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Handmade Jewelry: Elegant Trio Bracelet. Elegant Black Trio Necklace Part 1 of 2, handmade jewelry by Mariel. Handmade Jewelry: Elegant Trio Bracelet. Lady in Waiting Necklace. Beading4perfectionists : Beaded 4mm Swarovski with miyuki seedbeads ring tutorial. Beading4perfectionists : Beaded Victorian Swarovski / Miyuki ring tutorial. Cubed Herringbone Stitch Bracelet. (Tutorial) Christmas Ornament Bracelet (Video 104)

(Tutorial) Evening Love Bracelet (Video 74) (Tutorial) Enchanted Star Component PART 1 (Video 73) (Tutorial) Blooming Garden Bracelet (Video 30) Beading4perfectionists : "The lazy bezel" around a 16mm Rivoli beading tutorial (pendant) Ravishing Rounduos Beaded Bracelet Tutorial. Crystal Glitz Beaded Bracelet Tutorial. Beading4perfectionists: Beaded bead with Swarovski and miyuki beading turorial. Beaded End Cap from Beads East. Beading4perfectionists : Beaded Victorian Swarovski / Miyuki ring tutorial. Champagne Ring. Beading4perfectionists: Capricho bracelet with Swarovski and Miyuki The next level beading tutorial.

Beading4perfectionists : Capricho Bracelet myuki and Swarovski tutorial.

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Beading4perfectionists : 3 Part row beginners ring beading tutorial. Youtube. Youtube. Youtube. Beading4perfectionists : Russian spiral seedbead bracelet beginners beading tutorial. Youtube. Beading4perfectionists : Beginners bracelet to match the ring beading tutorial. Beading4perfectionists : Basic netted necklace for beginning beaders beading tutorial. Beading4perfectionists : Very basic beginners ring with Swarovski beads beading tutorial. Elegant Beaded Ring Tutorial. Beading4perfectionists : Basic earrings beginners beading tutorial. Beading4perfectionists : Swarovski 18mm Rivioli with a twist in a "lazy bezel" setting.

Beading4perfectionists : Chaton Montees ring beading tutorial. Beading4perfectionists : Baroque -ish loooking pendant, ring / bracelet beading tutorial. Beading4perfectionists : Wheel pendant with 6mm Swarovki pearls and bicones beading tutorial. Beading4pefectionists : Wheel stitch based mounted Swarovski beads ring beading tutorial. Beading4perfectionists : Bridal bracelet Swarovski pearls and bicones (B&B reject) beading tutorial. Beading4perfectionists : Superduo bracelet and Seedbeads beading tutorial. Beading4perfectionists : 1920's Art Deco Triangle beaded bracelet beading tutorial. Beading4perfectionists : "The Biker-Chick" ring Swarovski montee / miyuki ring beading tutorial. TheHeartBeading: Brick Stitch Ring Tutorial. Artbeads Mini Tutorial - Odd-Count Peyote with Leslie Rogalski. Artbeads Mini Tutorial - Right Angle Weave with Leslie Rogalski. Artbeads Mini Tutorial - Even-Count Peyote with Leslie Rogalski.

How to make a coin ring maker.((( explained ))) How to Contrast a Silver Coin Ring - Patina Finish. Curling the Edges of a Coin Ring without a Ring Press. Make Double Sided Rings out of Coins - Secrets and Tips. Beading4perfectionists : How to bezel an 18mm Swarovski Rivoli beading tutorial ( part 1) Beading4perfectionists : "The lazy bezel" around a 16mm Rivoli beading tutorial (pendant) Beading4perfectionists: Stich 4: Basic ladder / square stich (looming without loom) beading tutorial. Square Stitch Beads. Braided Harringbone Bracelet. Beaded Dutch Spiral Howto. Beading4perfectionists : Dutch Spiral necklace beginners beading tutorial.

Twisted Tubular Herringbone Stitch. Let it Snowflake Earrings Beading Tutorial by HoneyBeads. Quilting. How To Make A Shamballa Style Bracelet. °tuto fimo° cane orange. TUTO fimo canne pomme. Window Cat Family - revised for humans to follow. I keep forgetting that people just can't read my mind.

