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Straight Razor Place - Welcome to Straight Razor Place. Project Aon: Main / Books (browse) Une nuit dans une hutte de hobbit. Quiconque est inattentif peut passer devant la hutte sans la voir.

Une nuit dans une hutte de hobbit

Du sentier, on ne voit qu'une colline couverte de paillis. Seule une cheminée trahit la vie qui se cache dessous. La porte et les fenêtres circulaires du Troglo sortent de terre de l'autre côté, face à la forêt. La ressemblance est frappante: le plus récent gîte du domaine touristique Entre cimes et racines semble tout droit sorti d'un livre de Tolkien.

«Nous ne sommes pas vraiment des grands fans du Seigneur des anneaux, mais j'aimais l'architecture tolkienne, avec les ouvertures rondes, les colonnes, le toit vert et son intégration à la forêt», explique Michaël Berger, l'un des propriétaires. Au cours de la dernière année, les frères Berger et leur équipe ont imaginé la structure, puis ils l'ont construite eux-mêmes. Une hutte aux allures de celle qu'habite Frodon dans Le Seigneur des anneaux, mais aux dimensions nord-américaines. - Science News, Technology, Physics, Nanotechnology, Space Science, Earth Science, Medicine. Game of Thrones Infographic : Illustrated Guide to Houses and Character Relationships. If you’re here because you love GoT.

Game of Thrones Infographic : Illustrated Guide to Houses and Character Relationships

Visit the Lore Timeline post for a chance to win GoT on Blu-Ray. More changes to the guide since it’s been first posted. Thank you very much to all the “editors” for submitted corrections. Your help is much appreciated. LOTS of changes to this post based on comments/requests. Don’t forget this is for the Game of Thrones television series NOT the books so PLEASE DO NOT post spoilers from the books in the comments. Not A Joke: Brainwave-Powered Cat Ears Put Your Emotions On Display. You know a sci-fi concept like "brain/computer interface" is gaining critical mass when it starts to be incorporated into incredibly silly products.

Not A Joke: Brainwave-Powered Cat Ears Put Your Emotions On Display

I remember playing with a brain-sensor headset from Emotiv at CES a few years ago, and thinking: "Wow, this could really help amputees and veterans use their computers! " Well, now a Japanese company called Neurowear is using the technology to cater to batshit-crazy cosplayers. See for yourself: The lifelike movement is undeniably powerful as a "communication tool. " 24 heures de science » 6 et 7 mai 2011. Geek-zodiak-full2.jpg (Image JPEG, 2000x1517 pixels) Quel est votre signe astrologique geek ? New dinosaur species is a missing link. It's fitting that a place called Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, would yield the discovery of a scary-looking creature.

New dinosaur species is a missing link

But it's not a ghost - it's a dinosaur. This dog-sized, ferocious-looking critter is called Daemonosaurus chauliodus, which means something along the lines of “buck-toothed evil lizard,” says Hans-Dieter Sues, lead author of the published research describing this dinosaur, and curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. The illustration above compares the head and neck with a quarter. You can see that it has a short snout and enormous front teeth. Scientists found the skull and neck of this previously unrecognized dinosaur, and described it in a study in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. This dinosaur provides a link between what paleontologists consider "early" and "later" dinosaurs. Cats and Mice armors. Meubles Design, Farfelus et Surprenants! Straight Line Designs est une entreprise de Vancouver avec 25 ans d’expérience dans le domaine du design de meubles.

Ce qui les démarque du reste du marché? Article-36081. International observance. An international observance, also known as an international dedication or an international anniversary is a period of time to observe some issue of international interest or concern.

International observance

This is used to commemorate, promote and mobilize for action. Many of these periods have been established by the United Nations General Assembly (UN), Economic and Social Council, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),[1] World Health Organization (WHO) and other United Nations bodies including the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

List of international observances[edit] Days[edit] January[edit] February[edit] March[edit] April[edit] Kickstarter. Pipl - People Search. Numérisation de livres Open source. Spacewar! - Original 1962 code on PDP-1 emulator.


