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Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of Journalism. Amazon Kindle Keyboard Shortcuts. A list of Keyboard Shortcuts for the Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Kindle Keyboard Shortcuts

[edit] Keyboard Shortcuts Note on syntax: Keys separated by "+" should be held. Keys separated by "-" should be pressed and released. [edit] Global Keys. Junk Charts. Loyal reader John M. expressed dismay over Twitter about 538's excessive use of bubble charts.

Junk Charts

Here's the picture that pushed John over the edge: The associated article is here. The question on the table is motivated by the extraordinary performance of a young baseball player Mike Trout. The early success can be interpreted either as evidence of future potential or as evidence of a future drought. As an analogy, someone wins a lottery. Hans Rosling: Providing Data, Inspiring Change. CouchDB vs MongoDB: An attempt for a More Informed Comparison « myNoSQL. Visual Thinking. The art of data visualization. Neo4j open source nosql graph database » Raphaël—JavaScript Library. Developer Network: Community: JavaScript API (Early Access)