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Ruby. Bitcoin: inside the encrypted, peer-to-peer digital currency. Am. Creative Wallonia: Appel à projets Coworking‬‏ Sarah Palin emails released. RT @couve: #FF @siliconradio et une date: le 23 juin de midi à minuit pour une radio éphémère dédiée aux futurs #OWNI. Why Groupon Is Poised For Collapse. Editor’s note:This guest post is part of an in-depth series looking at the daily deal industry written by Rocky Agrawal, an entrepreneur who has worked on local products since 1995.

Why Groupon Is Poised For Collapse

Read Part I, Part II, and Part III also. He blogs at reDesign and Tweets @rakeshlobster. Imagine you’re a small business owner. You have to choose between two propositions: You can pay $62,500 for marketing. Journalism is moving from “content management systems” to “content management ecosystems” One byproduct of the digital media revolution is that most journalists today are techies, to a point.

Journalism is moving from “content management systems” to “content management ecosystems”

Comcast: Skype is coming to the TV. Comcast subscribers will soon be able to access video calling service Skype from their televisions, according to the company, which plans to make the full announcement Tuesday at a cable industry trade show in Chicago.

Comcast: Skype is coming to the TV

The Skype service will be delivered through HDTVs through a Comcast adapter box (meaning anyone without an HD set is out of luck) and will require a high-quality video camera as well as custom remote control that enables texting capabilities, according to Comcast. Subscribers will be able to use full screen video calling and instant messaging from Skype. However, voice calls to and from outside phone numbers won’t be included in the integration, since those options would compete against Comcast’s telephone services.

Sacré article… For Google, iCloud Is Annoying; For Microsoft, It's A Humiliation. Update: Our New Newsroom for the Digital Era Is Now Up and Running - Lewis DVorkin - The Copy Box. How blogging gives student journalists an edge in the job market. At an event in London late last year, three young journalists discussed how blogging helped to kickstart their careers.

How blogging gives student journalists an edge in the job market

As reported at the time by, Guardian technology and media reporter Josh Halliday stated that “The most important thing I did at university, including my degree, was to blog and get online. NewsStand: la presse doit-elle sortir de l’AppStore ? Apple s'apprête à sortir son kiosque numérique pour iPad, une application où il dicte ses règles.

NewsStand: la presse doit-elle sortir de l’AppStore ?

Certains éditeurs de presse entendent bien ne pas entrer dans son jeu et proposer leur solution. Migrer le traditionnel kiosque à journaux vers un kiosque virtuel, c’est l’ambition d’Apple dont la prochaine version de son système d’exploitation mobile proposera “NewsStand”, le premier kiosque numérique sur iPad [en]. Au premier regard, NewsStand est une bonne bonne nouvelle pour la presse : il rassemble toute l’offre de magazines et de quotidien en un seul endroit et vous permet d’acheter à l’unité ou de vous y abonner. Maria Popova: In a new world of informational abundance, content curation is a new kind of authorship.

Editor’s Note: Maria Popova is the editor of Brain Pickings, a curation of “cross-disciplinary interestingness” that scours the world of the web and beyond for share-worthy tidbits.

Maria Popova: In a new world of informational abundance, content curation is a new kind of authorship

Here, she considers how new approaches to curation are changing the way we consume and share information. Last week, Megan Garber wrote an excellent piece on whether Twitter is speech or text. 20 commandements pour une société autofabriquée. Pour accompagner la révolution des FabLabs, permettant à chacun de produire des objets grâce à des imprimantes 3D et autres CAO, un rapport américain recommande 20 mesures au gouvernement pour se préparer à un tournant de l'histoire industrielle.

20 commandements pour une société autofabriquée

New Jersey Supremes Take Narrow View Defining Journalists Online. If you’re a self-described journalist who posts on Internet message boards, then you’re not protected by the reporter’s shield law.

New Jersey Supremes Take Narrow View Defining Journalists Online

So says, at least, the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Egyptian Filmmaker Uses Twitter to Gather 300 GB of Revolution Video. Amr Salama, an Egyptian filmmaker and a central figure in creating the alternative media universe during the revolution in Egypt, is finishing a documentary about the historic events.

Egyptian Filmmaker Uses Twitter to Gather 300 GB of Revolution Video

Through an appeal on his Twitter account, he received 300 GB of camcorder and camera phone footage, he says in this interview with Beet.TV. His film is one of a trilogy of documentaries about the revolution. He says the film has wrapped. Why Free is Very Expensive - FT Magazine - Invasion of the body hackers. Michael Galpert rolls over in bed in his New York apartment, the alarm clock still chiming.

FT Magazine - Invasion of the body hackers

Au coeur de la stratégie de Facebook : entretien avec Julien Codorniou, Head of Platform Partnerships, France & Benelux. Depuis six mois, Julien Codorniou est The Man of Facebook France. Il est de toutes les conférences, tous les débats, valse entre start-ups et grands groupes dans la même journée, avant d’embarquer sur un aller-retour express Paris-Palo Alto. Head of Platform Partnerships, son travail est hybride, à mi-chemin entre le platform evangelism et le business development. The Kaiser Chiefs band release their latest album in a brilliant stroke of social media - Social Media. It’s well known that technology and the emergence of social media has radically changed the music industry with people no longer buying albums and revenues for record labels and bands eroding. The Kaiser Chiefs have come up with a brilliant new concept to release their latest album, which allows users to upload their own cover and even make money for themselves by becoming sales people for the band and earning £1 per album they sell via social media channels.

