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Jeremy Scott Launches Moschino Toy Perfume at Harrods ~ Art Books Events. Why Red-Carpet Makeup Looks Bad in Real Life. Today's beauty industry thrives with tips on how to look as celebrity-perfect as possible, but to makeup artist Nick Barose, it's all just a little bit ridiculous.

Why Red-Carpet Makeup Looks Bad in Real Life

Although he's the makeup artist to an actress lauded for her red-carpet beauty looks, Barose thinks that some of the emulation has gotten out of hand. Kafkaesque. Abercrombie Will No Longer Be Your Mall’s Resident Techno Cave. Mall-nightclub grotto Abercrombie & Fitch has finally given in.

Abercrombie Will No Longer Be Your Mall’s Resident Techno Cave

After years of flailing sales, they will modify their aesthetic to suit the modern teen. Celebrity Fashion Week Front Row Attendance Price. Photo: REX USA/PIXELFORMULA.

Celebrity Fashion Week Front Row Attendance Price

Wheretoget Raises $2 Million For Its Powerful Shazam For Fashion. Meet Wheretoget, a community of dedicated fashion enthusiasts.

Wheretoget Raises $2 Million For Its Powerful Shazam For Fashion

Whenever you see an outfit that you like on the web or in the street, you upload a picture. Wheretoget’s community will take care of the rest and find where you can get this very same outfit. There is no secret sauce, no magic algorithm, just dedicated human beings. And the French startup just raised $2 million (€1.4 million) from Alven Capital, Fabrice Grinda, Emmanuel Brunet and other angels. All The Pretty Dresses From The 2014 Met Ball. Jule Waibel recreates pleated paper dresses in chiffon.

German fashion designer Jule Waibel has turned her intricate pleated paper dresses into steam press templates for wearable fabric garments that expand and contract as the wearer moves.

Jule Waibel recreates pleated paper dresses in chiffon

"I made the dress in fabric because I wanted to give the project more life," Jule Waibel told Dezeen. "It's a dress, so it's a shame if you can't sit on a chair or if you get slightly bruised wearing it – the models in my previous paper dresses know what I'm talking about. The paper is really light but stiff and edgy. " The Royal College of Art graduate designed the original paper dresses as part of her final student collection of "collapsible" fashion, transforming sheet materials into 3D objects. ‘Fauxsumerism’ Is the Latest Millennial Trend. How to. Karl Lagerfeld: 'I always think I'm lazy, maybe I could do better' You can tell a lot about a person from the compliments they give.

Karl Lagerfeld: 'I always think I'm lazy, maybe I could do better'

Karl Lagerfeld, king of fashion, likes to keep it niche. During our interview in a central London hotel room a couple of his actual friends pop in amid the assistants and PRs. Microbes are "the factories of the future" says Suzanne Lee. Microbes are "the factories of the future" Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: Suzanne Lee of BioCouture explains how she makes clothes that are "grown using bacteria" in this movie filmed at the Wearable Futures conference in London in December.

Microbes are "the factories of the future" says Suzanne Lee

"There's a whole spectrum of organisms that can grow material," says Lee, who founded BioCouture to explore how organisms like bacteria, yeast, fungi and algae could be harnessed to produce fabrics. Update: this interview is featured in Dezeen Book of Interviews, which is on sale now for £12. Lee showed the Wearable Futures audience a range of jackets and shoes made from bio-materials produced by bacteria in a vat of liquid to produce bacterial cellulose - a material that has similar properties to leather. Movie: protocells used to make Shamees Ade's running shoes. Synthetic materials can "behave like living cells" Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: scientists are combining non-living chemicals to create materials with the properties of living organisms, says the creator of a self-repairing shoe made from protocells.

Movie: protocells used to make Shamees Ade's running shoes

Protocells, as the chemical cocktails are known, are made by mixing basic non-living molecules in lab conditions. These then combine to create substances that exhibit some of the characteristics of living cells: the ability to metabolise food, to move and to reproduce. In this movie Dezeen filmed at the Wearable Futures conference in December, designer and materials researcher Shamees Aden explains how "scientists are now mixing together groups of chemicals [to make] them behave like living cells. A Couture Stage Beyond Paris: Destiny, Dream or Delusion? PARIS, France — If ever there was a city that could live up to the splendour of a couture gown, this is it.

