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Voluntourist Perceptions Research. The 'Real Experience' Industry: Student Development Projects and the Depoliticisation of Poverty. NGN Perceptions of Post Earthquake Volunteering by Foreigners April 2016. WATCH: New 3-Minute Video Summarizes Research Insights on Good, Bad Community Impacts of International Volunteering, Voluntouring on In the back-and-forth argument on voluntourism, ethical global service, poverty porn, and volunteering for development, have you ever wondered if there’s a real evidence base?

WATCH: New 3-Minute Video Summarizes Research Insights on Good, Bad Community Impacts of International Volunteering, Voluntouring on

There is. Please watch and share this brief summary of accumulated insights. Links to the relevant research appear in the video transcript below. The transcript is followed by recent, diverse resources that support mutually beneficial and empowering global service and learning. International Volunteering from Kindea Labs on Vimeo. Transcript Even as universities and schools expand global learning and community engagement, there is a raging debate about international volunteer service. Partner West Africa. Facilitating School Field Trips All school field trips offer students a chance to expand their horizons.

Partner West Africa

A trip to West Africa not only enables them to experience a different culture, it will also deepen their understanding of the challenges we face in a global community, particularly in supporting the development of countries like Ghana, where we have our field office. It is an opportunity to make friends with young people whose lives are very different from their own and to learn from each other. It can be eye-opening and is always memorable. Tourism Concern - News from Tourism Concern. Volunteer tourism organisations that offer the most expensive products are likely to be the least responsible, research from Leeds Metropolitan University has revealed.

Tourism Concern - News from Tourism Concern

The study, published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism, led by Victoria Smith and Dr Xavier Font, suggests that price and responsibility display an inverse relationship when considering comparable volunteer tourism products, on a price-per-day basis. The product or content that communicated the least how it was responsible tended to be the most expensive. In the study, the researchers also suggest that volunteer tourism organisations should be taking their responsibility more seriously especially in marketing their programs to potential volunteers. Volunteer tourism and architecture students: What motivates and can best prepare them? - Journal of Pedagogic Development. Abstract This paper explores student attitudes toward volunteering in the context of university-led building development programs, raising questions about the practice of volunteering and its contribution to community development.

Volunteer tourism and architecture students: What motivates and can best prepare them? - Journal of Pedagogic Development

Focusing on students undertaking tertiary education in Western countries, this literature-based study firstly explores the perceptions and motivations behind volunteering, and secondly discusses its developmental impact on low-income communities. Keywords: volunteer tourism, developing communities, architecture students, pedagogical requirements 1.

Introduction Over the last two decades, travelling to volunteer has grown in popularity throughout the developed world. We focus on edifice, but architecture itself is whatever percolates out of our activity as trained architects. Arguing for socially engaged architecture, Scott-Ball's observations strike a chord with a profession that may appear increasingly out of touch with its students. Volunteering in the Developing World: The Perceived Impacts of Canadian Youth. Introduction Volunteer abroad programmes available to youth often encourage youth to imagine themselves as global citizens or “Global Heroes: Changing the World” as the title in Cross-Cultural Solution’s Verge magazine reads.

Volunteering in the Developing World: The Perceived Impacts of Canadian Youth

International volunteer-sending organisations advertise their programmes as opportunities to “volunteer to change the world” (CUSO-VSO 2010) or to “make a difference” (ACIC 2010) in the developing world. VFI_Best_practices. Collection of research papers. Significant research and practice insights have been central to the development of best practices in community-driven development.

Collection of research papers

We list these pieces immediately below and offer article abstracts farther down the page. Every effort is made to list the abstracts in the same order as the pieces are listed above (generally by most recent publication). The list developed here is listed chronologically in reverse-order, to show the conceptual development and research foundation in this growing field. We kindly request that any individuals interested in adding to this wiki do so by following the guidelines we have established. Peer Reviewed Articles: Steimel, S. Books: Clayton, P.H., Hatcher, J.A., & Bringle, R.G. Chapters: Dissertations, Theses, and Other Works: Irie, E., Daniel, C., Cheplick, T., & Philips, A. (2010).

International volunteering and development: global citizenship and neoliberal professionalisation today - Baillie Smith - 2011 - Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. Journeys of Discovery in Volunteer Tourism: International Case Study ... - Kevin D. Lyons, Stephen Wearing. VSO - valuing volunteering. 2012 Official Volunteer Abroad Report. There is no question that the volunteer abroad industry is constantly growing.

2012 Official Volunteer Abroad Report

With the many options available, we wanted to take a closer look at the most popular countries to volunteer in. Instead of doing a survey, we decided to rank every country in terms of how many people are searching for volunteer opportunities in that location via Google Search. Although this report doesn’t tell us how many volunteers actually participate in volunteer programs in these countries, it gives us an idea of the destinations people are most interested in. Go Overseas is all about helping potential volunteers make the most educated decisions possible when choosing a program and by understanding where the most interest lies, we can continue to improve the resources we bring to our users.

Interactive World Map *Map by The #1 searched country.