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Keep your kids reading over the holidays □ Nature Archives. Search - ABC Education. Over 100 Essential Questions Examples Organized by Subject. Editor’s note: This is an updated version of our original article on essential questions examples featuring new links to useful EQ tools and more.

Over 100 Essential Questions Examples Organized by Subject

So many essential questions examples, so little time. Grant Wiggins once said, “The big-idea questions signal that education is not just about learning the answer, but about learning how to learn. Both he and his colleague Jay McTighe did so much to bring an awareness of how to create meaningful essential questions in education.

They knew, as we do now, that the questions we ask our students matter. In our EQ Guide, we define an essential question as one that leads us to explore the problem and choose from plans and strategies to generate an applicable solution. Inspires a quest for knowledge and discoveryencourages and develops critical thinking processesleads students to engineer real-world solutions for real-world problemsis all about possibilities 100+ Essential Questions Examples Social Studies English Language Arts The Arts. Primary Students - FUSE - Department of Education & Training - 1.0.2098.0-2016.09.27-06.05(16484)

Kids' Creative Drawings Become Real Inventions We Can Use. Designer Dominic Wilcox asked 450 kids to draw the most imaginative inventions they could think of and later, surprisingly, made their dreams a reality.

Kids' Creative Drawings Become Real Inventions We Can Use

In collaboration with The Cultural Spring, Wilcox created the Inventors! Project, which aims to harness and display the power of childhood creativity. "Instead of just putting the drawings on the fridge door as most adults do with a child’s drawings, why not push the ideas as far as they can go? " the project asks. "Take the power of childrens' imaginations seriously and see where it leads to. " While they weren't able to make every idea come alive, 60 finalists had their inventions taken to local manufacturers in Sunderland, England. Above: Leaf Catcher Phone Friend:

9 TEDTalks by impressive kids. Few scientific papers are written in crayon and begin with the words, “Once upon a time.”

9 TEDTalks by impressive kids

But then again, few scientific papers are written by a group of 8 to 10-year-olds. In this adorable talk from TEDGlobal, neuroscientist, artist and educator Beau Lotto shares why he thinks children have an edge when it comes to scientific inquiry — they are able to celebrate uncertainty and ask wonderful questions. An experiment is actually a form of play, says Lotto, who invited a group of 25 students from a small school in the UK to make a useful contribution to science by asking a question of their choice.

100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers. Although YouTube has been blocked from many/most schools, for obvious reasons and not so obvious ones.

100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers

YouTube does provide great resources and content for teachers and students. View the list of the Top 100 Videos for Teachers. This list is provided by, a leading online resource for current teachers, and aspiring education students and student teachers. YouTube's 100 Best Teacher Videos: History. Show What You Know with Media » What do you want to create today? Find resources. Home. Teachingchannel. 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest. All My 2014 “Best” Lists — So Far — In One Place. Photos For Class - The quick and safe way to find and cite images for class! Global Projects for the Early Years – k-2 Building Bridges. Teaching year prep/one this term has been challenging and exciting.

Global Projects for the Early Years – k-2 Building Bridges

During the term, we have been involved with the pilot K-2 Building Bridges Flat Classroom Project. World Vision Australia. Resources - GTAV - Geography Teachers' Association of Victoria Inc. 60 Things Students Can Create To Demonstrate What They Know. Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease. 30 captivating historical photographs which you need to see. The best old photos are the ones you can look at for hours at a time.

30 captivating historical photographs which you need to see has gathered a few of them here, for your enjoyment. 197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know About. 197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know About If you don’t have a YouTube channel as an education provider, there’s a good chance you’re behind the times.

197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know About

Nearly every major educational institution in the world now hosts its own collection of videos featuring news, lectures, tutorials, and open courseware. Just as many individuals have their own channel, curating their expertise in a series of broadcasted lessons. These channels allow instructors to share information and blend media in unprecedented and exciting new ways. From teaching Mandarin Chinese to busting myths about Astronomy, the educational possibilities are virtually endless pun intended! 10 Very Good Educational Websites That Are Now Integrated with Google Classroom. December 18, 2015 With the increasing adoption of Google Classroom in instruction, Google opened up Classroom API and made it possible for developers to seamlessly integrate Classroom with a wide variety of websites and platforms.

10 Very Good Educational Websites That Are Now Integrated with Google Classroom

As a result, several educational websites are now integrated with classroom . This means that teachers and students can now share, assign, or turn in links, videos and images from any webpage that is part of this integration. Additionally, if you have a classroom website or blog, you can easily add Classroom Share Button and allow students to share resources right from class website to Google Classroom Check out this page for more instructions. Up till now, a number of key educational websites are already integrated with Google Classroom. Below is a collection of some these websites. 1- The American Museum of Natural History ‘The American Museum of Natural History is one of the world’s preeminent scientific and cultural institutions.

Smart videos for curious minds of all ages: Science, art, nature, animals, space, technology, DIY, food, music, animation, and more. Today I Learned. Lessons Worth Sharing.