A Couture Stage Beyond Paris: Destiny, Dream or Delusion?

There are few other places in the world where these lavish, magical and often cumbersome fashion confections — handmade garments with prices that can soar into six figures — can literally blend into the gilded background. But far more important than its ability to frame and flatter couture with its fairytale vistas is the city’s pedigree.

For centuries, through thick and thin, Paris has been the laboratory where couture is crafted; the stage where it is flaunted; the fort where it is protected; and the bazaar where it is traded. Surely then, Paris is all that couture needs. La haute couture, le laboratoire créatif de la mode. La couture, artisanat exclusivement parisien, est synonyme de «totales créativité et liberté» pour les Néerlandais Viktor&Rolf, interrogés par l'AFP.

La haute couture, le laboratoire créatif de la mode

Make it beautiful: how the fashion industry is giving tech a hand. For the fashion-conscious, wearable gadgets are currently not wearable. But at CES 2014, fashion moguls and global tech authorities are finally chatting about how to fix that problem. Design as a function isn't a new idea, but the fashion industry thinks about it differently — and the tech industry is starting to listen. On Monday, Intel shared the stage with Barneys New York, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and Opening Ceremony as they announced a collaboration between the fashion industry and the tech industry to make wearables more beautiful as they become more ubiquitous. That, Barneys New York COO Daniella Vitale says, is more opportunity than challenge.

"One of the greatest opportunities for wearable technology as a concept to be successful is fairly simple," she said. L'Oreal brand still proving it's more than 'worth it' Dr John Lynch – Updated 23 December 2013 03:51 AM Expecting plaudits for this piece of genius, Ogilvy was disturbed to hear that the Rolls-Royce engineering department went spare when they heard the proposed advert.

"We must do something about that damned clock," they complained. Sometimes, however, the advertising is as important as the product and that would appear to be the case with the high-flying company we are analysing this week, the world's largest cosmetic and beauty company, L'Oreal. Viktor & Rolf: The couture laboratory. “We have always loved grey as a background. Things pop out so well.” Rolf Snoeren, one half of Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf, is explaining why their first Paris flagship store is covered entirely in grey felt. Even a bouquet of 'flowers' is crafted from the same woolen slate.

On reflection, the choice is obvious. Their graduate collection of 1993 was formed of layers upon layers of grey suiting, deconstructed and distorted into extreme bustle skirts. “We wanted to fit back into the grid, but at the same time we wanted to rebel” "4D-printed" shape-changing dress and jewellery by Nervous System. Massachusetts design studio Nervous System has developed a method of 3D-printing jewellery and garments with articulated joints so they automatically change shape once removed from the printer (+ movie). Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg of Nervous System describe their Kinematics project as an example of 4D printing, an emerging area of research which involves printing three-dimensional objects that automatically transform from one shape to another. Although it's long been possible to create larger structures by 3D-printing them in sections then manually assembling the components, what sets 4D printing apart is that the finished object will self-assemble or transform into a pre-determined form.

"4D printing refers to 3D-printing something in one shape that is intended to be in another shape," creative director Jessica Rosenkrantz told Dezeen. "The design transforms into its final configuration without manual labour. 28 Magical Beauty Products That Are Pure Genius. Building a Brand One Bag at a Time. Nicolas Ghesquière se fait la malle Vuitton. What is Fashion For? NEW YORK, United States — This weekend, I read a curious piece of writing by the highly esteemed, recently departed New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn. Horyn, who has devoted twenty years of her life to writing about fashion, argued that today, above all, she and many women like her, want clothes that offer comfort.

“The desire to be comfortable is profound, shaping attitudes and markets,” she wrote. Comfort, not in the sense of wearing sweatpants all day, but unfussy clothes. This seems fair enough. Ghesquière Named Vuitton Women’s Design Director. Owen Franken for The New York Times Designer Nicolas Ghesquière in 2006. “I am so happy. Tendances printemps/ t 2014. Entre télescopages d'influences, folklore revisité, citations artistiques, coloris Pantone, emprunts à l'univers sporty, jeux de textures, imprimés graphiques, pièces sportswear haut de gamme et matières infiniment sensuelles, la saison printemps/été 2014 se permet toutes les audaces...