Window Cat Family - revised for humans to follow

Thank you to KittyDobson for pointing out the confusion inherent to the instructions for the window cats posted here previously. Yikes! Apologies, y'all. It was one of my first attempts at writing things down and I'm still figuring out how to do it smoothly and with some elegance... or at least not littered with editor foibles. I am always open to questions and editing suggestions. Here's the revised version: (free PDF availabe at my section of the Ravelry store) Window Cats C. Enjoy Cecinatrix. Polymer clay: Millefiori cane "The Rose" - ENG Series. Strawberry Cane: Polymer Clay (basic method) Millefiori cane: Fiore Fantasmino (polymer clay tutorial)

Ciondolo di Malva (polymer clay tutorial) Millefiori green striped flower cane. NIGHT OUT NECKLACE from Polymer Clay with Mica Powders - ポリマークレイ ; 폴리머 클레이. How to make a retro petal cane. °tuto fimo° cane citron. Tutorial Millefiori Cane: Bordeaux Flower (polymer clay tutorial) Perle a Fiori Lilla (tutorial) Collana dischetti fioriti (fimo tutorial polymer clay tutorial) Monet Cane Revisited August 2001 Polyzine. Millefiori cane: Blue Anemone Flower_ polymer clay tutorial / fimo tutorial. Tutorial Millefiori cane: Fiore a Doppio Petalo ( Double Petal Flower millefiori cane.

Millefiori cane Farfalla - Butterfly millefiori cane (polymer clay) [ENG SUB] Millefiori cane: Fiore di Malva (polymer clay tutorial) Paper roses and butterflies - ENG Series. Orecchini Ibiscus in pasta polimerica - Hibiscus earrings [ENG SUB] Tuto Fimo - Cane fleur simple 6 pétales 6 couleurs. Tutorial Paste Polimeriche: come realizzare una cane "S" Rockfish Boxes August 2001 Polyzine. Now I'll cut the fish off the rock using a fresh, sharp, Exacto blade.

Rockfish Boxes August 2001 Polyzine

I'll do this while they're still hot! I know other people do it differently. If you can get the clay off when it's cooled, without stretching or splitting it, by all means, go for it! Some people may prefer to take the clay off the rock at the BASE clay stage. Then they can do repairs on any splits they may make and then cover the repairs up with the embellishment layers. I think I get a tighter, more seamless, fit the way I do it, and I find it easier to apply the embellishment layers with the rock still inside to press against. You should do whatever works best for you after experimenting a bit. The inclination, when cutting, is to cut the fish into two uneven sized pieces, one short and one long. I also don't try to make my cuts straight. Tutorial Murrina cuadrada - mosaico. TUTORIAL MARIPOSA FIMO ARCILLA POLIMERICA. Fimo Tutorial: Cane Millefiori Geisha. How to Cap and Finish Herringbone Ropes. When it comes to creating beadwork jewelry, it’s the little details that can make or break a piece.

How to Cap and Finish Herringbone Ropes

Finishing designs - adding fringe, clasps, and other components - is just as important as the main beadwork stitches, color choices, and focal elements that make up a whole piece. Recently a reader asked about my finishing technique for herringbone ropes. I use tubular herringbone for necklace and bracelets quite often, and with a metal-free approach, adding clasps requires a little extra stitching. This is the most common technique that I use to finish a rope with a smooth transition to a button or toggle clasp. How to Cap a Herringbone Rope with a Round Bead Druks are my favorite beads to use at the ends of a rope, but you can use other beads that match the rest of your design, so long as they can handle multiple thread passes.

Stitch down through the next bead in the rope end, and pull snug to form a picot. Getting Crafty. °tuto fimo° cane kiwi. Tutorials. Spring is definitely here in the UK and flowers are popping up all over so today I thought I'd share a tutorial for these quick and easy flower tendril earrings.


To make these you will need two 8" lengths of 19/20 gauge wire, 2 flower beads or similar flat disc beads with reasonably small holes and 1 pair of ear wires. You'll also need a hand torch, wire cutters, round and needle nose pliers, looping pliers or other round tool and a file. Make A 3 Row Shamballa Bracelet. Repurposed Hardcover Book to Notebook Tutorial.

I’ve told you before I’m a bit obsessed with books.

Repurposed Hardcover Book to Notebook Tutorial

I love all books where I intend to read them or not. A local library has a huge book sale every year where you can pick up a grocery bag of books for $3! So at the last sale I picked up a big stack of hard cover books to be repurposed. Don’t worry, I’m not destroying literary classics, and I use all parts of the book so nothing is wasted.

Today we are just working with the outside hard cover to create this new notebook. What you need-Hardcover bookPaperDecorative paperSmall bit of ribbonPaper cutterWhite glueHot gluePadding compound (optional)Clamps or bulldog clipsFirst you need to cut the pages out of your book so your just left with the cover. Slather on a nice layer of white glue to the inside of your cover. Apply your decorative paper. 9 Pillowcases and 1 easy Tutorial. The deadline for Craft Hope Project 9: Pillowcases is just a couple weeks away.

9 Pillowcases and 1 easy Tutorial

So I figured it was time to get sewing. Especially since some of the moms in Lucy’s preschool were grouping together to send a big package of Pillowcases to ConKerr Cancer. Even easier! I cleaned out my fabric stash and bought a few new colorful prints (stuff I might not normally use but they seemed very kid friendly. Gifts To Make For Your Man: Free PDF.

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