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Recursos TIC - MÚSICA

(Aprendo música) Aprende esta bonita canción con las notas sol, la y mi. Viviendo entre Sonidos. Viviendo entre Sonidos es una aplicación multimedia que está concebida para servir como material de apoyo para el proceso de enseñanza/ aprendizaje de la educación musical durante la educación infantil.

Viviendo entre Sonidos

Las actividades de la aplicación se centran en la percepción o escucha atenta, gracias a ellas el niño se familiariza con los sonidos de su entorno y aprende a analizarlos para descubrir la fuente sonora y describir las cualidades sonoras que sirven para caracterizarlos y clasificarlos, todo ello resulta clave para la educación musical. Proyecto Primartis: Educación Artística para Educación Primaria. Colorear los instrumentos musicales. Colorear los instrumentos musicales Con las siguientes fichas se puede realizar un acercamientos a algunos de los instrumentos musicales más destacados, de igual forma ampliando los dibujos, los alumnos pueden realizar póster con ellos, para decorar el aula de música.

Colorear los instrumentos musicales

Presentacion.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) Aprendo Musica y solfeo con las TIC. Recursos gratuitos - RECURSOS PARA E. PRIMARIA. ESCRIBE NÚMEROS Para practicar la escritura de númerosMULTIPLICA Y DIVIDE POR 10, 100, 1000EL ESCONDITE MATEMÁTICO Juego para practicar operaciones sencillas.

Recursos gratuitos - RECURSOS PARA E. PRIMARIA

Para primaria.VELILA Y LA MATENAVE Juego para practicar sencillas cuentas de sumar, restar y las tablas.SUPERSABER Repaso de sumas y restasSUPERSABER Repaso de las tablas de multiplicarANIMALES MATEMÁTICOS Práctica de divisionesANIMALES MATEMÁTICOS Práctica de restas. 4 niveles de dificultadSUMAS SIN LLEVADASSUMAS LLEVADAS CON UNA CIFRASUMAS Y RESTAS CON DECIMALES (C.E.R El tanque)CALCULO Actividades de cálculo interactivo. Incluye problemas.PEQUEÑOS PROBLEMAS Problemas fáciles de sumas, restas y multiplicaciones. Para 2º C. de PrimariaUSA EL COCO Razonamiento, problemas, números,... y mas.PROBLEMAS INTERPEQUES Problemas variados con las 4 operaciones básicas.REVIENTA BURBUJAS Ejercicios de números, secuencias y series. STORY PLACE Cuentos y actividades para niños. ANIMALANDIA Fichas de animales con fotografías.

Juegos de Música. Actividades de Música para PDI. Music games: piano, guitar, notes, rhithm, pitch, drums online ear trainings. Music - Free Online Games & Interactives for Kids. Fun Stuff: Interactive Games For Kids. Art and Music Learning Games For Kids.

Music Games for Kids - Kids' Musical Games - Games with Music - Classics for Kids. Educational Music Games for Kids: Fun Interactive Classical Music Games for Girls and Boys, Gifts for Kids Galore. Sphinx Kids! Classical Music Interactive Learning & Games. Home. Homemade Musical Instruments. All children love music, and what better way to inspire them than by making their own homemade musical instruments!

Homemade Musical Instruments

Kids get to be creative in two ways, by actually creating their own instrument and then by making their own music. Not only are these fun crafts to make, they also make use of recycled materials, like tin cans, toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Easy TambourineAges 3 and up This Easy Tambourine is a great homemade instrument for any child. You may need to tie on the bells, put they'll love to decorate it and then play some music! KazooAges 3 and up This is a very fun and easy musical instrument to make! Tin Can XylophoneAges 3 and up Dig through your recycling bin to find some tin cans to make this great Tin Can Xylophone. Water Bottle MaracaAges 2 and up Dig through the recycling bin and make this Water Bottle Maraca, a great homemade musical instrument for children of all ages! GuitarAges 4 and up This guitar is a great musical instrument for kids to make. DSO Kids. Homeschool Music Sitemap. What are the elements involved in teaching homeschool music?

Homeschool Music Sitemap

Perhaps you don't think that your family is very musical and perhaps right now, none of your children are learning a musical instrument, but may I suggest to you that in teaching music, our children learn and develop these skills: Focused AttentionLong Term MemoryVisual and Auditory ProcessingLogic and Reasoning Above and beyond the skills above, there are some obvious benefits to studying music and learning an instrument. These include: Becoming a part of a community of musicians;Learning that perseverance carries its own special reward, and its own special recognition.Leaning to be a part of a group like an ensemble or a band and being an important spoke in the wheel.

I think we would all agree that music can enrich and add to our appreciation and enjoyment of life. Some thoughts on music teaching ideas. Here are some ways in which you could teach homeschool music: Learn a Musical Instrument You can either: Muscial Appreciation. Zen Home Education: Music Education, Music Maitri, Musical Instruments, Singing, Dancing. The education of a child is incomplete without direct experience in learning to make music.

Zen Home Education: Music Education, Music Maitri, Musical Instruments, Singing, Dancing

This suggested outline for a gradual development of musical skill is offered to encourage every family to include the nourishing magic of music in their daily lives. Music is considered by many the world over, as equaled only by the physics of nature, in being the purest form of universal language. Singing is a human birthright. The best way to develop singing, is by singing. Learn songs from around the world, pass-on the songs we have loved from America, learn new songs. Dancing is the expression of rhythm and melody by the whole human body. Music Education in Homeschool – Guest Post. Today’s guest post is from Kate at Modern Alternative Mama showing us just how easy it is to include music in our homeschool.

Music Education in Homeschool – Guest Post

Don’t forget to stop by her blog and show her some love. Back before I had kids, I was a music teacher. Since they were born, though, I haven’t been so interested in teaching other peoples’ kids, and recently stopped entirely. But I did get a lot of experience in music during that time! I worked almost entirely at home, teaching private lessons and small group classes, and I worked with a lot of homeschooled kids.