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Guide to the Guides (Total War: Shogun 2)
Main Categories Terraria 1.2.2 Holiday Update Is Live! - 19 December 2013 Mechanics and Gameplay:The content of presents have been altered and now contain more goodies. They are also now placeable and stack in your inventory. Santa Claus now has a larger variety of Holiday related items that he will sell to you. Terraria Wiki Terraria Wiki
Mount&Blade — StrategyWiki, the free strategy guide and walkthrough wiki This is the first game in the Mount&Blade series. For other games in the series see the Mount&Blade category. Mount&Blade is an RPG from TaleWorlds. It is a strictly historical game (no monsters or magic, not even healing potions) set in the fictional world of Calradia. Its innovative design has already attracted a thriving mod community. Mount&Blade — StrategyWiki, the free strategy guide and walkthrough wiki
[TSL] VOD Thread
Sandman By: Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean etc. Don’t worry: this is nothing to do with Spider-Man 3 or Thomas Haden-Church. Sandman | The 30 Comic Books You Should Have Read | Features | Empire Sandman | The 30 Comic Books You Should Have Read | Features | Empire
Hyperbole and a Half Power is intoxicating. Everyone loves having the ability to make their decisions into reality — to think "this should be something that happens," and then actually be able to make that thing happen. It is also dangerous. And it is especially dangerous when applied to four-year-olds. Hyperbole and a Half
Looking for a good bathroom lights can be a trial at times, there are so many suppliers out there at present, that it can be hard to decide which one is best. As with all companies it is good to look at their reputation before committing to buy a product. You can do this very easily online as many people who shop via the internet leave reviews, so people like you know if they are good to shop with or not. Dow2live.com Dow2live.com
Portal:Fallout: New Vegas - The Vault, the Fallout wiki - Fallout: New Vegas and more
Main Page - Minepedia - The Minecraft Wiki! is a sandbox construction game, inspired by Infiniminer, Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper, created by Markus Persson, the founder of Mojang AB. The game involves players placing and breaking various types of blocks in a three-dimensional environment. The player takes on an avatar that can break and place blocks, forming fantastic structures, creations, and artwork, on multiplayer servers and singleplayer worlds across multiple game modes. Minecraft is available to all players for €19.95 (US$26.95, £17.95). Main Page - Minepedia - The Minecraft Wiki!
The Word of Notch Let’s say you’re Neo, and you were the first person ever to come up with the idea of a novel. It’s like a short story, but longer, and you’re really proud of it. Trinity then runs up to you and takes one of the few printed copies of your novel. You don’t want her to do that, as you paid good money to have it printed, and was hoping to get that money back, so you taze her. Trinity tried to commit theft. She sulks for a bit, then asks if she can borrow one copy to read it. The Word of Notch
A radical pessimist's guide to the next 10 years A radical pessimist's guide to the next 10 years The iconic writer reveals the shape of things to come, with 45 tips for survival and a matching glossary of the new words you'll need to talk about your messed-up future. 1) It's going to get worse No silver linings and no lemonade. The elevator only goes down. The bright note is that the elevator will, at some point, stop.
The Inbetweeners The Inbetweeners Parental Control HistoryCloseSign in to get the most from 4oD History View your own personal 4oD history, useful if you share a computerKeep track of the last 50 shows you watched or started watchingResume unfinished shows from the point you stopped watching FavouritesCloseStart using Favourites today Look out for the add to Favourites button as you browse the siteUse the buttons to create a list of all your favourite showsNew 4oD episodes are flagged here so you don't miss out FIRST BROADCAST: Mon 18 October 2010E4
Where Realtime Worlds went wrong | Luke Halliwell's Weblog I finally feel that I’ve got enough perspective on things to put together some thoughts on what went wrong at Realtime Worlds. It’s been a tough piece to put together, because the scope of the question is just so big. In the end, I’ve settled for a set of observations that are cultural in nature. With my knowledge of what happened, these are the closest I feel I can get to root causes. It does raise the questions of why we had these cultural problems, and when they crept in.
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This week, Peter remembers a sandwich of his youth: Hebrew National salami on white bread with sweet pickle relish. It tastes strongly of nostalgia. Tell us about the Sandwiches Of Your Youth. Sandwich Monday is on vacation. Sandwich Mondays
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Amazon Instant Video offers two great ways to watch instantly, anywhere. Rent or buy from more than 50,000 digital movies and TV episodes and with Prime Instant Video you get unlimited access to Britain’s largest subscription streaming service with over 15,000 movies and TV episodes to choose from. LOVEFiLM Instant is now renamed Amazon Prime Instant Video Prime Instant Video includes the same great movies and TV shows, and the same applications for Tablets and TVs. DVD Rental - Video Game Rentals - Watch Movies Online
the free encyclopedia Other areas of Wikipedia Community portal – Bulletin board, projects, resources and activities covering a wide range of Wikipedia areas.Help desk – Ask questions about using Wikipedia.Local embassy – For Wikipedia-related communication in languages other than English.Reference desk – Serving as virtual librarians, Wikipedia volunteers tackle your questions on a wide range of subjects.Site news – Announcements, updates, articles and press releases on Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation.Village pump – For discussions about Wikipedia itself, including areas for technical issues and policies. Wikipedia's sister projects Wikipedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other projects:
Warning: Spoilers for the final episode of Season Four of The Wire. Slate: If you had to sum up what The Wire is about, what would it be? Simon: Thematically, it's about the very simple idea that, in this postmodern world of ours, human beings—all of us—are worth less. I Am NOT the Beastmaster: The Game is Rigged
I Am NOT the Beastmaster: Heroin, or, The Economic Logic of Late Capitalism
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