Cosplay. How-to find the fastest wireless carrier or wired Internet where you live and work. February 23, 2011, 4:32 PM — Getting the best performance and coverage is a key part of choosing a wireless carrier.

How-to find the fastest wireless carrier or wired Internet where you live and work

Yes, there are plenty of other important questions to consider. National Broadband Map. 874683. Celestia archive at Negative Space. Finally!

Celestia archive at Negative Space

After two and a half years in the making, my celestial clock is finished. I guess you could call it my Christmas gift to myself: In following posts, I’ll explain a little bit more about how I designed an built it. Here are some still photos of the Clock, in Progress. Up-Inspired Real Life Floating House national-geographic-x-up-01 – TrendsNow. Rock-Paper-Scissors: You vs. the Computer - Interactive Feature. Stuff for Smart Masses. Shop for Gifts. B&C Débardeur "Marcel" Femme personnalisé - Comboutique. WikiLeaks Shop Canada. Rubrique. Le Geek Test en Fran?ais. News Geek en vrac - : Le site de la BD Les Geeks. Je ne suis pas un numéro de hotline, je suis un geek libre !

Riverboat zombie survival compound blog. Heroes of the North. Real-life gadgets for real-life superheroes. Yes, there are real-life superheroes.

Real-life gadgets for real-life superheroes

And no, we’re not just referring to firefighters, paramedics, and other heroic people who we’re used to seeing coming to the rescue of others. We’re talking about costume-wearing, identity-concealing, cool-name-having people who fight crime, pollution, or other evils in their own communities, on their own time, and at their own risk. Many of them actually patrol the city streets, ready to intervene if they see trouble brewing – and being ready includes having the right tools. Given that none of these people have Bruce Wayne’s budget, however, their gadgets tend to be less like Batmobile clones, and more like... well, read on and see for yourself. View all. Clues Suggest Stuxnet Virus Was Built for Subtle Nuclear Sabotage. New and important evidence found in the sophisticated “Stuxnet” malware targeting industrial control systems provides strong hints that the code was designed to sabotage nuclear plants, and that it employs a subtle sabotage strategy that involves briefly speeding up and slowing down physical machinery at a plant over a span of weeks.

Clues Suggest Stuxnet Virus Was Built for Subtle Nuclear Sabotage

“It indicates that [Stuxnet's creators] wanted to get on the system and not be discovered and stay there for a long time and change the process subtly, but not break it,” (.pdf) says Liam O Murchu, researcher with Symantec Security Response, which published the new information in an updated paper on Friday. The Stuxnet worm was discovered in June in Iran, and has infected more than 100,000 computer systems worldwide. Festival Celtique de Québec. How Vinyl Records Are Made–And How to Pirate A Vinyl Record.

Vinyl records have a unique place in the world of music media.

How Vinyl Records Are Made–And How to Pirate A Vinyl Record

Aside from their warm analog tone, vinyl is the only popular medium that is nearly impossible to create or duplicate at home – something that can’t be claimed by cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and certainly not mp3s. Not to be an apologist for piracy, this inherently creates more value for recorded music than using an easily reproducible medium (be it physically or digitally) does. But as we all know, digital is the present and the future, and I am not complaining about that at all; one look at my iTunes playlist and you’ll know what I mean.

A while back, the site ran a piece on how to “pirate” a vinyl record using normal silicone casting materials. Welcome to Steam. On Set: Empire Strikes Back. Shut up, Spock! – how Battlestar Galactica beat Trek babble. High performance access to file storage Interview No guns firing beams of light. No photon torpedoes. And, sorry, no aliens – menacing or otherwise. The "re-imagined" Battlestar Galactica that concluded last year couldn't have been further from its 1970s namesake – or from what most of us think of as sci-fi. In fact, the science and technology in the award-winning show – the story of survivors of a human civilization fleeing a nuclear holocaust unleashed by machines and now searching for a new home called Earth – couldn't have been more hidden or more familiar in some cases.

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