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Ransomware criminals should be “shot at sunrise” says Michael C.Burgess. May 25, 2016 | By Comodo US politician and Texas Representative Michael C.Burgess has voiced a very strong opinion regarding the issue of malware attacks when he said that Ransomware perpetrators should be “shot at sunrise”.

Ransomware criminals should be “shot at sunrise” says Michael C.Burgess

He made this comment at the encryption hearing before a House subcommittee on Tuesday. The comment that Mr. Burgess has made deserves special mention, especially in the light of a considerable increase in Ransomware strikes in recent times and the need for strong internet security measures. Microsoft Browsers Edge 10 and IE Block SHA-1 SSL Certificates. Browsers serve as the gateway to the internet for users.

Microsoft Browsers Edge 10 and IE Block SHA-1 SSL Certificates

They also serve as a gateway for transmitting malware to the internet users. For this reason, these browsers secure themselves and their users using SSL Certificates or SSL Encryption. SSL Certified websites provide a secure path of communication for the data exchanged between the browser and the user. Microsoft Releases Patches for WannaCry Ransomware. May 17, 2017 | By Natasha Devotta The WannaCry ransomware has wrecked havoc across the world.

Microsoft Releases Patches for WannaCry Ransomware

Europol and cyber experts have termed this attack as unprecedented. WannaCry – also known as WannaCrypt, Wanna Decryptor, and WanaCrypt0r 2.0, is a virus that combines a ransomware and a worm – a cryptoworm or cryptovirus. WannaCry exploits the Server Message Block 1.0 (SMBv1) vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows operating system. The ransomware is believed to have spread through phishing attacks as malicious attachments or links. Microsoft had issued a patch – Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010 – Critical Security Update for Microsoft Windows SMB Server (4013389) – in March 2017, for operating systems that were receiving support. As many organizations suffered, Microsoft in an unprecedented move released patches for operating systems that it no longer supported – including Windows XP and Windows 8. The list below provides a link to the patches for the older operating systems. Windows XP SP3. SSL Security - secretwire. With cyber attacks increasing day by day, anything and everything on the web (basically a web resource) needs to be secure; in other words, needs to endorse utmost security, to gain the.

SSL Security - secretwire

What it WannaCry and how to safe from all Ransomware. May 15, 2017 | By Natasha Devotta We saw how Microsoft’s expressed relief headache ended as they released this statement “we fixed this vulnerability two months ago!

What it WannaCry and how to safe from all Ransomware

If you all updated your security settings in Windows this wouldn’t be a problem! Last Friday this ransomware called ” WannaCry” created havoc across thousands of computers around the world. Unfortunately, a lot of people didn’t update the patch and are now caught in trouble. A rough estimate shows that users in 150 countries were affected. Ransomware PREVENTION – Yes it is POSSIBLE! And yes, 85 million plus endpoints are immune to ransomware attacks….proof!!!!!

Ransomware PREVENTION – Yes it is POSSIBLE!

Recent attack that wrecked havoc in Europe is attributed to a ransomware called Wcry (WannaCry). Problem: Solution to prevent any Ransomware exists, people are unaware of the solution. How does Ransomware WannaCry work? SSL Certificate Validity takes affect on the Users. CAB Forum is an entity that has been formed to set protocols regarding the issuance of SSL Certificates by the Certificate Authorities.

SSL Certificate Validity takes affect on the Users

The CB Forum includes Certificate Authorities who are responsible for certificate issuance and the web browsers where the SSL certificates are implemented to encrypt the website information. 6 Key Advantages to Using Managed Services and MSP Tools - TechSling Weblog. There are many different reasons why a company doesn’t want to have to deal with all the IT technical issues that are so common with all business operation.

6 Key Advantages to Using Managed Services and MSP Tools - TechSling Weblog

For these companies, a Remote Monitoring and Management company, or sometimes known as Remote Monitoring Management service is a perfect choice to allows for many of the services of an in-house IT department at a much lower price and without a lot of the potential drawbacks and challenges. You may also hear of the Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) services as MSP or Managed Service Provider or Managed IT Service Provider. These terms are often interchanged while in the industry MSP is seen as the overarching term to include all services provided by the business under contract while the Remote Monitoring and Management includes the discrete and specific tasks. 1. Proactive Tasks and Detection To accomplish these tasks, the service provider will use a range of MSP tools. RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) RMM (Remote monitoring and management) is an endpoint and network monitoring application software that allows managed service providers (MSPs) to monitor and manage endpoints, computers, mobile devices, and networks remotely from a centralized console.

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)

RMM helps MSPs improve workflow efficiency and service quality. An RMM program is deployed through an "agent" (a small software footprint), which is installed on client systems, workstations, servers, mobile devices etc. It's these agents that send back to the MSPs information about client machines; the information includes machine status, machine health etc.

Thus the MSPs, by deploying RMM tools, gather insight into client networks. Why Do I Need An SSL Certificate? 5 things you need to know about SSL. With the rise in cyberattacks and with greater security risks, there needs to be a complex security intact to drive away the possible threats from accessing personal and sensitive information.

5 things you need to know about SSL

Encoding the information transmitted from the browser to the server and vise versa can be the right solution to stay away from hacker’s interference. SSL/TLS encryption is required to encode the business and customer data . Internet Giants – Google, Microsoft and Facebook are focusing in implementing SSL/TLS encryption. Implementing SSL certificates would work out expensive and complex. How to Protect Your Website From Hackers in 2017 - DZone Security. How to know whether the SSL used for your business is the right one? by CyberAsraf. SSL certificates offer online websites credibility as well as security. They also make online businesses appear trustworthy, which in turn ensures more customers visit them (increased traffic) without any fear of their personal data being hacked or compromised.

Simply put, SSL certificates increase a website’s patronage. Who needs it the most? Although every website should be SSL certified to gain credibility and increase its search engine ranking, the ones which need it the most (or can’t do without it) are the e-commerce sites that handle sensitive customer data like credit card number, bank account details etc. Protect Your Digital Assets From Cyber Attacks. Why should you protect your digital assets from cyber attacks? There is an urgent necessity to ensure that you secure your digital assets from all types of cyber threats. If you haven’t yet done it, then it is time to do it right away. There are different types of assets – physical – land, roads, buildings, intangible assets – brands, patents; trademarks; and other assets such as cash on hand, cash in the bank, investments, machinery assets, etc.., Each of these assets need different protection measures.

The world has moved into the digital realm, and more assets are being digitized. Your website, the data you store in digital form, your patents, technologies, etc…, are all crucial digital assets that need to be secured. Remote Monitoring and Management.