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Jerry Blumengarten sur Twitter : ".@MagicPantsJones At #ISTEmln My Makerspaces page #ISTE2015... Internet Catalogue. My Makerspace - Makers Mavens @nathan_stevens@DianaLRendina @geekyteach @NMHS_lms @ellyssa @jaymesdec@LindseyOwn @mtechman@designmaketeach@technolibrary@makerjawn@elissamalespina@travislape@MakerSylvia@ARosheim@abbewaldron @swhitmer_edu @thomascmurray @tieandjeans @ajpodchaski @imcraddock@lblanken @mistermcintosh @buffyjhamilton@jenniferlagarde@smartinez@venspired @adriennegifford @jsambuca@gravescolleen@wagongrrl @scitechyEDU @tashmoonyc @plemmonsa@lamarlibrary@terrieichholz @ShaneAbell 4 Steps to Becoming a Maker Teacher 5 steps for creating a custom makerspace 6 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Makerspace | EdSurge News 7 Apps for Student Creators | Edutopia A Librarian's Guide to Makerspaces 16 Resources 20 Fun Creation Tools for a Summer of Making 24 Unique Maker Education Resources For Teaching & Learning Makers in the Classroom: A How To Guide | EdSurge News.

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Jennie Magiera sur Twitter : "Come play & learn @ the #ISTE2015 Google for Education Playground! Tue 6/30, 2:00-5:30. ISTE15 Google for Education Playground. URGENT: Petition ends 6/26-Please sign this petition and leave a comment for the US Embassy in Nairobi to approve Livingstone Kegode's VISA app. DS-160 -AA0051UXXU for US Travel from Kenya so he can attend and present at ISTE2015. Hello, Our global colleague educator Livingstone Kegode is scheduled to speak at ISTE15 on June 29th, 2015 in a Skype in the Classroom Global Education Connections session with a panel of other SKYPE MASTER teachers.

URGENT: Petition ends 6/26-Please sign this petition and leave a comment for the US Embassy in Nairobi to approve Livingstone Kegode's VISA app. DS-160 -AA0051UXXU for US Travel from Kenya so he can attend and present at ISTE2015

For some reason, Livingstone has had difficulty securing a VISA (application DS-160 - #AA0051UXXU) from the US Embassy in Nairobi despite the fact that he has a letter of invitation from Microsoft USA, support from Microsoft Kenya, a round trip plane ticket, and a hotel secured in Philadelphia for the entire duration of his trip. We are appealing to the US Embassy in Nairobi to please approve his travel Visa. There are approximately 3 business days before his plane leaves for the US and hopefully Livingstone can be on the plane.

Livingstone has strong ties to his family and to the new community based organization he started last year in Western rural Kenya. Testimonial About Livingstone Kegode from Beverly Ladd, Skype Master Teacher: Thank you very much, Have Pizza AND Pay It Forward at #ISTE2015! Untitled. Not So Distant Future. “What we make is important” — George Nelson In 2008, we opened a vibrant new library “Research Center” after an extensive renovation process.We conducted student and staff surveys, compiled image books of photographs, did extensive reading on library design, did site visits, and compiled a list of the “key ideas” we wanted to be reflected in our physical space.

Not So Distant Future

As an overview, I’ve compiled a number of posts on my blog that track the design and renovation process: Presentations: CEFPI (Council of Educational Facility Planners International) Conference: Library Design for 21st Century Learners TXLA 2014 Presentation Student Friendly Library Design TCEA 2013 Presentation Library Design: Continuing Conversations TCEA 2012 Presentation Rethinking Library Design TCEA Area 1 Presentation Library Design: Inexpensive Ideas Blog posts: Thinking About Library Design Redesigning Library 2.0 Stakeholders Story of Stuff–How Libraries Can Help Playful Spaces Other Resources. Students as Mobile News Reporters Using Videolicious (ISTE 2014) - Google Docs. App Smashing - Integrating iPads & Google Tools 4 Teachers. Unleash the power of your iPad with #Appsmashing updated 4/12/15 -- Additional app-smashing recipes & examples will be added before #ISTE2015 Purpose & objective The purpose of this session is to provide participants with a hands-on session where they can extend the power of their iPad or mobile device to improve student learning – specifically geared towards middle and high school students.

App Smashing - Integrating iPads & Google Tools 4 Teachers

Participants will learn about and explore various iPads apps and learn how “smash” the apps together to form a new product. Workflow solutions will be share as well as suggestions for managing classroom activities. Essential Questions: How does using mobile devices encourage creativity and collaboration? Participants will demonstrate success by documenting their app smashing product and sharing during the public showcase. Outline 1. Step Two: Can be combined with more sophisticated apps that allow embedding, annotations, narrations or sharing/publishing to a wider audience. 6. Supporting research.

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Untitled. Join the creator of the Hummingbird kit and build a robot with arts & crafts materials!


Hundreds of classrooms use Hummingbird to foster interdisciplinary STEAM projects. This is a no-experience-required hands-on workshop where everyone builds and programs a robot. Recommended by ISTE’s Arts and Technology Network Purpose & objective 21st century society rewards making, creativity, and computational thinking in adults, but schools often struggle to find ways to afford students with opportunities to learn and practice these skills and traits. The Hummingbird Robotics Kit is a spin-off product of Carnegie Mellon University's CREATE lab. The ultimate goals of the workshop are (1) for participants to build and program a Hummingbird kit robot, and (2) for participants to understand how Hummingbird can be integrated with classroom education.

Outline 0:00 to 0:15: History of the Hummingbird kit0:15 to 0:30: What is a robot? Supporting research.