It’s a great marketing campaign and it shows a band that is willing to innovate to increase sales in what is an incredibly tough market. Twitter Zievereer of the Year - Café Numérique - Apéro de la com. Le co-working, une nouvelle vision de l’entreprise - Le co-working, une nouvelle vision de l’entreprise. Help Us Investigate the Sarah Palin E-Mail Records. Brassens : les cas tombent. Array. FCC says news outlets could make money from online ad tracking - The Hill's Hillicon Valley. A Federal Communications Commission (FCC) report released Thursday encourages policymakers to see the benefits in behavioral advertising as a debate rages in Washington on how to regulate online tracking to protect the personal data of consumers. The report on the media landscape found huge challenges to the future of the local news business and described behavioral advertising — which tracks the Web habits of consumers in order to better target ads to their personal preferences — as an important way to make hometown journalism more profitable.

"Ad targeting, since it commands higher prices, offers one possible way for local content creators to build sustainable business models that can help finance local journalism," the FCC report says. The privacy debate has prompted reports and recommendations from the Obama administration and legislation on Capitol Hill aimed at restricting the leeway of advertisers to grab consumer data as users browse the Web. The entire report can be viewed here. Online advertising explodes to $31B, but publishers getting squeezed?

Advertisers are likely to spend $31.3 billion buying online ads this year, 20 percent more than last year. That’s according to the encouraging forecast from market researcher eMarketer — and it’s almost twice the 10.5 percent growth in 2011 that eMarketer predicted in December. This is great news, right? 5 reasons broadcasters pay licensing fees for stories and why it corrupts journalism. When Ann Coulter congratulated ABC News for its reporting on the Anthony Weiner story, her high praise was this: “You guys own the Weiner story.” She may not have meant it literally, but she could have. ABC owned the story of Meagan Broussard’s sextual exchanges with the New York congressman because the network bought it, in the form of a “licensing fee.”

Journalism organizations that once refused to pay sources now write them large checks for access to information. They label these payments “licensing fees,” and in return they receive photos, video, emails, or cell phone records. In the process, they lose credibility and simultaneously strengthen the market for checkbook journalism. Huffington Post outstrips NYT web traffic in May. Update: this story has been modified to include the fact that AOL News traffic now redirects to the Huffington Post site following AOL’s purchase of the Huffington Post in February.

Call it a sign of the changing times: The Huffington Post had more unique visitors to its website than the venerable New York Times in May, outstripping the Grey Lady’s web traffic for the first time, according to data from market research firm comScore Inc. The newspaper, owned by New York Times Co., has been experimenting with a new online revenue model for two months now — a paywall that charges readers for access to more than a certain number of articles. In April, the first full month of the paywall, had 32.9 million unique visitors, still ahead of’s 29.9 million. But HuffPo took the lead in May with 35.6 million unique visitors compared to 33.6 for the NYT. 80 ans connectés ! Mob rule: Iceland crowdsources its next constitution. Quatre pistes pour gagner de l’argent avec l’open data - Blogs EchosOpendata. Post A Picture That 'Causes Emotional Distress' And You Could Face Jailtime In Tennessee.

AOL's Newsroom Is Now Bigger Than The New York Times's. YouTube Expects Half of Ad Spending to be Cost Per View by 2015. The conventional means of charging for online video at a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for video ads is quickly changing. By 2015, half of video ads will be charged on a cost per view basis, meaning advertisers will only pay for ads which are somehow opted-in or interacted with, says Baljeet Singh, Product Manager on YouTube Monetization, in this interview with Beet.TV.

Television Executives Predict Bulk of TV Content Will Be Available Online and Via Mobile Within 2 Years. A Launchpad for Watching TV, Movies on the iPad – AllThingsD. How Mobile Phones Are Saving Lives in the Developing World. The Global Innovation Series is supported by BMW i, a new concept dedicated to providing mobility solutions for the urban environment. It delivers more than purpose-built electric vehicles — it delivers smart mobility services. Visit or follow @BMWi on Twitter. Acte de malveillance sur un Thalys ?

READER: Here Are 12 Reasons Why The AOL–Huffington Post Merger Is Going Down In Flames. VLC corrige une nouvelle flopée de bugs et passe en 1.1.10. Une nouvelle version de VLC a été publiée, et elle vient corriger essentiellement une série de bugs. On commence par les plus importants d’entre eux concernant la sécurité. La bibliothèque Modplug a été mise à jour pour les versions Windows et Mac OS X afin de reboucher plusieurs brèches. Un dépassement de mémoire tampon a également été supprimé dans le parseur de listes de lecture XSPF. [nytlabs] Project Cascade. Journal Register’s open advisory meeting: Bell, Jarvis, and Rosen put those new media maxims to the test.