviors are actually far better and he has come a very long way? When a child is brilliant in math, do you fail to acknowledge it because he cannot tie his shoes?

When a child is highly-sensitive, do you complain that she is ‘whining’ and not see the fact that she’s so full of anxiety she needs to talk about it? RT, MT, HT, via: Giving credit on Twitter. Author’s note: Be sure to read my follow-up post to this topic from August 2011.

RT, MT, HT, via: Giving credit on Twitter

Moreso than other social media, Twitter embraces an ethic of sharing credit. In fact, the more you recognize the work of others, the more you are engaging with the Twitterverse. It began with the simple RT, or retweet. If you liked what someone wrote or posted, you’d copy the tweet in its entirety, add RT along with his or her @name at the beginning, and post to your followers. The retweet became so popular that Twitter eventually incorporated a built-in automatic retweet function. The problem with the manual method is it truncates the original tweet if the message is already 140 characters long. That editing outrages some users, especially when the trimming changes the meaning of the original tweet.

If it’s edited for length, MT (modified tweet) is used by some users (thanks to @mathewi, @ljthornton and @JeremyLittau for confirming my interpretation). The issue with MT: It has multiple meanings online. Digital Project Building a PLN - mickpanko. Five Ways to Bring High-Tech Ideas into Low-Tech Classrooms. Teaching Strategies Flickr:quacktaculous By Sara Nolan Even the most wired classrooms know the screeching silence of that great technological dis: “Unable to Connect to Server.”

Five Ways to Bring High-Tech Ideas into Low-Tech Classrooms

It’s the 21st century classroom’s equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. But whether you’re trying to connect kids to learning in a fully loaded classroom or one with no technology – or even if it’s at the kitchen table during homework time – high-tech ideas can translate and be relevant in low-tech environments. More than just stop-gap measures for tech-less teaching environments, these no-tech ideas can actually help students deepen their digital literacy by giving them an opportunity to see, explore, and understand the parts and purpose of the digital media they take for granted – tweets and status updates, for example – by recreating them in an analog context.

Put the Facebook page on paper. Sara Porto Nolan is a writer and Language Arts teacher who has worked with Bay Area students in high-need schools. Related. PLN. Latest. Can Educators Be Innovative When They Lack 21st Century Resources? - Finding Common Ground. As some schools purchase IPads for their staff, other poorer schools are scrambling to make sure their teachers have paper, pencils and enough chairs. As some teachers try to find ways to educate 25 to 27 students in their classrooms, other teachers are trying to figure out how to manage 40 students in their classrooms. As much as all schools should be innovative and offer 21st Century Skills to their students, innovation is a matter of perspective. Many schools lack the resources to prepare students for the future because most of their tools are what teachers used in the past and would never dream of using presently. Teachers who spend their days with Smartboards would never dream of going back to the days when they used a chalkboard.

Many educators and writers talk about using 21st Century Skills but there are millions of teachers who lack the 21st Century resources needed to educate their students. Joining Twitter is the easy part. Just a Blog. I texted a fellow nominated colleague yesterday that I just might head into the Edublog Award ceremony.

Just a Blog

She texted back scoffing, not realizing there was a ceremony. She said, “I mean it’s great people take pride in what they do but it’s a blog. How to use Creative Commons to find free images, audio and video for your website. CC Search. Exploring Social Networks #1 - Alec Couros. Exploring Social Networks #2 - Alec Couros. Citing a Creative Commons Image.