Intrépide, frondeuse, espiègle et dilettante, la fille de l'été 2014... se prend pour une oeuvre d'art à part entière en se glissant au sein de robes, tee-shirts et autres pull-overs n'ayant rien à envier aux toiles des maîtres de la peinture contemporaine (Céline, Prada, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac). 20 Expert Shaving Tips For Men. In Search Of The Perfect Shave If your boiler broke down you would phone for a plumber and if you were ill you would consult a doctor. The Five Codes of Chloé. What the Hiring of Burberry's CEO Means for Apple. In a surprise move, Apple announced Tuesday that it had hired Angela Ahrendts, the chief executive credited with turning Burberry around, as senior vice president of retail and online stores — a newly created position. Burberry, in an equally surprising and more unconventional move, announced that its chief creative officer, Christopher Bailey, will be adding Ahrendts' duties as CEO.

Smoothing the Skin of Men's Faces Too: Foreo Luna Black Edition. I used it for the whole summer and now the moment has come for me to tell you about my beauty experience with the very new and really stylish Foreo Luna for Men Black Edition. Sneakers made with recycled fabrics and organic cotton. Spring/Summer 2014. LONDON, United Kingdom — It’s a longstanding tradition at BoF to look back at the fashion season just gone by, from New York to London to Milan to Paris. 10 Tips That Will Make You A Pro Vintage Shopper. At Chanel, Irony Meets Art. In Defense of a Free Fashion Press. With Lagerfeld, No Need to Look Below the Surface — www.nytimes.

Wow, The History Of Women's Shoes Is Really Insane And Patriarchal. Marc Jacobs to Leave Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs chez Louis Vuitton : le bilan. Power to Women. The J.D. Salinger Of Platform Shoes. 8 Unforgivable Beauty Mistakes You Made As A Tween. 13 Makeup Tips No One Told You About. 41 Beauty Products That "Really Work," According To Pinterest.

Shunning Plus-Size Shoppers Is Key To Lululemon's Strategy, Insiders Say. Urban Outfitters’ 10 Sketchiest Moments. Betty Halbreich: celebrity shopper to the stars. 10 Important Fashion Lessons From A Legendary Personal Shopper. A Very Necessary Tribute To Richard Simmons' Short Shorts. I Wore Stripper Heels For A Day. Dolce & Gabbana Is Italy's Apple. New York Passes Child Model Law. Exclusive: John Galliano, in First Interview Since Firing, On Addiction, His Outburst, and His Future in Fashion. Hugo Boss Woos Wu to New Position of Boss Womenswear Artistic Director.

The Man Who Runs America's Elite Fashion Council. The Man Who Runs America's Elite Fashion Council. Catastrophe de Dhaka: le low cost, l’éthique et la poudre aux yeux. Tilda Swinton's New Chanel Campaign Is Perfection. Le Bangladesh, dernier atelier de la misère. The Amazing Life Of Fashion Legend Ottavio Missoni, 1921-2013. Big Data Will Change All Aspects of the Fashion Industry. Why John Galliano Just Can't Bounce Back. Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion. How Your Addiction To Fast Fashion Kills. Behind Prada's Astounding Results.

12 Mind-Blowingly Gorgeous Vintage Photos From Martha Stewart's Modeling Career. Nicolas Ghesquière Finally Speaks On Why He Left Balenciaga. Felipe Oliveira Baptista: «Internet accentue la compétitivité» L'industrie du textile embarrassée par le drame au Bangladesh. Why Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent Just Might Work. Why Viktor & Rolf's Return To Haute Couture Will Most Definitely Be Amazing. - Makeup, Perfume, Salon and Beauty Gifts. 13 Iconic Pop Culture Power Players.

7 Ways To Look Better In Photos. John Galliano Well On His Way To A Fashion Comeback. Lilly Pulitzer Knew a Secret to Women's Clothing: Dresses Are Practical - Eleanor Barkhorn. Fashion Designer Lilly Pulitzer Dead At 81. The Fashion Piece That Got Away. «Vice», ou les vertus du décalé. 5 Top Casting Directors Explain Why Runways Are So White. Sociétés : Fierté espagnole, le père de Zara essuie quelques critiques. Stéphanie Cohen.