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Life in the day of a Viking

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The Vikings - In a nutshell. DK Find Out! | Fun Facts for Kids on Animals, Earth, History and more! Vikings Homework for kids. Watch how a young Viking learns how to build a ship and set off exploring. Vikings -10 Fun Interesting Facts. History - Vikings. Viking Society: Women and Children. Within the male-dominated Viking society, women had a certain amount of personal power, depending on their social status.

When Viking men were away from home—raiding, fishing, exploring or on trading missions—Viking women took over all the men’s work as well as doing their own. Women were valuable members of the society and it was shameful for a man to harm a woman. Women’s role was domestic, taking care of the family, preparing food, laundry, milking cows, sheep and goats, making butter and cheeses, preserving food for winter, gardening, cleaning and the most time-consuming task of all, making the family’s clothes. Spinning, carding, weaving, cutting and sewing took a long time. It could take a Viking woman 35 hours to spin enough yarn for a day’s weaving, to give you some idea of how much time it took to make clothing. Viking women married young—as early as 12 years old. Marriages were arranged by the parents of the young couple. Vikingchildren.pdf. Culture, History and People. Britannica Vikings. History: Vikings.