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Cognitive science approaches in the classroom. ‎Evidence into Action on Apple Podcasts. JUL 7, 2021 Ep 5: Developing oral language In this instalment, hosts Alex Quigley and, EEF programme manager, Sarah Tillotson, are joined by guests including programme developers, speech therapists and school practitioners, to discuss oral language interventions and how to successfully implement them schools. Gillian West, Lecturer at the University of Oxford Department of Education; & Claudine Bowyer-Crane, Associate Research Director at the National Institute of Economic & Social Research (NIESR) explore the development of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI), along with the research on the impact of the Covid pandemic on young children. (Start – 38:12); Caroline Coyne, Joanne Burr & Rhian Owen - all part of Communicate SLT CIC - discuss the Leading Language and Loving It programme and approach. (38:13 – 55:34); and.

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Experiential Learning. About Graphic Novels. Global Options Day. Plagiarism. Reading Aloud. Education Resources Information Center. International Education Research Database. Welcome to the new International Education Research Database! This reference database is a free online resource for students, researchers, teachers and others involved in all aspects of international education research. The IERD is a collaborative effort by a range of different parties interested in the field, and its success depends heavily on the additions of its users. While the IB research team will continually update this resource, new references from our users are highly encouraged.

Because it is a referencing resource, rather than an online library, the IERD does not hold the actual full text publications, however in many instances a link is provided to the full text or to the publisher's website. If you would like to add a new reference, please register first. This is a quick and free process.

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Professional reading. Reading - paper, digital, decline in teens, etc. Exploring Pictures in Picturebooks Webinar. Librarian PD. Site of the Week. Science Games and Videos | Educational Games for Kids.

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Teaching Information Literacy. Diversity in children’s literature. Book lists. School library impact studies. Library specific.